Rise and Shine through Crystal Energy Vibration!

“In the wave lies the secret of creation.”

—Walter Russell 

It’s no accident that many spiritual traditions around the world, at the core, teach similar truths. Among these, love and compassion are closer to your true nature than fear and selfishness; the essential part of us is immortal, joyful, and free; and resonating with light is our top priority. This is what today’s blog is all about!

But how can light, or something intangible, be our priority in a...

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The Transparent Side of Reality: Why Heal through Energy Vibrations?


Although we are not always aware of it, we live immersed within an ocean of vibrating energy.


In 1922, Niels Bohr, who received the Nobel Prize in physics for his contributions to our understanding of atomic structure, announced to the world that the atom, the basic unit of matter, is mostly empty space filled with energy. Today we know that solid matter around us is 99.999 percent space and mostly energy. This applies to everything from galaxies, stars, and planets to the body,...

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