Conditioning and Our Relationships: How Crystal Healing Can Help

Mar 23, 2020

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.”

―Jim Morrison


Conscious or not, conditioning is how you learn to perceive and experience the world. You are conditioned to believe and think in specific ways. You are conditioned to respond and behave in certain ways. And you perceive the world accordingly. Slowly you begin to resonate with the information you were raised with and reject everything that differs from it.

Beyond our physical makeup, conditioning is the real reason behind our differences. It’s what causes us to categorize people in our lives as “other” and forget about who we really are—the interconnected beings we all are in essence.

You don’t have to search too hard to realize, first, that this is the case and, second, how early it started. Do you remember your first day of elementary school? You were so young and already so different from the children around you—in your tastes, your habits, your behaviors, and your beliefs. Your conditioning had just begun living as an indelible imprint on you. And as it was reinforced, it became your identity, your dreams, and also the source of many of your conflicts. With repetition and time, conditioning reinforces what separates us from the other, instead of what we have in common. Thus, we lose what connects us and is transparent—our unconditioned or neutral, unlimited open mind.

The real problem here is that conditioning becomes your personal perception and a finite source of your experiences in life. Outside circumstances become stimuli that can automatically trigger a specific thought, attitude, or behavior that separates you from your loved one—your mom, dad, partner, son, daughter—your coworker; or whoever else you’re interacting with. In this way, conditioning becomes the underlying program that runs every aspect of our life, including every relationship we have.

This is similar to how a computer, iCloud, and software work. The computer is you, and the iCloud contains the set of all the conditioning you have received, especially before the age of seven. Why seven? Because during the first six years of life, the brain is in a state of a hypnagogic trance and records automatically (without any discernment) experiences of the world, just like a tape recorder. During these years, you are downloading the software through which your life will be run. And the program of how you relate to others and live your relationships is part of that software.

The software is written with repeated information and operates literally and symbolically. From this perspective, it is not strange that, as a woman who is interested in men, you look for men who are not only psychologically but also physically similar to your father or the male figure you grew up with. And if you’re a man seeking a woman, you will look unconsciously for women who are physically and psychologically similar to your mother. The same patterns apply to same-sex relationships. Regardless of gender, we unconsciously seek out partners who resemble our parents or parental figures.

For example, if you are a woman whose father was absent, it’s likely that men will also be absent in one way or another in your life. This will manifest differently for each person. Perhaps if you are married, your husband may travel a lot or be distant due to his work. He might also be distant mentally or think differently from you in a way that makes him close himself off to hearing about or trying to understand the way you think about and perceive the world. He could be cheating on you. Or he may have died in an early stage in your marriage.

Your father, if you are a woman, will be all the men in your life—your friends, brothers, relationships, sons, coworkers, and so on. And if you are a man, he will be the good and bad in you—his patterns and habits stored in your iCloud creating the programming that drives your life and interactions.

And your mother, if you’re a man, will be your girlfriends, sisters, relationship, daughters, coworkers, and other women in your life. As a woman, you will be your own mother and will be repeating all the patterns she left in your iCloud, for good or bad.

The problem with conditioning is that it’s at once limiting and spellbinding—restricting our experiences only to those we are resonating with but seemingly impossible to break away from. It confines our own expansion and self-growth and the option to resonate with other possibilities. It forces us to live the same circumstances over and over again, until we decide consciously to break the spell—to clear out our iCloud and change our resonance.

Resonance with the information within your iCloud plays a very important role in your conditioning and in the information you attract and repel in the shape of women and men in your relationships.

Interestingly, resonance is key during a crystal healing session—the key that can set you free from the conditioning that has limited you and your relationships. It is resonance that enables crystals to help you transcend old patterns, expand and grow, and live out new possibilities.

Lauren, like her mother, was born into a privileged family. And just like her mother, she’d married a man with an abrasive personality who was distant, never at home, and unfaithful. The same fate followed her daughter. What brought her to consultation was not her daughter, though; it was her son. She suffered constantly because of her son. He had excluded her from his life. And she came to heal the suffering and sadness inside her heart.

By resonance, she felt the rose quartz and placed it over her heart. Images of her grandmother crying for her grandfather came to her consciousness, followed by images of her mother and herself crying for men in their lives. All the crying became a pink sea that, once turbid, had become transparent—and from pain had become unconditional love.

A great smile drew across her face. Peace had returned to her. Peace is also a part of our iCloud, which we access when we can transcend our conditioning. In the same way that quartz crystals work within our modern technology to balance and transform energy, they had balanced and transformed the energy in Lauren’s heart.

Lauren’s iCloud resonance changed during that session. In order for the work to be complete, the son also had to work consciously on his iCloud and transcend his father’s information. I never confirmed that he did so. However, the important thing is that Lauren had changed the information in her iCloud. Now she resonated with peace, and that, by itself, helped her to connect with her well-being.

Sometimes the results of a crystal healing session may not be exactly what our mind craves but, rather, what we really need to resonate with in order to improve the perception of a relationship and live better—as was the case for Lauren.

There are many ways to recognize you are conditioned, but here are two easy ones.

One, you unconsciously repeat behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs from those who raised you or surround you. And two, you reject something on autopilot, without a second thought. I don’t yet know someone who has not been conditioned; I know people who have been awakened. Being conditioned is unavoidable, as every repetitive thought, behavior, belief, or experience has the power to condition us. Conditioning can begin with our parents in this generation or stretch many generations back—in this lifetime as well as in other lifetimes.

To break free is solely your choice. You can step away and awaken from the conditioning or invisible information that is running your life. I can help you recognize all this conditioning and improve your relationships. How about booking a crystal healing session with me today?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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