Improve Your Reality: Crystalize Your Connection with Nature

Apr 13, 2020

“I … a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.”
—Richard P. Feynman, Nobel Prize winner


What we are all living through because of the pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetime. Quarantine or “social distancing” to reduce the spread of the disease has led to a drastic reduction in crowds—so intense that the most crowded places on Earth, now desolate, are even visible from space.[1] “A noise reduction of this magnitude is usually only experienced briefly around Christmas,” according to Thomas Lecocq, a seismologist of the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels.[2] Just as natural events such as earthquakes cause Earth’s crust to move, so do vibrations caused by moving vehicles and industrial machinery.

With humanity in shutdown mode, around the globe, species of all kinds are venturing into urban spaces or areas previously crowded by people. Endangered sea turtles lay their eggs on empty beaches in India; a puma roams the streets of Santiago, one of the busiest cities of Chile; deer wander the streets of Nara, Japan. Animals are walking freely through the cities and empty spaces that humans have left and have taken for centuries without their full consent.

It’s true that the pandemic has brought chaos into our lives and to economies worldwide. But the efforts to curb the spread are also bringing revelations and completely unexpected situations, such as nature recovering its place due to the human lockdown! This pandemic is opening our eyes and making us see things that we were previously not able to see, such as the imbalance we’ve actually been bringing to our life and our surroundings. The results of our forced changes are showing us that we must choose to continue to make conscious changes in order to restore balance in our world.

If anything, the results of our collective slowdown have made it more difficult to forget that our planet Earth is home not only to humans but also to countless species. And sharing a home means we also share an intricate relationship. Just as our hearts beat, pulsing in each and every one of us, this same pulse beats in the form of energy across infinite galaxies, stars, planets, trees, animals (nature) and us and the empty space in between.

Ancients and indigenous people were conscious of our relationship with nature. For example, many Native American philosophies call for letting no day pass without asking, How is my relationship with Mother Earth, with Father Sun, with nature, with all creatures of Mother Earth, with my neighbors, with myself? For these philosophies, there are no exceptions—all has always been and will always be interconnected. According to them, when we care for each other—without exceptions—everything is in harmony.

There is no doubt we have become very dangerous to our own survival and the survival of all that exists on our planet. Indigenous people believe that our own ignorance of how the universe really works and how our reality is created is what’s really behind the health crisis or imbalance our world is living today.

And how can it not be—if from living in a natural world, we have moved to living in an unnatural world? Modern society has conditioned us to integrate unnatural behaviors into our daily lives. Instead of living among trees, we live in forests of concrete. Instead of the sun waking us up every morning, an alarm clock—a machine—wakes us up. Instead of walking, we are transported by another machine. We live most of our days connected to our electronic devices and disconnected from the people around us. The consumer society we live in has taught us to revere work, schedules, money, and consumption and to compete among ourselves.

And there’s more. For 150 years, science has led us to believe that we are separate from everything—from our bodies, from the world around us, from one another.

So, instead of promoting values like caring for each other and supporting our interconnection with other human beings and with nature that connect us with happiness and our own health, our society has conditioned us to live continuously in separation and imbalance. And thus, we have begun to resonate with just that—separation and imbalance. If we understand that our reality is created from the inside out, we can better understand why the world is the way it is right now and why we are so disconnected from nature and from each other.

We have lost the gift of experiencing nature, which contains all we need to be absolutely happy.

Indigenous people around the world were long aware of this and referred to nature as alive! They knew there was an invisible web that interconnects everything that exists, including us and nature. Today, unified physics is proving this understanding correct. From the microcosms to macrocosms, we are interconnected energy fields of information! Space and distance don’t exist between electrons.

We have learned to believe that reality is only what we perceive with our five senses when, in fact, the opposite is true. What we perceive as matter is really comprised of fluctuating, vibrating energy and frequencies. In the invisible world of energy, connection can exist even when we perceive ourselves otherwise. Energy is the intelligence that propels nature—from a leaf, a rock, or a tree to a mountain, a lake, a river, or an ocean and so on. Each and every one of us is a part of this vibrating, interconnected whole.

