Unlock Your Potential, Heal Repeating Patterns, and Awaken Your Inner Leader through

Crystal Resonance



While you may be here for a wide range of reasons including money concerns, relationship issues, low self-worth, lack of fulfillment or purpose, among many others...


I am here to reveal the truth to you!


While your negative patterns, challenges, and frustrations may make you feel like you're at the end of your rope, you're actually...


Standing in front of a doorway to your most exceptionally powerful self, and your greatest mission on planet Earth!


And QUARTZ CRYSTALS, used in tandem with your own inner guidance, are the key to unlocking that door!

Imagine your life if...


  • You felt a deep sense of peace and balance
  • You connected to your purpose here on Earth and began experiencing the fulfillment that comes from that
  • You uncovered your unique gifts and saw more clearly what you have to offer the world
  • Your relationships were healthy, loving, and mutually satisfying
  • You were free of unwanted and negative patterns and stories that impact your life
  • You healed as a parent to bring healing to your children and future generations
  • You brought a new leadership that inspires greatness and the best in others

Why do quartz crystals work so well to create your best life?

Because human beings are natural “resonators,” a.k.a. energy fields that constantly connect to frequencies (in the form of experiences, emotions, stories, etc.) around us like radio dials. Our very cells, neurons, and tissues are crystalline structures, perpetually sending and receiving frequencies  — much like the quartz crystals powering our phones and computers.

Over the years our energy field becomes clogged with frequencies and information that are no longer useful to us, keeping us stuck in unwanted negative cycles without quite knowing why. This drowns out our own underlying original and “transparent” inner connection and guidance, making it difficult for us to change, connect to our purpose, or heal.

This is where quartz crystals come in. Not as the magic potion, but as the tool that clears out the old data stored in our resonant energy body, and takes us from cloudy to clear, or “transparent,” in order to resonate with our greatest potential. This is likely why many sacred sites all over the world such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, also contain quartz crystals.

When we use crystals to balance and neutralize the charges in our frequencies, we open ourselves to receiving new information, inner guidance, and connection to the source of all that is: infinite love & unity.

From this place of neutrality, we can perceive (without judgement) things as they really are, and create strategies to wash away what no longer resonates or supports the life we love living, and welcome in what does… which opens the door to a lifetime of infinite possibilities.

If you feel like your  purpose is calling you, but you’re too cloudy to hear the messages, and feel like life is an uphill battle? 



That is a sign there is a doorway waiting to open, and reveal your greatest strength and mission in the world

How do crystal healing sessions work?

My three-part crystal healing sessions are designed to help you recognize and heal repeating, unwanted stories in your life such as…

  • Family dysfunction
  • Traumatic experiences during childhood
  • Or limiting beliefs learned from family, society, and culture

Through these sessions, you will unlock your awesome potential, learn to express yourself freely, align with your purpose and live your life to the fullest.

Together with my guidance, as an experienced crystal healer, and my unique technique called “crystal resonance” (honed by more than 20 years in the field), these sessions will help you uncover and clear unconscious, unwanted information inside of you —which in turn transforms and amplifies your resonance as a crystalline being.

Crystal resonance is rooted in three truths:

  1. Our thoughts are the set of information we’ve received from our environment without our full awareness.
  2. We identify with what we think.
  3. What we think resonates and creates our reality.

Using quartz crystals as tools, I help you track your unconscious and shift those thoughts, so you can recognize and transform every limiting belief and unwanted experience, and begin living your dream life.

Yes! This Resonates with Me!


I Want This!

"A healing session with Beatriz Singer is a powerful experience.  A fascinating and surprising journey that enables me to connect and listen to what my being yearns to tell me.  One where my body unveils insights of its physical state, where my thoughts become answers, and where I can align my emotions to have a better understanding of myself.  Leaving behind the interfering pressure of ego and its judgments, Beatriz empowers my authentic self to do its work and heal, while she does hers through her magical talent and her powerful crystals."

Consuelo C.

What does my intensive crystal healing package include?


