From the perspective of quantum physics, at a subatomic level, we are all interacting fields of energy. This includes our minds and bodies, as well as crystals. Unconsciously, we are attracted to vibrations similar to ours. Resonance is the sympathetic vibration of one object with another.


In our society, we have relied on our minds to solve our problems, but the ancients believed that real balance and well-being come from reconnecting to the original source of information —the authentic self.


When we choose a stone through from resonance, we connect with the authentic part of us—surpassing any prescriptions that originated in the experiences of others. Likewise, through resonance, crystals’ expansive energy waves are directed precisely to those places where healing and transformation are needed.


In my crystal practice, I strongly recommend choosing resonance over prescription. Through resonance, you are focusing on the exact frequency needed to bring you healing, and the exact pattern in your mind and body that you need to work with. You are working directly with energy, not through your beliefs. The information goes where it needs to go, without the manipulation and filters of the mind.


When you choose the crystals from resonance, the process of crystal healing begins. You update old programs and patterns—and with the energetic properties of crystal, you change your personal resonance. When that occurs, you attract new possibilities into your life —among them, well-being and health.

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