Crystalize Your New Reality: Resonate to Your True Vibration

Have you ever wondered who you really are? Who you would be beyond who you have learned to be? If you were transparent—crystalline—what would your life look like? How would you change your world?


Join me on a journey that will enable you to become your authentic self through your resonance with crystal energy vibration


First, a little about my own journey. From a young age, I felt the calamities that afflict our planet, as well as the misery experienced by my fellow...

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Everything you ever wanted to know about crystals...and more

crystals Sep 10, 2018

Welcome to my blog!

Did you know that public figures such as Adele, Uma Thurman, Monica Lewinsky, and Victoria Beckham work with the transformational abilities of crystals to heal shame, calm anxiety, move through stage fright, and simply foster an environment of peace and relaxation? Kim Kardashian West uses healing crystals to cleanse her space of negative energy, while Katy Perry has said that carrying rose quartz contributes to the fact that “I don’t stay single for...

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