Opening Up to Resonate with Inclusivity through Quartz’ Frequencies

Jun 08, 2020

“There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great whirling rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go.”

 —Navajo-Hopi Prophesy of the Whirling Rainbow

Ancients related the mind to the nature of our thoughts. The thoughts that you think every single second create the physical reality that you live and perceive around you—this includes separation, division, and suffering. 

Our thoughts are energy and, as such, have the same properties as energy. That is, they are invisible and can be influenced and transformed by other energy forms beyond time and space. Thanks to quantum physics, today we know that our perception of the world also has the ability to collapse waves of energy into particles of matter and create the reality each of us lives individually and collectively.

So, let’s say a specific group of people believes that specific groups of humans (due to their physical appearance or the color of their skin) are different and need to be treated differently—even subjected to cruel and inhuman mistreatment. This specific group of people will influence others people’s perceptions. Thus, more and more people will think in the same way. And this information will be passed to future generations, who will continue to mistreat specific groups of people. 

This is the origin of discrimination and the irrational beliefs that comprise racism.

Racism is an unconscious belief that has lived in our collective mind for a long time. It’s so ingrained in us that it has become subliminal. Without our full awareness, our minds and thoughts have been and are continually influenced by unconscious information.

Human beings are resonant energy beings. We resonate with our inner information. And from this place, we create our reality—just like the dials in a radio that synch to different frequencies. We are energy fields that, 24-7, are connecting to frequencies around us in the shape of different experiences, beliefs, and our deepest wounds. Now, imagine for a moment all the information we’ve been subjected to, not only by our parents or those who replaced them but also by our friends, communities, cultures, political parties, and so on. These influences are below our conscious awareness and affect our conscious actions—determining how we respond to the world. Each and every one of us subjectively perceives reality according to how our minds have been programmed. 

Those who are among the oppressor group are resonating with their side of the story. But also, those who are oppressed are resonating with their side of the story. In this way, each group begins to perceive reality through its own particular perception lens. 

The problem here is that, by incorporating other people’s ways, we set a repeating response pattern that, with time, becomes rigid and doesn’t support different answers or points of view. The information inside the oppressor and that inside the oppressed is so ingrained that it has become a habit and a blind spot—and something difficult to recognize and work on.

The oppressor unconsciously rejects the information that is lacking and continues repeating the same pattern of discrimination and mistreatment. And the oppressed, having experienced so much desegregation, hostility, and harsh treatment from the oppressor for so many generations, has also integrated this information in their energy fields. These patterns regulate the choices of oppressor and oppressed and make up the information that is constantly creating their reality, attracting that with which they resonate and rejecting the rest—in this way creating a never-ending repeating cycle. 

Working as a crystal healer for more than twenty years, I have seen how, when couples have relationship conflicts, both members have to work on their own inner issues to overcome the patterns that are harming their union. The relationship between oppressor and oppressed is not much different from that of a couple with relationship issues. From my perspective as a healer, for real change to happen, both—oppressor and oppressed—must undergo a process of healing in order to open up and resonate with inclusiveness. 

Yes, it’s true that others have the ability to influence and transform our minds. But we also have the power to influence and transform our own minds with our own inner work. If thoughts are actually creating our lives, it is necessary to become aware of our thoughts, know their source and their roots, and know that it’s possible to review them carefully and transform them. 

Here is where quartz crystals come into play—not as a magic potion but as the tool that can clear the separation data in our resonant energy fields.

Science and modern technology have proven that quartz crystals resonate with energy. In the same way they transform and neutralize frequencies inside our modern electronic devices, they can transform and balance the divisive information inside each of us, allowing us to begin to resonate with inclusivity.

What creates dissonance or disharmony are our different frequencies or what we don’t have in common. What we don’t have in common is the unconscious information we have learned to identify with inside our mind. Now you can understand why the world is the way it is today. There is too much separation going on. Right?

What really makes us resonate peacefully with other energy fields is what we have in common—and that is our transparent energy.

At a subatomic level, we are 99.9999999 percent energy. If we don’t perceive energy, it’s because our brain decodes the different vibrations we receive through our five senses into familiar ideas based on the information stored inside the mind. We resonate with the information inside our mind and don’t resonate with the information we don’t have in our mind. Our minds, along with our thoughts and beliefs, create the illusion of separation.

In the invisible world of energy, separation doesn’t exist—we are countless invisible, interconnected energy fields. Without exception, we are all interconnected. 

Instead of resonating with separation, I invite you to resonate with interconnection. Focus on what we have in common—energy! 

Many ancient philosophies directly relate our well-being to “flow” or being in resonance with the universe. For example, did you know that what we perceive as sunlight is really all colors of the rainbow mixed together? You can actually see this phenomenon when sunlight passes through clear quartz. 

When we choose to resonate with transparent light (or energy), we are actually resonating with inclusivity.

Interestingly, the rainbow has always held special significance among indigenous people around the world. The ancient Incas, who lived in the Andes in South America, believed that they were descendants of the sun. The Q’ero shamans and descendants of the Incas say that we are all preparing our rainbow bodies (aka energy fields) to resonate with light and all the colors; and this, by itself, will disassemble any separation consciousness to resonate with wholeness—lasting well-being and peace. 

Inclusivity is a crucial component to becoming the leaders the world needs right now! Leaders, influencers, creatives, parents, and healers, don’t turn a blind eye to your own healing. By changing your inner resonance, you can actually become the rainbow warriors—you can resonate with light and with inclusivity and be part of the change and welfare of the world. Heal yourself and begin to change the world today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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