Break free from everything

that’s keeping you from who you truly are.
Access the power of crystal energy vibration!

Are you experiencing a crisis or suffering in your life?


  • Do you feel unmotivated and unhappy?
  • Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns and engaging in addictive behavior you don’t seem to have control over?
  • Are you seeking greater clarity in your life purpose?


Would you like to awaken to your greater potential, but don’t know how?

By uncovering the patterns and behaviors we learned from our family, culture, and religion, we can integrate a new vision of the world.

This is the opportunity to break free from all that is preventing you from accessing all the things you are meant to be.

Become your crystalline self; reconnect with your authentic being through crystal energy vibration.

I believe in the authentic wisdom and healing power that lives within each of us. My online courses are tailored to access this unlimited source and uncover your own answers and potential.


Crystal energy is both ancient wisdom and modern science, and I will be your guide on your journey to reclaim your power.

Crystal energy helps us transform suffering and adversity into healing and wisdom to balance your life and create the best version of reality

These are some of the scenarios I have experience working with:

  • Relationship problems
  • Disease
  • Parental alienation / family dysfunctions
  • Uneasiness that comes from the sense that something is missing in your life
  • Lack of motivation
  • Cultural biases

Working with crystals will clear your database of false patterns and learned information that does not serve you.

How can my approach to crystals help you?”


What can you accomplish working with Beatriz?


  • Gain awareness into the real origins of the blocks between you and your authentic potential
  • Stop copying and repeating other people’s stories and start living your own
  • Reveal your unique potential and purpose in life
  • Improve relationships
  • Learn to listen to your internal compass so that you can discern the best path for you
  • Find the meaning and lessons in your past experiences
  • Uncover your unique tools and the keys to create a life you love living
  • Awaken your greater potential
  • Discover inner peace, balance and fulfillment

And more…

Working with crystals will clear your database of false patterns and learned information that does not serve you



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