90-Minute Intuitive Astrology Session

  • Astrology, the influence of the stars and planet over us, can be a great compliment for crystal healing.
  • In this session, I typically read your astrology chart to uncover what information in your energy field you wish to release. I will map your unconscious, and find the roots or origins of your challenges so you can change your resonance. 
  • While I’m not an astrologer, your chart works as a navigation tool that helps me map your internal patterns and gifts. Based on this, I can create the best strategies to guide you toward reconnecting with your unique potential.
  • By working internally and observing myself and my clients for many years, I’ve also developed the ability to recognize different patterns I see on your astrological chart, and to relate them to stones and inner beliefs.
  • The specific stone that you choose shows me what you’re resonating with in that particular moment —this together with your individual astrological patterns can lead us to uncover your unconscious and what to focus on during that particular session in your crystal work.
  • In this session, I’ll also go DEEP into detail on your family, religion, culture, birthplace or any belief, behavior and experience that has shaped you to be who you are today.


90-Minute Crystal Healing Session

  • In this session, you will begin working on yourself and I will guide you to balance old frequencies, and welcome in new information that you want to resonate with, by using the Crystal Screen, and selecting certain crystals over video chat.
  • Although you may not be aware, your body contains many crystalline structures with the same properties found in quartz crystals inside our electronic devices—and thus, your body and mind intrinsically resonate with quartz crystals. Your connection with crystals is already inside of you. What working with digital images of crystals on a computer screen is really doing is activating this connection inside your mind and energy field. Being in the presence of a physical crystal is not important, as long as you have that inner connection inside of you.
  • Quantum entanglement (an intrinsic property of energy) retains the connection between you and the crystal in your energy field of information. In this way, the crystal and you are already connected in the energy world.
  • Together, with me as your guide, we will dive deep into the area you choose to work on (i.e. money, relationships, health. etc.)
  • You’ll select a crystal from the crystal screen, and feel into which part of your body you’re experiencing the block.
  • From there I guide you through the process of healing through breathing, intuitive guidance, and presence, and using quartz crystals as tools to clear your energy field.


Strategy Session 

  • The strategy session is a follow-up session to review your unconscious information and breakthroughs during the Intuitive Astrology Session and Interactive Crystal Healing Session.
  • In this follow-up session, I’ll set strategies, through home assignments to continue your healing process. Crystals and crystal practices are recommended, such as drinking crystal water to amplify your crystal resonance and support your transformation process. 
  • I will also strategize around how to ensure your healing continues through the coming weeks and months.

"I hereby would like to say that Beatriz Singer was my Crystal Therapist for 4 months from February 2007 until May 2007. In Bogota, I was her patient once a week and sometimes twice a week. Her fantastic therapies not only greatly improved my health but my emotional condition as well.

I highly recommend her work; she was the best therapist available in Bogota and very well known in the higher circles. My friends who attended her therapies also loved her work. She was often interviewed on TV and I feel very proud to have met her and been one of her patients. I can say that her therapies changed my life for the best."

Johanna P.

What makes my crystal healing different?

My Experience:  I have 20+ years experience in the field of crystal healing, supporting everyone from mothers and parents to leaders, creatives, designers, and even politicians.  

My Holistic Approach:  I have studied directly with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Hindu Gurus, other masters and so many ancient cultures and traditions.  I combine science-backed research, history, ancient wisdom, and crystal healing to help you break out of old patterns and heal, but also experience beautiful balance and wellbeing in every area of your life —mentally, physically and energetically.

My Groundbreaking Practices:  My expertise lies in helping you free yourself from past learned conditioning using quartz crystals as tools.  That is why I don’t work with prescriptions or crystal meanings.  Real healing comes from working directly with energy, not from concepts about crystals at the level of the mind.

My Totally Original Techniques:  In my years of experience, I found that crystal resonance was the best way to experience energy!  We are born to different parents, in different places, cultures and religions, with different conditioning and different energy fields of information!  By working with crystal resonance, and having clients choose a stone without “mind” or “meaning,” I am not only able to work directly with your energy, but catalyze processes of profound and lasting healing.

