My Approach to Crystal Healing and Your Best Life!

Feb 24, 2020

I’m so grateful for all your calls and that so many of you are open to receiving crystal healing, changing your inner resonance, and making this world a better world. Thank you! 

Real change comes from the inside out, from changing our thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes. Real change comes from transforming our energy—the basic transparent foundation that pervades all existence and each and every one of us, as well as our well-being, our health, our emotions, our relationships, our abundance, and so on. During my 20-minute free crystal healing consultation calls, I am asked many questions. Today, I will answer the most frequently asked question: What is my personal approach to crystal healing? In short, my crystal healing sessions enable that energy transformation—guiding clients to real change and their best lives.

My approach to crystal healing is holistic. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, holistic is “related to the whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts.” From this perspective, quartz crystals are my tools to connect you—and all the parts inside of you—with the whole. 

Ancients referred to the whole as the universe—all existing matter and space. They knew that the whole somehow was linked to its parts and vice versa and that imbalance was closely related to our disconnection from the connected universe.  Today, thanks to science, we understand why—99.9999999 percent of our reality is energy. Although our naked eyes cannot perceive this, each and every one of us is literally borderless, interconnected, transparent energy. When we resonate with transparency, our energy is able to flow and expand and to support and nurture our connection to the whole, closely related to our well-being. The problem is that we don’t resonate with transparency!

As above, so below! What we refer to and have come to know as ourselves, in reality, is the energetic interconnection between our body, mind, and emotions. In our invisible interconnected universe, being affected by others’ energy—by others’ thoughts and emotions—is unavoidable. The problem here is that all this affects us in unimaginable ways. This is because: 

  1. Our thoughts are the set of information we’ve received from our environment without our full awareness.
  2. We identify with what we think.
  3. What we think resonates and creates our reality.

In a world where we have learned to identify with matter and what we perceive with our five senses, I doubt that many people identify with energy. We identify and resonate primarily with what has been stored in our mind since we were in our mother’s womb. This includes the information we received from, primarily, our biological mother, the parents who raised us or our role models, culture, education, life experiences, and so on while we were growing up. 

In my twenty-plus-year, one-on-one crystal healing practice and in my own self-healing work, I have witnessed how repetitive thinking is behind most of our repetitive emotions and how repetitive thinking, together with emotions, becomes the foundation of our most unwanted experiences—such as suffering, unhealthy relationships, and lack of abundance—and also the breeding ground for many of our physical imbalances and most feared diseases. 

From my crystal healing perspective, our identification with a part—in this case, with our limited (and limiting) beliefs and perceptions of reality, instead of our transparent energy is what prevents us from resonating with the whole or limitless universe and our well-being. The compartments within our mind become the compartments in our life with which we identify, bringing all sorts of imbalances. Interestingly “the wound is where the light enters you.” The holistic approach in the interconnected invisible world of energy also supports that unbalanced energy can also become the door to reconnecting you with your balance.

In holistic medicine, when one part is out of balance, all the other interconnected parts will also be affected. From this perspective, any illness or imbalance within our body could be closely related to unwanted repetitive thoughts and/or emotions. A person with cancer is not just someone whose disease needs to be treated. Healing encompasses more than just our physicality and chemistry. It encompasses our whole energy, including our thoughts, our emotions, and our body energy system! And any imbalanced situation in our life, such as our unhealthy relationship or difficulty finding a job, should be treated in the same way—from a holistic energetic perspective. The holistic approach holds that one’s energy is not housed in one part but in the interconnected whole, as all is energy.

Just as traditional doctors work with the body using the best tools available to them, I work with your energy using quartz crystals as tools. Why quartz crystals? Science and modern technology have proven that quartz crystals resonate with energy. Our varying thoughts, emotions, and experiences are energy with different frequencies; so do different quartz crystals, with their various colors, sizes, thicknesses, and shapes, resonate with different frequencies 

During my crystal healing sessions, instead of me choosing the crystals for my client, I encourage him or her to choose a crystal through crystal resonance from the crystal screen provided during the sessions. When you choose a crystal through resonance, your energy, and the crystal’s energy are resonating and having a conversation through their frequencies. 

What is wonderful about working with crystals is their ability to resonate with your unique vibration and also their ability to transform and balance any frequency to resonate with the whole again. And no matter the level of your imbalance, the crystals will transform your energy and reconnect with your well-being.

We have a tendency to standardize solutions, but not all problems have the same origin and solution. From a holistic point of view, a headache does not necessarily have a physical origin. Perhaps it’s the physical symptom and final expression of other processes on an unconscious or invisible level—for example, compulsive repetition of thoughts, not letting go, mishandled grieving, pain, unspoken suffering, and so on.

Each of us resonates differently. Through a screen full of crystals, through resonance with your own energy, you will resonate with the best process and energy solution just for you. Crystal resonance will help you bring to your attention areas where you need healing. Each of the crystals you choose through my crystal sessions will guide you to uncover one of the many layers or different parts of your past with which your life is resonating in the present and that you are, thus, attracting as your reality. This can involve many kinds of information you are not aware of, such as information you received inside your mother’s womb, difficult situations that your parents lived through while you were small, and even their perception of the world or attitude toward different situations. 

For me, crystal healing is all about becoming crystalline—clearing out and restoring our original transparency within to resonate without, with the whole and with real well-being.

Our inner transparency can bring the gift of being more open and conscientious, cultivating our authentic voice and gifts, and becoming the best possible us. 

My crystal healing sessions are unique. I draw wisdom from several ancient philosophies and practices, such as astrology, guided imagery, breath work, past life regression, mindfulness, numerology, and more. I will talk about these aspects of my work in future blogs.

During the crystal healing sessions, the focus is always placed on the client taking responsibility for his or her own well-being; I’m only a guide. Follow-up plans may include crystals and different practices and educating clients on lifestyle changes and self-care programs to become better attuned to their transparency and wholeness, which eventually will lead to improving their lives.

Why book a crystal healing session? You may wish to book a crystal healing session as a complement to conventional medicine, as the latter only concentrates on treating the body. You may also wish to schedule an appointment with me if you are looking for advice on how to make changes to your daily routines that may promote a better or healthier lifestyle or restore balance in your life.

Crystal healing sessions may also be beneficial to address and find solutions to what we see as problems—for example, unhealthy relationships, being stuck, feeling unmotivated and unhappy, repeating other’s unwanted stories, uneasiness that comes from the sense that something is missing in your life, cultural biases, and so on.

Other aftereffects that you can expect from working on a crystal healing session with me include:

  • Gaining awareness of the real origins of the blocks between you and your authentic potential
  • No longer copying and repeating other people’s stories and starting to live your own
  • Seeing your unique potential and purpose in life revealed
  • Learning to listen to your internal compass so that you can discern the best path for you
  • Finding the meaning and lessons in your past experiences
  • Uncovering your unique tools and the keys to creating a life you love living
  • Refining your intuition
  • Awakening your greater potential
  • Discovering inner peace, balance, and fulfillment

And more.

Crystal healing may help you illuminate the map of your inner terrain, transcend learned resonance related to past pitfalls, and guide you, instead, with your whole being to reach the summit of the best possible you! 

After witnessing thousands of clients reaching their best selves, I can tell you that this work has the potential to move you into a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can have a profoundly positive effect on yourself, others, and the world. I invite you to experience crystal healing and book a crystal healing package today!



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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