Rebirthing the Great Leader in You through Crystal Energy Vibration!

May 19, 2020

If you stop the automatic pilot that steers your everyday life and reflect on today’s leadership, you’ll notice a common pattern—a stronger focus on profit and competition than on caring for others, cooperation, solidarity, and collaboration. Sometimes leadership can do more harm than good. Our inner resonance is literal, recreating and attracting literally what our leaders say and do! I’ve noticed that many leaders today don’t display active listening skills, natural empathy, or connection in their relationships with people. And although most leaders say they encourage these attitudes and many provide services to guide and help others during challenging times, in their day-to-day dealings, many lack integrity.


I experienced some of this recently with the owner of an institute on the East Coast. Encouraged by her, a member of the organization’s staff booked a crystal healing session with me. She supposedly came to see me to heal a story from her childhood. But she never told me she was a crystal healer for this institute. I learned later that she was more interested in gathering information about my crystal healing sessions than in healing herself. In other words, she faked the session—showing disregard for my time and availability for someone else who really needed that time for healing themselves.


This leader had the unique opportunity to choose truth, cooperation, and collaboration and to resonate with and create a better world! Instead, she chose separation.


Why? Because deep inside herself, she was still resonating with separation! Yes, she had several certifications in crystal healing, Reiki, and yoga on paper. But she hadn’t continued working on her inner self to deactivate unconscious inner programs. I couldn’t help but feel hopeless, because this is not only her story; it’s also the story of far too many leaders, influencers, and healers in our world. How can they bring real change and real healing to the world if they are still resonating with separation from the inside out? Good intentions are not good enough. Our thoughts and actions must be aligned! And for this, we need to continuously work on our inner resonance and with our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors connected to our lack of integrity or separation consciousness.


We’ve learned that our qualifications to serve others are directly proportional to the number of certifications, studies, and professional achievements we hold. But this cannot be further from the truth; if this healer doesn’t keep working consistently on herself, she will not be serving others but, rather, her limited self. A limited mind sends out to the world a limited resonance, instead of an infinite one that resonates with all possibilities. And amplifying our resonance is what healing is all about. Sadly, she will be sharing these resonances with her clients. Even if she thinks she’s helping others through their healing, she isn’t helping them—she’s creating more separation. Real healing comes from wholeness, not from separation.  Sadly, many people who claim to be healers and leaders resonate with separation.


But where does separation consciousness come from?


Did you know that the first unconscious belief all human beings learn is separation? When we come into this world, from a state of being one, or undivided energy, we split or separate to become matter; all this happens in our mother’s womb. Separation is the first belief we all need to heal if we want to be a good healer, leader, influencer, and mom!


Did you know that our mothers are our very first influencers—the ones who primarily lead us and guide our lives? We spent up to nine months in our biological mother’s womb, resonating with the information she’d stored about the world around her and the way she interacted with her environment and others—including competition, division, differentiation, and discrimination; inhumanity and intolerance; inequality, rejection, and judgment; and all different forms of separation.


Aware or not, mothers can be either positive or negative leaders in our lives. The first contact with our mother was the first time we felt and experienced ourselves as limited matter. While growing up, we experienced the world through her lens or limited scope based on the part of the world she concentrated her attention on. Our mother taught us how to engage with the world around us. Specifically, she showed us how to behave in the context of our society—the shoulds and don’ts as a girl or boy and what is good or bad according to her learned standards of integrity. All this was based on her religion, her culture, her nationality, the color of her skin, her gender issues, and more. And if you lacked a mother or any loving person mothering you, the experience of not being loved or not feeling good enough will affect your entire life and influence your inner resonance and your actions.


In addition, the how—the way our mother taught us—also affects our leadership abilities. When your biological mother or whoever replaced her taught you in a way that wasn’t loving, you felt a lack of love and related it to your unworthiness. When she compared you with others, you likely suffered greatly, as, without saying it, she was telling you that others were better than you. When our mothers make us believe we are the worst human beings or manipulate us through fear or victimization and when we don’t do the things they force us to do, “You shouldn’t,” becomes a judgment.


In the how of leadership lies a broad spectrum of possibilities and outcomes. A leader can uplift people, enabling them to experience themselves as more whole, better human beings and better leaders. Or a leader can bring out the worst in people, such as separation in its different forms—revealing their limited resonance and confining the leadership they can offer.


