The Crystalline Mother

A Workshop for Women and Men to Heal Our Mother Wounds Through Crystal Energy Vibration 

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  • Have you experienced a difficult relationship with your mother?
  • Are you the daughter or son of a mother with serious issues such as addiction, depression, or self-esteem problems?
  • Are you the child of divorced parents, or have you yourself gone through a painful divorce?
  • Have you experienced difficult situations in your relationships, and no matter what you do, these situations keep repeating?
  • Were you raised in a patriarchal society, culture, or religion that limited your beliefs about who you can be as a woman or a man?
  • Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy behaviors?
  • Do lasting joy and peace feel elusive to you, given the wounds you experienced in your early childhood?
  • Do you long to experience a sense of being safe, secure, and loved in the world—no matter what your external circumstances might be?
  • Are you a mother or father who is determined to consciously work on yourself so that you can pass on healthy and authentic qualities to your children and future generations?
  • Are you a holistic practitioner who longs to heal your own wounds and improve your own intuitive and healing skills so that you can help others do the same?


If you can relate to anything I just mentioned, this course
is for you!

What is the mother wound and why is it so important to heal it?

Our mothers are our very first gateway into life, and into our understanding of what it means to be alive on this planet. Although the power of the feminine is greatly diminished in our culture, it lives in the shadows of our unconscious…waiting to be healed and to come into the light.

Whether you are a man or a woman, most of us are unaware of how our bond with our mother or our model of the feminine impacts our connection with the world and ourselves. But since we were in the womb, our first influence was our mother. We absorbed from our mother all that she felt about herself, her surroundings, and us. We internalized her hidden dynamics, which were influenced by culture, religion, and the patriarchal mentality, which minimizes feminine values.

Our first impressions and experiences of our relationship with our mother, whether positive or negative, determine the very course of our lives. They continue to live inside us, generating our behaviors and attitudes, as well as our limitations and opportunities. No matter our age, gender, race, or nationality, our mother's wounds become inner programs that perpetuate cycles of suffering—and they can stretch back many generations.

At the end, healing your mother wound is not about your mother. It’s about reconnecting with your authentic self —that transparent part that lives inside each of us— and consciously changing your inner resonance to attract your best options in life.

The Crystalline Mother is perfect for those who are looking to heal their relationship with their mother and to the feminine in general, as well as for parents (both mothers and fathers) who are determined to end dysfunctional family patterns and support their children and future generations in the journey to authenticity.

Because The Crystalline Mother blends science, history, consciousness, healing, and practice, this course is full of valuable information that is seldom shared in even the most advanced healing workshops! It’s ideal for holistic practitioners, including crystal healers, who want to consciously work on themselves to become more transparent and improve their intuitive and healing skills.

“Beatriz created and led a deeply powerful workshop in healing the unconscious mother’s patterns. I have worked on healing parental patterns for years and this workshop was different. We were also able to discover, and access the healing properties of crystals in this process. Having the support of the crystals and the group was an amazing experience. I recommend everyone work with Beatriz in their journey of self healing and discovery.”

—Shanna S., Santa Barbara, CA, USA

How is this course different from any other you have experienced?

Plenty of courses out there will give you techniques for healing your mother wounds, but this is the only one that draws upon the potent and scientifically proven power of crystals to jumpstart your healing journey and take you further than you might otherwise go!

The Crystalline Mother integrates ancient wisdom and crystal science from different schools of thought, from neuroscience to ancient history to breakthroughs in quantum physics. I draw on almost three decades of knowledge as a journalist, sufferer, healer, scholar, and practitioner of several South American and world ancestral traditions. I connect science with the power of crystal healing to make a difference in our lives.

Just as quartz crystals are harvested from minerals deep within the Earth, they have been used by healers to connect with the deepest, innermost parts of the self. If we think about our mother wound as a kind of darkness, then crystal energy is what brings light and allows us to see all that is hidden within us: including our authentic self.

I am a testament to the fact that crystal energy can heal your deepest wounds. I have seen this through my one-on-one practice, workshops, and my own personal experience of the transcendent power of quartz crystal healing. I have witnessed wounds healed and lives transformed for the better through this ancient practice.

How is The Crystalline Mother online course designed?

You’re about to embark on one of the deepest journeys available to you: the journey to reconnect with your authentic crystalline self and heal your mother wounds through the power of crystal energy vibration.

This foundational series of videos sets the framework to begin a self-healing process that will lead you to your most authentic self. I’ll share specific strategies that I used to heal mother wounds on my own and with my clients, using crystals as tools. Scientists, ancient sages, and crystal healers understand the magnificent properties of crystals, which can help us generate resonance with the best version of our reality—the one that is waiting for us…beyond our suffering and our mother wounds.