My Ability to Heal Virtually: As long as you have a computer, iPad, or smartphone and can find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and can lie on the floor, you can do my crystal healing sessions virtually from wherever you are in the world. Through a crystal screen you will be able to choose quartz crystals over a video call and experience healing. Quantum theory proves that time and space are illusions, plus energy is not bound by physical dimensions. Your work can be equally effective and even more powerful online than in person.

My Results:  I am a living example of the power of crystal healing.  For me, using quartz crystals as tools in my life was an essential part of  my own path to permanent, powerful healing and joy, and connection to my purpose. Not only did I heal my life and manifest my dreams, I have helped so many others do the same.  Know that I am extremely kind and loving, but I will also challenge you and hold your feet to the fire when I need to.  Results come from doing the work and I only work with clients committed to their healing process.


If you are ready to live your best life...

Then... Let's do it!!!!

I’m Ready To Live My Best Life!

"I had the pleasure of knowing Beatriz Singer.  Beatriz was my instructor in crystals and also my therapist.  Beatriz’s professionalism, knowledge, and experience are fully transmitted during the sessions we shared.  Beatriz is a very special woman with whom I feel confident to release myself.  I have learned during the crystal sessions how to choose, cleanse, energize, and keep these precious stones and how they can help me heal.  But the most special thing has been Beatriz’s direction and spiritual support.  Since I started working with Beatriz, I have noticed an important change in myself, a gradual personal evolution, and my own awakening process."

Luz C.

Beatriz Singer

Beatriz has been a holistic therapist and workshop leader with an expertise in crystals since 2001. She was recognized as a crystal healer in Colombia, where she became a pioneer of crystal healing. There, she had the opportunity to heal leaders from around the world, enabling them to overcome their personal stories and improve their lives.

Her background and personal story are what make her unique. Beatriz knows the power of crystals to alleviate real-world suffering. Not only is she a trained healer who has used crystals to help her clients heal, she has also used crystals to heal herself—from cancer, two difficult divorces, and the forced separation from her children. She even used crystals to reconnect to her truest self!

As a university-trained journalist, Beatriz also has the ability—and inclination—to observe, question, and research. Along with the sensitivity, awareness, and intuition of a healer, she has the information-gathering skills and mind-set of a journalist. She has gathered information from quantum physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists, geologists, archaeologists, historians, researchers, and others who use quartz crystals as key elements in technology and healing.

Beatriz draws on all this knowledge to connect science and ancient wisdom with crystal healing. Her approach to healing and to quartz crystals is practical and based in the real world and the real-life experiences we live in our daily lives. She believes that crystal healing can be a great compliment to Western medicine and traditional therapy. She has seen how working directly with energy and quartz crystals catalyze processes that otherwise would take longer.

She integrates ancient wisdom and science about the mind, body and crystals from different schools of thought. She works to demystify a subject that has often been more associated with placebos than with crystals’ unique properties. 

All this, together with having lived and overcome painful and repetitive experiences, has given her the ability to help those who are struggling in a variety of challenging life situations. Beatriz discerns and deactivates unhealthy repetitive patterns of thinking and behavior, and helps heal internal wounds. She guides her clients on their quest to heal and transform their lives. Beatriz connects the dots to recognize inner patterns that must be released for them to recognize their greatness. And through her unique and powerful approach—crystal energy resonance— live their best reality.

She encourages all to include crystals as part of their daily practice, to expand their actual options, and to step into their most empowered leader within.  By helping clients embrace and reconnect with their gifts and purpose, she is spearheading a movement of personal transformation that is leading the world into higher consciousness. 

Beatriz is a living example of what crystals can do when you work with them as a potent tool for healing. Not only has she manifested her dream life, she also won first prize in the prestigious Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest in 2017 with her book, The Crystal Blueprint. She continues to lead crystal workshops in person and online. To learn more about Beatriz, visit www.beatrizsinger.com

Let's begin your crystal healing journey...


1 payment of $697



3 payments of $250 each


*Follow up sessions are only available to clients who have participated in the complete 3-session crystal healing package.

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