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Are you in a life crisis?

  • Do you want to improve your relationships or any other situation that steals your peace?
  • Do the same unwanted situations keep repeating in your world over and over again, no matter what you do? 
  • Do you want to bring lasting change to your world, discover your real talents, and finally live a fulfilled life?

You came to the right place!

Even if you see yourself as matter, at a subatomic level, we are all transparent beings made out of energy.

True healing occurs in the invisible and transparent world.

I am here to help you improve your life through crystal energy vibration;)


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To Crystal Resonance Oracle!

For me, suffering comes from our identification with false reality; self-fulfillment, from living our authentic life

Did you know that your mindset is built on all the beliefs, behaviors, emotions, and information you learned from your parents, community, culture, religion, race, gender and nationality, and many other sources?

Did you know that, in your daily life, you receive millions of bytes of information from exposure to our modern technology?

We have learned to accept the world as it is without questioning. None of us is fully aware that what we call our reality is built on the story of others.

Imagine all the information we have received since we are born without the possibility of choice!  Just as the programs inside a computer are a collection of instructions for performing specific tasks, the external information we receive becomes our programming, formatting the way we interact with and create our reality.

The repetition of other’s stories, including attitudes, traumas, and wounds, can lead you into a vicious cycle of recurring patterns, preventing you from creating and living your authentic story.

Have you ever wondered who you would be beyond the person you’ve learned to be? How would your life be if you were transparent, authentic, and fully you?

Crystals can help you resonate with your transparent story

As much as we try to copy others, deep inside, we are all authentic.

The transparency of crystals and their crystalline energy can help us to resonate with our transparency.

Did you know that the transparent energy vibrations that allow our electronic devices to send and receive signals at the frequency they were designed for is the same vibration that can help you tune into your authentic, crystalline self?

Crystals, used as self-help tools, can help you to dig deep inside of you and become aware of who you really are, to opt out of your old programming, and to reset your mind energy in order to resonate with your most authentic reality.

Crystal energy can bring you back to a state of inner transparency to live your authentic story and shine on.

Let me guide you to remove the old stories and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and step into your most authentic and transparent reality.

Reconfigure your reality with crystals now!

Begin your journey to improve your life through crystal energy vibration now!

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