Redesign Your Life To Live The Life You Love Through Crystal Resonance

1:1 Online Crystal Healing Sessions with Beatriz Singer

Why remain a victim of your circumstances or what others have created for you if you can choose to resonate and live your best life? 

When we come into the world, we don’t have many options from which to choose our reality. Our boundless infinite transparent energy simply lands within a particular body, family, or group of people, with specific limiting stories, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. All this information within us creates what I refer to as our inner energy resonance —what we attract and repel into our life. In this way, we separate from our infinite nature and begin to resonate with the limiting attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and stories of our parents and the groups and people which shaped us or influenced us.

Sadly, we didn’t have the option to choose or design our own story when we came into the world because we were not fully aware—like we are now. Nor were we given the option to choose better possibilities. But it’s not too late. We are still on time. Crystal resonance gives us that option! We have the option of transparentizing or transforming the unwanted information inside of us, acquired from others without our full consent, to change the way we resonate and what we attract into our life. You are now given the option to redesign your life and to live the life you love through crystal resonance.

The true gift of crystals is their power to resonate with, transform, and balance energy. This is an ancient and modern technology that can help you transcend unwanted information and redesign your life to resonate with your best possibilities. And now you have this option working personally with me through my one-on-one crystal healing sessions to resonate with your best options in life from now on!

Do all of these resonate with you?

"I hereby would like to say that Beatriz Singer was my Crystal Therapist during 4 months since February 2007 until May 2007. In Bogota, I was her patient once a week and sometimes twice a week. Her fantastic therapies not only greatly improved my health but my emotional condition as well.

I highly recommend her work; she was the best therapist available in Bogota and very well known in the higher circles. My friends who attended her therapies also loved her work. She was often interviewed on TV and I feel very proud to have met her and been one of her patients. I can say that her therapies changed my life for the best."


Johanna P.
Kullu, India

What to Expect From 1:1 Crystal Healing

As an experienced Crystal Healer, I am skillful in guiding you to uncover unconscious unwanted information inside of you, that you are resonating with and attracting into your life. To achieve this I use “crystal resonance,” a unique crystal technique that I have personally developed after working with crystals for more than 20 years.  Using quartz crystals as tools, I will help you track your unconscious to recognize and transform every limiting belief and unwanted experience so you can begin living your dream life. 

Now that you know what you want and what you don’t want, having the possibility to redesign your life consciously through crystal resonance is a real blessing

I invite you to jumpstart your healing journey to uncover your real potential and purpose and begin living the life you desire.

"A healing session with Beatriz Singer is a powerful experience.  A fascinating and surprising journey that enables me to connect and listen to what my being yearns to tell me.  One where my body unveils insights of its physical state, where my thoughts become answers, and where I can align my emotions to have a better understanding of myself.  Leaving behind the interfering pressure of ego and its judgments, Beatriz empowers my authentic self to do its work and heal, while she does hers through her magical talent and her powerful crystals."

Consuelo C.
Bogota, Colombia

My intensive crystal healing package includes:



Astrology is rooted in our transparent energetic connection and resonance with the universe. Through this connection, the heavens acted as mirrors to gain a deeper understanding of our inner selves and our reality. The astrological chart is a navigation map used by our ancestors to identify our personal inner patterns, including our unique authentic ones, and those which don’t belong to us. Through resonance I work with the astrology chart, this provides a clear roadmap to recognize whatever pattern is preventing you from living your best life to heal and design consciously the best crystal route or strategy to reach your most desired life.



There is a saying among those who work with crystals: "You are the one who chooses the crystals, but the crystals actually choose you." Crystal resonance works directly with your authentic energy.  When you choose a crystal, through crystal resonance you are drawing to you that frequency that is resonating with unwanted unconscious information within you, but also, the pristine untouched transparent energy —that which existed prior to internalizing the unwanted information.  Through an interactive screen filled with dazzling crystals, you will be able to choose the crystals with which you resonate the most to become aware of the invisible unconscious information you are resonating with to experience healing. This process will ignite your transformation process and through discipline, inner work, and time after the session, your new resonance. Through breathing techniques and visualization, I will guide you through your healing experience. The session ends by examining carefully what you experienced through your visualization.



The strategy session is a follow-up session to review your unconscious information and breakthroughs during the Intuitive Astrology Session and Interactive Crystal Healing Session. In this session, you and I will set strategies, through home assignments to continue your healing process. Crystals and crystal exercises are recommended, as drinking crystal water to amplify your crystal resonance and support your transformation process. 

All you need to participate is a computer and an internet connection - it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!


Are you ready to live your best life ever?!


Then... Let's do it!!!!

"I had the pleasure of knowing Beatriz Singer.  Beatriz was my instructor in crystals and also my therapist.  Beatriz’s professionalism, knowledge, and experience are fully transmitted during the sessions we shared.  Beatriz is a very special woman with whom I feel confident to release myself.  I have learned during the crystal sessions how to choose, cleanse, energize, and keep these precious stones and how they can help me heal.  But the most special thing has been Beatriz’s direction and spiritual support.  Since I started working with Beatriz, I have noticed an important change in myself, a gradual personal evolution, and my own awakening process."

Luz C.
Orlando, FL

Why You Should Take This Journey With Me

Beatriz has been a holistic therapist and workshop leader with an expertise in crystals since 2001. She was recognized as a crystal healer in Colombia, where she became a pioneer of crystal healing. There, she had the opportunity to heal clients from around the world, enabling them to overcome their personal stories and improve their lives.

Her background and personal story are what make her unique. Beatriz knows the power of crystals to alleviate real-world suffering. Not only is she a trained healer who has used crystals to help her clients heal, she has also used crystals to heal herself—from cancer, two difficult divorces, and the forced separation from her children. She even used crystals to reconnect to her truest self!

Beatriz has studied directly with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Indian gurus, and other masters and has drawn great knowledge from these ancient cultures and traditions. As a university-trained journalist, Beatriz also has the ability—and inclination—to observe, question, and research. Along with the sensitivity, awareness, and intuition of a healer, she has the information-gathering skills and mind-set of a journalist. She has gathered information from quantum physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists, geologists, archaeologists, historians, researchers, and others who use quartz crystals as key elements in technology and healing.

Beatriz draws on all this knowledge to connect science and ancient wisdom with crystal healing. Her approach to healing and to quartz crystals is practical and based in the real world and the real-life experiences we live in our daily lives.

She integrates ancient wisdom and science about the mind, body and crystals from different schools of thought. She works to demystify a subject that has often been more associated with placebos than with crystals’ unique properties. She also draws on her knowledge as a journalist, sufferer, healer, scholar, and practitioner of several South American and global ancestral traditions.

All this, together with having lived and overcome painful and repetitive experiences, has given her the ability to help those who are struggling in a variety of challenging life situations discern and deactivate unhealthy repetitive patterns of thinking and behavior and internal wounds. She talks to men and women who are struggling in a variety of challenging life situations, trying to break free from unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior. She connects the dots for them to recognize inner patterns and find inspiration to heal. She guides them on their quest to heal and transform their lives. And through her unique and powerful approach—crystal energy resonance—they are able to live their best reality.

She encourages all to include crystals as part of their daily practice, to expand their actual options, and to step into the best version of themselves.

Beatriz is a living example of what crystals can do when you work with them as a potent tool for healing. Not only has she healed herself and her relationships and manifested her dream life, she also won first prize in the prestigious Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest in 2017 with her book, The Crystal Blueprint. She continues to lead crystal workshop in person and online. To learn more about Beatriz, visit

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