Can I Have a Past-Life Regression During a Crystal Healing Session?

Mar 09, 2020

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

—Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher


Although we live consciously in the present, our life is run by unconscious mind programs originated in our past—programs that consist of the beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and any repeating information we were exposed to while we were growing up. And this includes not only the set of experiences that have marked us in this lifetime, but also those from other lifetimes. When we repeatedly think and feel from the memories of our past, we are vibrationally resonating with a reality with no possibilities.


In my more than 20 years of hands-on experience, working one-on-one with clients in my crystal healing sessions, I have seen over and over again how energy resonance, after clients have chosen stones, has guided them toward the real origin of their present imbalance. They are taken on a journey back in time, through not only this lifetime but also many lifetimes.


I imagine your mind is asking whether this is possible or whether I am making it up. What is the science behind the concept? How can a past life relate to our well-being now?


We are infinite beings of energy. What we know as death is really when our body stops working. But our energy doesn’t die. Science has shown that we are infinite beings of energy and that our energy is not destroyed but, rather, transformed. Our energy, in the form of consciousness, continues its evolutionary journey in other lives and other bodies. Ancient philosophies were very familiar with this. Reincarnation, rebirth, and transmigration are some of the terms that identify this process, the aim of which is to expand our consciousness.


Expansion is a pattern of the universe. Did you know that our universe can double in size 60 times in a span of 1032 seconds? (That’s quite a bit less than one second.) And as we are energetic and universal beings, expansion is an important process intimately related to our well-being. When we expand, energy flows, and we are healthy. When we don’t, energy is blocked, and this can lead to many imbalances in our life—such as illness, relationship problems, family malfunction, and lack of abundance and joy.


The ancient Egyptians were so aware of reincarnation that pharaohs spent a great part, if not most, of their lives preparing for dying—not only to ensure a good passage to the energetic world but also to reincarnate in a better place with better opportunities to keep expanding. Energy resonance was closely involved with their practices. Balancing and raising frequencies was an important part of these processes, in which quartz crystals were used.


But why, if we’ve lived other lives, can’t we remember?


When we incarnate in another life and in our new body, information continues with us energetically. We can access it through our unconscious but not consciously. Our energy field is actually an information field. It works in a similar way to iCloud. All our past and present information is stored within it, but we need to tune into it to access it.


During my crystal healing sessions, clients choose crystals through the resonance of their energy and what they want to heal and the corresponding energy of the crystals. That alone gives them access to their field of information (or their iCloud) and to the specific information needed to transcend or transparentize so that the energy can flow again and expand.


Quantum physics’ “nonlocality” offers an explanation of how all parts within the whole are connected. For example, a quantum particle can be in two places at once. No matter how far apart these locations are—including different lifetimes—they stay connected and can still influence the actions and behaviors of that distant, faraway particle instantaneously, with no time delay, and pass information between them. The information from the past can affect our present, and the information from the present can affect the future. Nonlocality also explains how we can reconnect with our authentic selves, as we remain connected to our original energy beyond the inauthentic layers of information acquired. This is why, during a crystal healing in the present, we have the power to heal the past and create the future.


Through specific breathing techniques and crystals, my clients enter a meditative state and go back to prior lifespans in search of nuggets of information that can improve their present lives. Sometimes my clients uncover painful experiences. Other times, they discover a happy memory. The idea of all of this is to transcend what they don’t want to resonate with and incorporate what they want to resonate with and, thus, attract in order to begin living a life they love.


Quartz crystals’ scientifically proven properties that enable them to balance and transform energy can be used as symbols as well. Our body and unconscious resonate with meaning. Crystals’ symbolic meaning, in the form of color and shape, can direct energy to unimaginable places.


Crystal resonance has led my clients to experience images, smells, people, and experiences from the past in the present. Past lives may help reveal information that allows you to heal issues or discover a new direction in your current life. And they can provide the opportunity to discover your authentic patterns and who you really are.


Through my crystal healing sessions, you can synchronize your energy to new possibilities. The energy of our body and mind recalibrates when we transcend the memories of our past. When our field is transparent or free from information from our past, we are able to resonate with transparency, with expansion, and with infinite possibilities.


While all this is happening, it is sending literal chain reactions to all the energy fields, reorganizing the information. The benefits of past-life recalls extend far beyond the clearing of current symptoms. Healing can occur energetically on all levels—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—as the insights and understanding gained from this offer great wisdom in regards to how you see yourself and your life.

Recently, I helped someone who was in a deep emotional crisis. She had “man problems;” her relationships were exciting and romantic at first, but inevitably they ended in pain and disappointment.

She looked back at all her relationships and noticed a common thread. Although she was a strong independent woman, her relationships were toxic. And although she knew where this was likely going and was only hoping things would get better, she stayed, but things never changed.

She knew the what but not the why. Why was this happening to her over and over again? Why did she keep finding herself in the same situation?

I bring up her story because what occurred in the days and weeks that followed was remarkable. Using quartz crystals’ resonance, she chose ametrine and was able to gain a new kind of clarity. She traced the roots of her problems back to her childhood. Her mother and father had a toxic relationship. This was one of the many core wounds that had originated the repeating pattern.

Suddenly, there was a leap in time and space. She could see how, over several lifetimes, this pattern had repeated—until I suggested she pick another stone, focusing on what connected her with her lasting peace and happiness. This time, she chose a transparent quartz, and automatically, a smile drew across her face. The place where she went did not have anything familiar. She was completely transparent and experienced deep infinite love—something she had never experienced before.


Just by experiencing this, she changed her resonance and left her relationship of that moment. She was filled only with the deep love she felt in her heart. After some time, she found a partner who also resonated with love. Today—more than 13 years later—she is still happy with him.


Whatever we heal energetically materializes in our physical world through sudden changes we experience in our lives. The old model of conceiving your reality as created from the outside in or trying to create from matter to matter falls apart. When you work with crystals, you are working directly with energy. You no longer have to go anywhere to get anything; you become your own vortex of energy. Crystals are just tools that transform, balance, and amplify energy and catalyze processes in the present to improve your future. Additionally, when your pattern of thinking becomes more expansive, abundant, loving, and holistic, this becomes the information that carries your frequencies and the electromagnetic pattern you are broadcasting not only to your future in this lifetime but also to other lifetimes.


I invite you to experience all the benefits of healing your past and creating your best possible future. Book a crystal healing package today.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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