Throughout the five modules of the course, I’ll walk you through my own story of healing my mother wounds…and how my journey to end my suffering led me to the transformative power of crystal healing. I’ll guide you through ancient matriarchal cultures and symbols, and into a deeper understanding of how the patriarchal societies in which we live impact all women and men—serving to generate and perpetuate the mother wound.

“Through Beatriz’s knowledgeable instruction and guided meditations, I experienced deep release and peace from within. I now use crystals every day.”

—Jenny S., Santa Barbara, CA, USA

What is covered in The Crystalline Mother?

Each week, for a total of five weeks, you’ll receive new content and exercises for each module. After those five weeks are over, you’ll have the course materials for life.

Each module consists of two videos (one that outlines the learning objectives of the module, and one that offers a detailed lesson), one meditation for working with the material presented in the videos and incorporating the principles of crystal healing, and a follow-up plan, that includes choosing crystals from a crystal screen, to remain focused and working in your mother wounds and keep building the energy for your inner self-healing transformational journey.

Module 1:

Mother Wounds and Returning to the Crystalline Self

In Module 1, we will discuss patriarchy and how it impacts us and generates mother wounds. We will:

  1. Understand society’s unspoken messages about the feminine and how these can disconnect us from our authentic self
  2. Learn about the role of the unconscious mind in creating our reality and our suffering
  3. Explore the source of our wounds in an exciting new way that will enable us to disconnect from false learned programming and come back to the authentic self
  4. Identify common patterns that keep us locked in unhealed mother wounds and disconnected from the source of our true power
  5. Recognize why quartz crystals are great tools to reconnect to the crystalline self

Module 2:

The Ancestral Wisdom of Motherhood and the Science of Crystal Healing

In Module 2, we will study the beginnings of the matriarchal model, its various symbols, and how it has affected our collective conscious. We will:

  1. Delve into the ancestral wisdom connected to the power of crystals and their capacity to heal our wounds and reconnect with what is true for us
  2. Examine the ancestral myths, legends, stories, and symbols associated with crystals and the archetype of the Great Mother, which offer powerful doorways into transforming our core wounds
  3. Explore the amazing scientific properties behind crystals and the link between ancestral wisdom and the most cutting-edge research in quantum physics, biology, and consciousness

Module 3:

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Our Mother Wounds

In Module 3, we will dive into mother wounds in more depth to understand how they affect our lives. We will:

  1. Learn about the unique ways in which mother wounds manifest for each of us, from the womb and into our childhoods and adult lives
  2. Understand cultural learned stereotypes about mothers and motherhood and how they diminish both women and men
  3. Learn about the ways that mother wounds impact women and men differently and contribute to the gender divide
  4. Recognize generational mother wounds, how we can identify mother wounds in ourselves and our families, and work to move beyond them to our authentic self

Module 4:

Crystal Techniques to Work on Our Mother Wounds

In Module 4, we will dive into specific ways you can work with crystals to heal your mother wounds. We will:

  1. Understand what is a mother wound from an energy perspective
  2. Recognize in crystals great tools to become aware of and heal our mother wounds
  3. Learn how to work with crystals through resonance and the protocol Beatriz suggests to follow preceding this work
  4. Explore different self-healing techniques to begin the process of healing our wounds and reconnecting with the crystalline mother

Module 5:

Integrating Our Authentic Mother

In Module 5, we will discuss what it means to integrate our authentic mother so that we can experience lasting healing and move past our mother wounds. We will:

  1. Recognize the importance of integrating our Great Mother archetype individually and collectively to reconnect with our authentic mother 
  2. Learn about the importance of choosing and developing authentic mother qualities to rebuild our inner mother model from the inside
  3. Explore how using crystals as tools can repattern our inner mother energy with authentic qualities, to create new resonance and a new life
  4. Explore our collective mother wounds and how working consciously with crystals can bring healing to our life and the world
  5. Recognize the meaning of the authentic mother individually, in women and men, and collectively, for humanity

What will you walk away with if you fully commit 

  • Identify unwanted learned patterns from your mother, society, and culture—and replace these with information from your authentic self
  • Regain a sense of self-love, pride, and joy in your authentic self
  • Clear the path for better, truer, more transparent relationships
  • Learn to forgive your mother and embrace the unconditionally loving inner mother that lives within you
  • Experience greater clarity, hope, and purpose than you’ve ever felt before
  • Heal dysfunctional family patterns and break the cycle of mother wounds in your family of origin
  • Learn all about why quartz crystals are great tools to heal your deepest mother wounds—and learn practical tools for working with crystals to heal yourself and the world around you
  • Help create a world in which the value of the feminine is truly integrated—and both men and women can come together as equal partners to transform and heal our planet

You’ll also receive the following bonuses when you sign up today:

• A video all about crystal cleansing and clearing

• An instructional video on how to make your own crystal water

Best of all? The course materials are yours for life!

