Crystalline Receiving: Resetting Our Inner Balance

Jan 27, 2020

Although you may not see it, everything in the universe is vibrating, transparent energy. This continuous energy pulse consists of waveforms that move in an undulated motion. Their natural up-and-down, rising and falling movement give rise to an infinite expanding and contracting dynamic that repeats continuously and cyclically throughout the universe. This dynamic continues through each and every part of our bodies, contracting and expanding, pulsing inward and outward. The heartbeat and our own breathing are examples of this. All life is energy continuously flowing, pulsating, and resonating in attunement with this universal polarity. From this perspective, health is the continuous flow of energy in its natural and unobstructed state.


We often hear that health is a matter of balance, but what does this really mean? Energy is considered in balance when the expansion and contraction cycles are equal in number. When they are uneven, there can be a reduction in energy levels, and this can lead to illness and/or emotional disorders. Balance can also include the dynamic between the self with anything other than the self, for example giving and receiving.


How many of you still believe that, if you give and give again, you will get something back for this? The problem is, when you give and give and receive nothing in return, this produces an imbalance and a decrease in your energy.


When you expect something to be solved through external actions and it doesn’t happen no matter what you do, it’s probably because its origin is inside of you—within your unconscious and energy. You have to work this issue from the inside out, not from the outside in—like Betty did.


Betty was a person who gave much to others and received very little in return. She gave so much to her offspring, to her clients, to her friends, to her coworkers, and to people around her—she felt as though she gave and gave. But she received very little in return. She did too much work; experienced too many demands; and received little thankfulness, credit, or compensation.


She went from enjoying perfect health to, one morning, waking up with extreme pain and loss of movement in her right arm. In our interconnected universe where everything is in continuous motion, this lack of movement might be considered a sign of imbalance. For ancient philosophies, the symbolic meaning of the right hand is related to giving.


Now she had to cope with her left arm. Interestingly, the left side represents receiving. Unconsciously, she was activating the energetic symbolism of her left side and her healing process.


She decided to come to a crystal healing session to dig deep into her inner self and decipher the origin behind her physical imbalance and to clear it out—to change her resonance and restore her energy balance.


During the crystal healing session, she chose a blue quartz through resonance, which she felt she had to place over her heart. The resonance between her energy and the energy of the crystal guided her to the origin—her parents. She realized that neither of her parents had a receiving attitude. In other words, like her, both of her parents were overgivers—they gave disproportionately to others.


During the crystal session, she also realized that neither of them received from their own selves either. They put the needs of others before their own and ignored the things they enjoyed or loved to do. They had time for their children, for their work, and for the people close to them, but they never were on their own priority lists.


During the session, she made a click. She realized she had been programmed to give but not to receive. Actually, she wasn’t aware, but unconsciously she rejected any activity that involved doing things she loved, giving priority to everyone’s voice except her own. Interestingly, the pain in her right arm originated from a pinched nerve on her neck, the place within our body where our authentic sound or voice comes from. In the process of giving to others, she had forgotten to nourish herself. And as a countereffect, her authentic voice was also affected.


Not receiving can also imply that you didn’t receive nurturing from the first source you were supposed to receive from when you come into this world—your mother. How can we aspire to receive from our surrounding world if we were neglected, had a poor attachment, or had a non-nurturing mother? If this is your case, like Betty, you lack resonance to receive.


Know that, when your actions to receive in the physical world don’t work no matter what you do, it’s a sign that your inner resonance is affected. There is something within you that needs your attention and must be transcended.


The first step is to become aware that you have a “not receiving program.” The second step is to disable this program. Crystals are great tools to achieve this. Quartz crystals have the ability to resonate, balance, and transform energy. The third step is to implement a conscious action plan, where taking care of yourself and consciously receiving become priorities.


Generous giving comes from a generous place, which implies that you have taken care of your own needs and can put forth energy toward others. It comes from an empty mind and full heart, as human beings are networks of streaming energy fields that interphase with the body, mind, and cosmos.


In order for us to be healthy, it’s important for our body and mind to be in balance with the universe. Quartz crystals can help us resonate and restore this balance. If you want to experience the many benefits of quartz crystals’ powerful energy, join today one of my one-on-one crystal healing sessions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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