If our mothers taught us it’s important to care about, not judge or compete with others and if they exposed us to a variety of perspectives, teaching us to experience life through multiple lenses rather than just one, the world we live in today would be very different—more impartial, fairer, and more tolerant. And we’d have a different pattern of leadership—one with an inclusive (rather than exclusive) approach to solving today’s problems.


Through our mothers, we separate from the infinite side of life—remember, our mothers are our first leaders. When we choose to transcend our mother’s limiting information by working on ourselves consistently, we can resonate with the whole—a more complete version of reality without any parts missing. There we find the possibility of a new type of leadership—one that enables healing, influences greatness, and gives birth to expansive ideas that better serve the world in these new times.


We—as mothers, healers, and leaders—still have time to do this inner work!


Creating a new type of leadership involves healing and expanding our limited mindsets to connect with ourselves and one another—and to help others do the same. We can’t expect change in the world if we, as leaders, don’t change or heal ourselves first! A real leader is an agent of positive resonance and of collapsing inner limitations to create a better world.


There is extraordinary suffering in the world now! Our old inner resonance has much to do with what we are attracting to the world. We, as leaders and important parts of our communities, cannot be oblivious to this anymore. If you want to birth a new humanity, first you must pull out the weeds of separation that originated when, from formless, you became the shape you are today, the visible person formed through the narrow mindsets of those who raised you.


If we, as leaders, continue guiding people from the same separation consciousness, we will bring more separation and more pandemics into the world. Our realities are created from the inside out. Change must begin inside each of us in order to be reflected outside!


Quartz crystals are great tools that can help you deprogram your unconscious! In the same way they balance, neutralize, and transform charges in our electronic devices, they can neutralize and transform our inner information, enabling us to become the positive leaders the world needs right now. I’ve seen this through my more than 20 years working with leaders around the world in one-on-one crystal healing sessions.


With all the problems our world is facing now, it’s up to the positive leaders in us to be the agents of change. I hope that more and more leaders are awakening to this understanding. We need to heal our inner separation resonance; we are more divided than ever before. We need healing in every aspect and every sphere of leadership—from our mothers to creatives and from influencers to politicians, including within our holistic and crystal communities. We need to heal ourselves, our families, and our communities. We need to heal our workplaces, our cultures, and our countries. We need to heal our planet and begin to be more inclusive.


Being a coherent leader and encouraging expansive attitudes, especially by example, will create a better resonance for our individual communities and, collectively, the world.


A good leader organizes around the quest to alleviate suffering, elevate joy, and promote healthy growth among all people whose lives she or he touches. When as a leader we understand and meet people’s real needs from a place of genuine caring, we catalyze healing in them while, at the same time, healing ourselves and generating abundance. Leaders who resonate with and lead from a noble healing purpose can bring this resonance to the communities they serve.


The pandemic has brought change and, with it, a new terrain. We have an opportunity to remove the unwanted weeds that no longer serve us and plant new seeds. Separation, competition, and egoism; malevolence and indifference; inconsideration and lack of compassion; and inhuman, hurtful, inhospitable, and embittered treatment of one another—these are the weeds we must pull from our unconscious to make way for the new. We must bring in a new leadership based on caring, supporting, and looking after each other. We must plant seeds of kindness, empathy, and conciliation and of compassion, consideration, and benevolence. We must sow interactions with one another that are comforting, responsive, and big-hearted—motherly (or the positive aspects of mothers). Good leadership enables both those who lead and those who are led to practice the skills that create inclusive resonance and inspire others to do so too!


Good leadership influences others to do something well or better. Great leadership enables people to be the best they can be. And great leadership flows when we heal ourselves. Don’t turn a blind eye to your own inner work; through your inner resonance, you can actually be part of the change in the world. Free yourself from limiting beliefs that no longer serve you during these challenging times. Awaken to your undivided wholeness (your inherent inner quality of being whole) through crystal energy vibrations! Developing and improving the leader inside of you is a work in progress! Work on the root—your separation consciousness—using crystals as tools. Begin developing a Crystalline Mother to rebirth the new leader in you now. The world needs you now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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