"Crystals are the means for aligning the chakras, heal the soul and get peace.” —Beatriz Singer. With this sentence I met Beatriz in her "Crystal Healing" workshop. This workshop not only changed my life, also gave me a different perspective: open to holistic, creating a tool for my peace of mind. After being her student, I have been her client on several occasions which has helped me balance my fears and overcome the obstacles of life in a very wise way.”

—Kiko K., Bogota, Colombia



  1. What exactly is a mother wound?
    Our mother wound is the internal wound that both men and women carry within us, as a consequence of our experiences (either in the womb or during our childhood) with our biological mother. It has the capacity to affect our relationship with ourselves and with the world, and it is often unconsciously passed down through the generations. 
  2. I’ve tried to heal my wounds with my mother before, but nothing worked. How is this course different?
    In this workshop, we will heal our mother wounds through the power of crystal energy vibration.

    If we think about our mother wounds as all the opaque layers of information we unconsciously have absorbed from our culture and relationship with our mother, we can view crystal energy as the tool that brings back our transparency and reconnects us with our authentic selves.

    Crystals have been widely employed across time and various cultures to heal us and reconnect us with our authentic selves. Today, science reaffirms what the ancients believed about the power of crystal energy through the world of modern technology. The same properties used in our electronic devices are evidence of their capacity to bring transformation and balance into our life.

    Even if you see yourself as matter, at a subatomic level, we are all transparent beings made out of energy. True healing occurs in the invisible and transparent world, which is where we must focus our efforts.

    As a crystal healer, I have witnessed the suffering of others but have also learned about suffering through my own mother wounds. I have seen firsthand the transcendent power of quartz crystal healing, as well as the new awareness that comes with this reconnection to the authentic self. I have seen wounds healed and lives transformed for the better through this ancient practice.   
  3. Do I have to finish this course in five weeks?
    Depending on the personal process you are going through, the time between modules can vary. It’s possible that you will take extra time with specific modules, listening to the recordings more than once and working with the meditation over a longer period. As long as you are committed to working on yourself between modules, you need not finish the course in five weeks.

    However, it is important to note that the crystal healing process demands constant attention and continuity to achieve optimal results. It also requires your utmost dedication.  

    My courses take a hands-on approach, meaning you can’t expect results if you listen to the videos passively, take notes here and there, and do nothing afterwards. My courses provide a space where processes of self-exploration and self-transformation help you rediscover who you are beyond who you think you are. This workshop is also a space where you will reexamine who you are and choose who you want to be; uncover hidden information within yourself to consciously choose the best options for yourself; and literally work to build the life you aspire to live. This requires your full attention and work.
  4. Do I need to buy crystals to work with in order to take this course?
    You can work with physical crystals, or non-physical crystals with the crystal screen you will have access to during this course.

    Throughout the modules, I will emphasize that we live in an ocean of invisible energy. Everything we see as matter is energy at a subatomic level, including our mind, body, and crystals. In this invisible energetic world, everything is interconnected, even if you are not aware of it. 
  5. I don’t have any crystals. What is the best place for me to buy some?
    If we are working with crystals to transform and reconnect with our transparent self, it is important that our own internal resonance be involved. This requires a certain amount of “getting out of your own way” and not choosing with your mind.

    The process is similar to when my clients choose crystals in a crystal session—but instead of being in front of physical crystals, you are in front of your computer searching for quartz crystals on your browser.

    According to the process that you are living and want to transform, you will have to tune in and ask yourself questions such as: What is the best supplier of crystals that can provide me with the best (crystal name) to heal my mother wound now? Then, allow your search to lead you to the supplier you best resonate with. 
  6. What if I want to connect with you personally throughout my journey? 
    At this time, I will not be offering one-on-one sessions. Aside from limitations in my own availability, I came to this conclusion because it’s important to me that your journey be your own and that you take full responsibility for your healing process. Unfortunately, many people who have turned to me for one-on-one healing have become dependent on my advice and assessments—and in the process, they become inauthentic! But healing is not about absorbing even more information from others, however well-meaning it might be; it is about transcending your mind programs and learning to come to the answers by undertaking your own individual process and doing your own inner work.

    I am, however, committed to supporting those of you who are on this journey for the long haul. At some point, I will offer a special coaching program for a select number of people who have demonstrated their dedication to crystal energy healing, and to their own authentic self. This program will be for people who have fully engaged in their healing process through my courses, and who have given their best efforts to their inner work. I will be your guide, as well as a fellow journeyer, as we undertake a deeper discovery of the power of crystal healing. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to stay updated on future courses and coaching opportunities. 
  7. What if intense feelings come up during the class and I feel that I need to take a break from the course content?
    This is fine, as long as you commit to your inner work during the break. 
  8. Do you offer refunds for this course?
    All courses purchased can be refunded within 15 days of purchase. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 
  9. In your experience, how does healing mother wounds look and feel? How can I expect to feel after the workshop is over?
    You can expect nothing less than a reality reset. This process is similar to when you restart your computer. You remove the learned programs of your unconscious to return to your original setting.  

