Surviving Divorce Through Crystal Healing

Mar 17, 2020

I get you. You did everything in your power to keep your marriage alive and, with it, the welfare of your children. You begged him to go to therapy together to improve your relationship, but he never did. He never listened. Nor was he interested. For him, you were the only one responsible and the only one who had to change. The problem is that you started to believe it and have self-esteem problems. Instead of supporting you on your path of growth and self-improvement, he cut your wings every time you tried to move forward. You had stopped giving the best of yourself to your children. You wanted to save your marriage, but it had become a dead end that was bringing great imbalance into your life. That’s when you contemplated a divorce. And this not only happens to women; men can also be in similar situations.


You knew the story you were getting out of. But you didn’t know anything about the one you were about to face. If this is you, receiving accurate guidance on how to survive a divorce and improve your life is a must. You also want to learn how to deal with anxiety due to grief, the mix of emotions that comes with family and parental alienation, and the change of abundance or circumstances in your life. For example, if you date new people, you could also face unexpected situations, such as a stepfamily and all the struggles that can come with this.


Healing after going through a divorce can be a very challenging time. From a mindset perspective, the divorce is the repetition of habits, ideas, and emotions. If you want to resonate with a better life, you may want to begin by recognizing which repeating stories you are resonating with the inside of you and working consciously on yourself on a daily basis to delete unwanted inner information. You may also consider designing strategies to avoid resonating with the same old information and to build a new story inside yourself—in order to change your inner resonance to match the life you want to live from now on.


The story of the woman at the beginning of this blog is my own story. I remember the day my ex-husband left the house like it was yesterday. I also remember feeling adrift. In the culture I come from, divorce is frowned on. Very few people offered me a helping hand, much less any kind of guidance. My husband alienated my children from me. I lost all my financial support.  And until I learned to transform my resonance, each of my relationships that followed my marriage became a replica of the one I’d experienced with my ex-husband.


In my own personal experience and in those of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with during my more than twenty years of one-on-one crystal healing practice, I have witnessed how the source of our experiences is not external, but internal. It comes from the information recorded in our energy field.


As science has proven in the last century, our physical body, mind, and the space between us is mostly energy. From this perspective, we can say that we are fields of information. Our body becomes the electronic device or receptor, and our surrounding energy field is “the iCloud.” The mind here is the device that records the information. This includes the repeating information, attitudes, and experiences we’ve been exposed to from the moment we came into the world—and beyond. And by beyond I mean repetitions not only from the generations that preceded us, but also from past lifetimes.


From this place, it’s easy to understand how the experience of being married and exposed to a great deal of repetitive information, in this case negative, may have altered the original resonance of our mind, predisposing us to unwanted situations we no longer want to live.


But I have good news for you. Changing the internal resonance that our marriage and its aftermath left in our field of information is possible. Just as I have witnessed the root of the problem in my crystal healing sessions, I have also seen how quartz crystals can reset our energy field to its original transparent resonance, free of others’ information.


Quartz crystals are the main drivers of our modern technology today because they resonate with energy and can also send it, receive it, transform it, and bring balance to it.


In my crystal healing sessions, people work with the specific crystal they resonate with—the one that will help them discover what they need to transform within themselves (to clear from their inner information unwanted stories and patterns) and begin to resonate with their transparency. Next, we design strategies to reinforce the new resonance so that it prevails, while the old one fades.


When Denise came to see me, six months had passed since her husband left the house after eleven years of marriage and two children.


They were fighting for custody of the children, and her husband was using the children as cannon bullets. Denise, as a mother, could not imagine living her life without her children. She was going through a lot of anxiety and more because her husband had tied up all his assets with third parties. She was uncertain about her future and the future of her children and sustainability.


She resonated with rose quartz. Rose quartz is such a soothing energy that, after she felt strongly that she should place the crystal over her head, she experienced peace almost immediately. Pink, in the electromagnetic spectrum, is actually a combination of red and violet—two colors that, if you look at a rainbow, you’ll see on the opposite sides of the arc. Violet and red correspond to the opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum. From this perspective, pink represents the sum of opposites, equally distant from both points, the middle point—the center.


No wonder Denise experienced peace immediately! Among the quartz crystals, rose quartz can bring stillness to those moments when we are in chaos in our life. And what better time to use it than when we are going through the murky waters of divorce? In one way or another, her resonance with this crystal was telling her, “Peace be with you,” no matter the circumstances.


In a crystal healing session, my clients and I work with crystals on a deep level. Thus, in this case, after Denise’s crystal session, her entire energy field was resonating with the soothing vibrations of rose quartz. In each session, the crystals she chose varied, except for the rose quartz that was present during the rest of her sessions.


Something she learned during the different sessions is that she was unconsciously resonating with the same relationship her mom had had with her dad. Her mom had swallowed the pain and disrespect that had characterized her marriage. I wonder if that contributed to the throat cancer she suffered.


Unwanted stories live within you. The same story can repeat for generations and pass from one life to another. When you consciously change the unwanted pattern, you are opening a door not only to your own expansion but also for future generations to expand. The exact point where the wound is, is also where the light enters.


Now, Denise is living the life she longed for in the company of her new partner, with whom she resonates fully from love, not insecurity. And that motivates her to spread her wings and fly high.


And the same thing can happen to you if you choose to work with crystals today. You can build strategies to overcome the aftereffects of divorce. You can design and prepare yourself for the life you want to live—one, if you so choose, that includes a great partner who you resonate with from love, good relationships with your children, abundance, and so much more. Stop repeating others’ unwanted stories. Let the best within you shine! Book a crystal healing session with me today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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