How I’m Helping Heal the World through my Crystal Healing

Mar 02, 2020

Engaging with current events at this particular moment in modern history can feel kind of like a nightmare. People are dying in mass numbers from a highly contagious virus; natural ecosystems and billions of animals are being decimated by uncontrollable wildfires; armies are increasingly weaponizing amid an outpouring of violence; millions of people are fleeing instability and conflicts in their countries; and hunger, injustice, and natural disasters are unthinkably prevalent.


There is so much despair and separation in the world—all of it imploding at the same time. Sometimes it can feel like the crisis is too overwhelming and massive to deal with. Witnessing all of this may feel like internal pressure or a growing sense of inner discomfort that you are not making any contribution to the world. You may feel overwhelmed, hopeless, disconcerted, and in distress when you find no answer to the question, What could I possibly do in the face of so much? Or perhaps you feel like you’re not living your purpose and that you can definitely do more. You are ready to take action but don’t know exactly how. I hear you! Like you, I was once there! But now I’m following my purpose and working every day to make this world a better world. And today I will share how you can also do the same, using crystals as tools!


We all live in an invisible quantum field. We are part of an energy field; whether you want it to be or not, everything is interconnected. Even things you wouldn’t suspect or associate with yourself, for that matter, are also connected to you on an energetic level that you might not be aware of. Matter and nothingness, nature and us—we’re all one! You’d be surprised! That person or group you dislike so much is also connected to you! We all are interconnected within and without. For example, what we know as our body is the result of the interconnection between our biology, emotions, and mind. And although we may look as if we are physically separated from others and our environment, we are never separated from the quantum field. The illusion of separation comes from your mind, from resonating with the thoughts and beliefs inside your mind. Energy just resonates. That’s why you feel attracted to and accept information you resonate with and reject the rest. The problem is, the more we fall into separation consciousness, the less connected and resonant we become with our outer world.


But now you have the option to change this. You can choose whether you want to approach your life as a victim or a creator of your life, working from the inside out. To live as a victim is to live life from our limited stories and from the perspective that everything in our outer world is happening to us. It’s giving your power to someone or something outside of you and allowing external conditions to control how you think and feel.


The other way to do it is to become aware of your inner stories and transcend them in order to resonate with joy, love, and gratitude—with a new perspective and a more elevated frequency. Our individual thoughts collectively become the world’s Wi-Fi, through which each and every one of us resonates unconsciously. Unconsciously, we are attuned not only to our individual thoughts but also to the collective thoughts of the world, constantly feeding them back into the loop.


One of the ways you can help heal the world is by choosing to consciously heal your unconscious self. For example, instead of being a victim of your reality, you can work on yourself to release and heal the toxic harmful thoughts inside of you or the toxic relationships you’ve been dealing with throughout your life. By doing this, you will be sending transparent ripples to the collective energy to begin building a better world.


Imagine if all of us could resonate with wholeness instead of separation from the inside out! Wouldn’t that be great? Your loving intentions and creation also come from your inner world. To resonate with a better world, we first have to transparentize and heal our inner canvas to resonate with our best possible energy. This is the best way to move from your separation mindset to wholeness and to bring good into the world.


And what is the best way to make our internal energy transparent? Resonating with transparency!


Science backs the use of quartz crystals in our modern technology, which proves that they resonate with energy. Through resonance, they send, receive, transform and balance energy. In the same way they are used in modern technology, working with quartz crystals on a consistent basis can help us transcend information inside of us and become transparent so that we can shine our inner light.


In this interconnectedness, when we master our inner information, we master the outer world. For me, mastering the inner information is all about mastering our inner resonance. And it’s not all about clearing out information inside of you. It’s also about choosing carefully what you let in. It’s about becoming the generator of the best emotions and attitudes available to us, rather than waiting for something outside to influence how we feel. This includes love.


If we generate love for ourselves, we no longer need to look for love outside of us. When we are love, we resonate with love, and we don’t need to look for it outside because it is inside. We just resonate with it. In the same way, if we want the world to resonate with peace and wholeness first, we must develop this inside each and every one of us.


Of course, our thought patterns and emotional patterns have been within us for a long time. Changes don’t happen overnight; it’s a process. Every now and then, you will be tempted and brought back again to your default repeating emotions or thoughts. But with the right strategies in place, you will be able to get up and change much more quickly. And designing specific strategies that resonate specifically with you is what we do in the strategy session of the crystal healing package.


When things are bad, you feel bad; when things are good, you feel good. The key here is that, by implementing the strategies you’ll learn, you will be able to resonate with the positive inside of you, even in difficult times. Feeling good will no longer be finite because it will no longer depend on the limited information we are exposed to or have learned from the outside. We’ll self-generate our good feelings from the transparent energy field and higher frequency, a source that is infinite. Infinite love, gratitude, compassion, giving, and resilience are among them.


Our own transparency brings harmony to our energy and surrounding energy system—to ourselves, our communities, animals, plants, and the greater world.


All thoughts carry an energy or a frequency. By consciously changing your thoughts, you can literally change your life. The more of us who do our inner work using crystals as tools, the more we can bring real healing and light into the world. What better contribution than this! I invite you to change your individual and collective inner energy resonance and the energy resonance of the world—and to fulfill your purpose. Book a crystal healing package today!



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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