    This process is slow. For some, it can take years; for others, months. You will become aware that you no longer resonate with the things that used to feel familiar and that you once gravitated to. You will literally reformat your reality. This will take the form of a big shift in your life that will wipe out everything that does not match your new resonance. It’s similar to when you restart your computer—but instead of seeing the black screen, you will feel a pause, as if life has stopped. In the end, the new program will begin and will be integrated into your life as your new reality. 

Beatriz Singer 


Beatriz Singer intimately knows the power of crystals to alleviate real-world suffering. Twenty-five years ago, she embarked on a quest to heal herself. Today, she helps her clients interrupt harmful patterns like addiction, fear, and cycles of abuse. She has 20 years of professional one-on-one crystal-healing experience with clients, and has seen firsthand the transcendent power of quartz crystal healing to transform lives and bring balance and wellness to all.

Beatriz is a university-trained journalist and crystal practitioner who brings to the table not just the sensitivity, awareness, and intuition of a healer—but also the research skills and meticulous approach of a scholar.

In the last 25 years, Beatriz’s training has allowed her to investigate connections between science, metaphysics, culture, and history that have largely been ignored by both the science and healing communities.  

Her commitment to researching the groundbreaking properties of quartz crystals offers her work practical, real-world perspective that’s all about expanding people’s awareness and ability to break through suffering.  

Beatriz is originally from South America, home to one of the world’s most important quartz crystal mines. She was first recognized as a crystal healer in her native Colombia, where she was a pioneer of crystal healing and became the founder and director of one of the first interfaith alternative-therapy centers, The Centro de Integración Shambalah (Shambalah Integration Center).  

Beatriz has studied directly with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Indian gurus, and other luminaries, and has drawn great knowledge from these ancient cultures and traditions. She was initiated into the art of crystal healing by Hindu masters in India. She is also a disciple of world-renowned crystal masters JaneAnn Dow and Katrina Raphaell. As a trained healer, she has used crystals to heal and reconnect with her own authentic self.  

As a result of her work with crystals in 2016, Beatriz competed in the prestigious Hay House Writer's Workshop Contest and won first prize and a publishing contract. Her first book, The Crystal Blueprint, was published in February 2019. 

Here is what people are saying about Beatriz and her work

"I really believe what Beatriz is doing is eye- and heart-opening. I am on the quest to become the best version of who I am. I am a mother and work in the wellness field and arts, so when I heard the title ‘Your Feminine Side and Working with Crystals,’ it appealed to me a lot...Truly, after this workshop I felt sad, and very, very happy. Sad, because in the room, there we were—a lot of women [with] bad relationships with their mothers, except for me. I believe mothers play a key role in our lives but I never expected that so many women don't get along with their mothers.

Beatriz guided us on how to recognize our mother’s wounds, how to release them, and finally, how to forgive and embrace her love for us. That was beautiful! I also liked how she explained the roots of our patterns and the relationship with the patriarchal society. She also kept asking us, “Who are you?” to imprint the idea that we are not who we say we are, or what society wants us to be, but who we really are deep inside. I have in mind the idea of gathering different groups of people that I know that will benefit tremendously from Beatriz, and I hope to keep taking more or her knowledgeable and transformative workshops. Thank you, Beatriz, for the beautiful job you are doing for the world.”

— Isabel, Artist, California

“The workshop with Beatriz on crystals and mother wounds was very relevant to my existence. As far I can tell, most of my personal problems at every level stems from the maternal issue I had since an early age. The workshop with Beatriz was safe and enlightening. I was able to learn what my mother wounds are, and she gave advice about how to deal with them. The energy of the crystals was especially effective. I look forward to continue working through my mother wounds following the guidance that Beatriz gave me in her workshop, and I can’t wait to attend her other workshops as soon as they become available."

— David, Physician, California

"Beatriz Singer's workshop on the Authentic Feminine was a touching experience. Beatriz created a safe, open-hearted space, where I was able to experience healing and share my process with the group. Her knowledge of crystal healing and inspiring explanations of how crystals deeply affect our physical and energetic body made the day a true learning opportunity. However, for me, the most powerful part was the discussion of the patriarchy, and how this outmoded belief system has created complex programming within our everyday experience. I learned a great deal about myself and gained a new awareness of contemporary society. I highly recommend attending one of Beatriz's powerful workshops, and I look forward to working with her again!"

— Alexandra, Transformational Life Coach, California


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