Using Crystals to Unlock the Potential You’ve Carried from Your Mother’s Womb

May 11, 2020

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.
—Einstein, the first law of thermodynamics

From nonmaterial energy, we became matter. From formless, we became corporeal. From boundless, we become restricted. From homogeneity, we become separated. And from deep silence, we became one with our mother and with each of her wandering thoughts, feelings, and inner voices—in the shape of energy vibrations. Our biological mother is unquestionably the doorway that we all walked through to materialize into this world—and that, without exception, has left a deep mark inside each of us.

The Phaedo, one of the most widely read dialogues between Plato and Socrates (427–347 BC), refers to this deep mark. According to these writings, the body is the prison to the soul. But the soul is also collaborating with its own imprisonment because it doesn’t exactly understand how it can get out of this prison. The body acts kind of like a filter for reality and ends up filtering our soul’s perceptions. The soul is stuck within the body, similar to an incarcerated prisoner. Additionally, the body is also used by the soul. And during this process, the soul gets contaminated with materiality. This is why the soul identifies with the body and takes on the characteristics of the body. The only way the soul can be liberated from the prison of the body is by breaking the excluding focus on the body, based on what we perceive through our limited five senses—and concentrating, instead, on the unseen soul to connect with that infinite part inside all of us.

Today, science, explains what our ancestors were trying to say. The universe is mostly energy—even matter is 99.9999999 percent energy. What our ancestors refer to as the soul is really a quality that energy possesses on its own—self-perception. This unlimited self-awareness existed long before we entered our mother’s body and energy field and became our own body. It encodes the infinite aspect of us. And it’s our genuine and authentic voice and what we know as consciousness. Although we’ve learned to identify with our bodies and bodily experiences, our bodies just are the limited containers of our unlimited consciousness.

Our ancestors taught us that body and soul are united in a whole while we are in this space-time that we call our present life. For them, our body was a vehicle for our soul to grow through different experiences. The problem is that we got contaminated when we entered our body, inside our mother’s womb. As we became imbued in the energy of our mother, our endless energy intermingled with her confined energy for at least nine months. Whether we wanted it or not, her information became our information. 

In order to understand this better, know that our individual consciousness is an energy field that contains our particular information, much like an iCloud—storing all the information each of us is fed consciously or unconsciously 24/7. While our consciousness was fused with our body in our mother’s womb, our pristine “iCloud” fused with our mother’s iCloud, and all her bodily experiences were incorporated into our energy field. As a consequence, we began to disremember and disconnect from our original source of information and infinite blueprint.

For example, if you were an unwanted child and your mother felt rejection toward you, that information is stored in your iCloud. Unconsciously, you will feel rejected and unloved in your life. In the same way, if your mother was repressed or rejected due to her gender, nationality, culture, or religion; if she was fearful, for whatever reason; if it was, for her, the first pregnancy and she was scared of giving birth or because she wasn’t on good terms with her partner or spouse or because of financial insecurity or health problems, even pandemic—whatever the case may be—you began to connect with this information before you were even born. And, suddenly, rather than resonating with infinite possibilities, you began to resonate with the limited ways she perceived, understood, and moved through life.

This can be a very distressing event, not so different from experiencing a sudden change in life and the traumas that consequently arise. Many aboriginal peoples around the world believe that, when we are born, we are really dying, because we are dying to our authentic and transparent infinite nature.

Our relationship with our mother is the first relationship we resonate with in the world of matter. Interestingly, māter is the word used in Latin for mother. Our relationship with our mother builds the relationships we have with matter. That includes our relationship with ourselves; with our friends, life partners, children, and coworkers; with abundance, the food we eat, and health; and with what we give to and receive from the world.

Through quantum physics’ nonlocality, we are connected through our energy to all the events in our lives—past, present, and future—and, through resonance, we bring them into our reality. While you were in your mother’s womb, every limiting experience, belief, emotion, and behavior of hers was encoded into your energy field. And now you resonate with these—limiting your possibilities.

But this is not something you have to live with inescapably. Through quartz crystals, you are able to change the patterns of information inside your energy field.

The human body itself is a natural energy resonator, thanks to the 50 trillion crystalline structures inside each cell throughout our body in the shape of different organs, tissues, and fluids (including the mother’s placenta). And they’re continually generating and responding to harmonic vibrations that ripple out in waves. The living matrix of the human body is also wonderfully capable of absorbing different kinds of vibratory energy and responding with harmonic vibrations to the energy of quartz crystals.

Using the vibrational frequencies of quartz crystals as they are used in our modern electronic devices, we can transform and balance the frequencies of our energy field to resonate again with our unbounded nature and unlock our limitless potential.

Native American tribes today refer to quartz crystals as elders that are able to resonate with our real origin. They can take you on a sacred journey to retrieve all the pieces of your soul or consciousness that have been lost through identification with your body. Among Native Americans, clear quartz is placed in the cradles of newborn babies as a symbol of the continuous connection to their souls, despite being in a physical body.

Healing your relationship with mother or matter using quartz crystals as tools can help you: 

  • Break free of unconscious repeating patterns of not feeling good enough, feeling unloved, fear, trauma, scarcity, and abandonment—allowing new possibilities to emerge, among them new and better relationships, more wealth, and greater abundance.
  • Become a better parent/mother/person by allowing yourself to uncover who you truly are and be more authentic—with yourself, your partner, and your children; in your career; and everywhere else.
  • Transcend limiting patterns you are resonating with from your mother, society, and culture—and replace these with information from your authentic self.
  • Find more clarity around your life purpose. When you stop hearing other voices, you can hear your own voice.
  • Achieve personal empowerment—loving, taking care of, and trusting yourself more; loving what you do; holding yourself with grace; standing up for yourself; and empowering others.
  • Help create a world where everything is possible.

 We all deserve to live life to the fullest. Why conform to less if you were born to live infinite possibilities? In my more than 20 years of experience working one-on-one with clients, I have seen again and again how they are able to unlock their full potential and begin to experience what they’d always yearned for.

You can be next! Here’s the deal; you can either work with me through my one-on-one crystal healing session or, if you want to do the work slowly at your own pace, The Crystalline Mother healing workshop is available. Just ask yourself which of the two you resonate with to help you unlock your infinite potential. And “without mind,” take action! Remember that you possess the same power that created you! Now is the time to shine your infinite light into the world!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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