As does everything in the universe, nature resonates with the universal energy field of information. Our conditioning has pulled us away from our natural state, and now we need to get back to it.

Take as an example a tree in the forest. It grows by itself, in harmony with the sun and the soil and with other organisms in its environment (other trees, animals, insects, and so on). It’s not dependent on others conditioning it to grow, as all it needs to remain in balance is already provided for by nature. The same can be applied to humans.

Since ancient times, the belief that everything that exists is part of one fundamental whole has appeared in many cultures. Believing in oneness was associated with feeling connected to humanity and nature and having values that focus on people’s welfare and balance.

With so many distractions in our modern world, we cannot see what really connects us with nature, with our well-being. The only obvious way to see it would be to go away from our society, which is impossible. The other way is to literally transparentize—to clear out the layers of information within you that you’ve integrated from modern society and that manifest in the shape of habits, beliefs, and behaviors in order to resonate with your transparent energy again.

And by “transparentize,” I’m not referring to “woo-woo” stuff but to actual, real scientifically proven facts. Through the application in modern electronic devices, science has proven that quartz crystals can send, receive, transform, and balance energy. Used as tools, they can help us catalyze processes to clear out all the unwanted information we have integrated from our society and help us resonate with a transparent mind, free of others’ information.

I bet, if we had been told that our unconscious mind was what defines our reality, we would have made better choices and chosen carefully what we let in. For example, we would thank Father Sun for the possibility of being alive and Mother Earth for giving us shelter and supporting us. We would thank the animals, the trees, the skies, and the crystals and treat them differently, just as we do with our brothers and sisters and all we share our home with.

According to the ancients, there is only one reality—oneness. Nothing exists separate from the whole. Our mind and all its conditioning creates the illusion of separation we live every day. We have learned to identify with the different illusions of separation created by the mind, and our resonance is what has created the differences and chaos in our world.

Quantum physics tells us that our perceptions create our reality. Changing our way of thinking about and perceiving the world is a must to co-create a better world.

In spite of our conditioning, our universe is showing us clear signs. Animals stepping out into human spaces as a consequence of human lockdown is a clear reminder of how interconnected we are.

When you are in tune with your transparency, you are in tune with nature. You no longer feel apart. The artificial boundaries created by the distorted information integrated from the environment you have been immersed in are dissolved. You are able to love unconditionally the animal, the plant, and the crystal; to see yourself connected to all; and to live in harmony with all. But the opposite is also true. When you don’t resonate with your transparency, when you abuse our planet’s resources and kill animals, you are also attracting precisely this. Ultimately, you are the one who chooses what you want to resonate with and attract into your reality.

Let’s unmask the conditioning disguised as false values, habits, points of view, and paradigms to awaken a more holistic order inside of us, where everything occupies its own place and deserves our respect. Our own survival as a species depends on making a shift in our consciousness. When we transcend our conditioning and become one, automatically, we will become an alliance that cooperates and serves each other, in solidarity with this vision.

The time to harmonize with all of life, to support the natural pulse of the universe has come!

Ask yourself today if you are in harmony with the trees, with the sky, with the mountain, with the raindrop, with everything that exists. And if you are feeling disconnected, grab a crystal and take the time to learn how to transcend any learned conditioning that is holding you back from resonating entirely with your true inner and outer nature. If you want to learn more about the way you have been conditioned and how you can begin to work it out with crystals, I recommend first reading my book, The Crystal Blueprint. And if you want to take a step further, go on and register for The Crystalline Mother to begin to shine out the best you and your best life!

[1] Chelsea Gohd, “Coronavirus Has Changed Society: See How in this Video of Before-and-After Satellite Views,”, April 2020,

[2] Elizabeth Gibney, “Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Changed the Way Earth Moves,” Nature, March 31, 2020,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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