Transparency Within: Resonating with Inner Peace to Create World Peace

Jan 13, 2020

“For one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his/her mind will remain the greatest enemy.” —Bhagavat Gita


In Western thinking, we have learned to identify with the “I.” In fact, the “I” is what we normally think of as ourselves. The “I” includes our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Interestingly, Eastern philosophies, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Advaita Vedanta School of Hinduism, and other schools of Eastern thought, think the opposite way. They refer to the idea of the “I” as fiction. It may surprise you, but Buddhism instead refers to who we really are as “anatta” or “not-self.”


According to these ancient philosophies, what we identify as “I” is not who we really are. Strong evidence suggests that the “I” is simply a construct of the mind or who we identify with from a mind perspective. Although science has mapped every function of the brain, it has been unable to map what we know as the “self.” And how can it, if what you define as the “self” is really your own process of thinking, created by all the information you’ve been exposed to from the moment you touched this world—from your family or those who you grew up with, your gender, culture, philosophy, country, and so on? This process of thinking, created by others, is what defines what you know as the self or who you are and how you experience the world.


With no other option than those presented to us, we learned to identify with the wrong version of ourselves—that created by our mind. “Anatta” or “not-self” is what we are deep inside each of us when we choose to opt out of our mind programs. Neuroscience and psychology are really catching up with teachings that date 2,500 years back. I know that the idea of thinking about ourselves as a bunch of thoughts is difficult. Who we believe we are is really the repetition of thoughts we’ve been exposed to. And these thoughts are directly related to our lack of peace.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by thoughts and images that you just couldn’t stand? Perhaps it’s the nagging thoughts that come when you think you didn’t do something right, the recurrent judgment of a specific situation, your to-do list, what you lack, or even thinking constantly about being hungry and eating. These thoughts seem to intrude on your mind; you try to block them out, but nothing seems to work.


Nothing seems to work because you are still thinking. When ancient philosophies refer to quieting your mind and becoming still, they are really referring to emptying your mind of thoughts, or becoming transparent. In other words, peace is the consequence of a thoughtless, transparent mind—of “not-self” or “anatta.”


We believe we must think or engage in external activities to achieve peace. I have seen people needing to exercise or travel to certain places, to name a few examples, in order to achieve peace. As our mind refocuses its attention on other things, we think less. When we go to nature or ancient sites, our energy is synching with the resonance of the universe—this is related to thinking less. As you can see, you don’t have to do much; not thinking is, surprisingly, enough to achieve peace.


One of the best ways to shift our perception from our inner voices to silence is practicing meditation with quartz crystals.


Meditation, using crystals as tools, is the journey of taking your attention from your outer voices to your inner voices and from your inner voices to your authentic, transparent voice or “not-self.”


When you meditate, thoughts and physical sensations appear, feelings arise, and some memories will come to the surface. Just by doing this, you will be able to recognize some of the unconscious processes of thinking or patterns of your mind you have learned from others, as well as perceive the transparent part in you that lacks voices.


If you’re just beginning to meditate, you will mostly be in your thoughts. You might feel like you’re overwhelmed and trapped in your habitual thinking, and it may seem impossible to sustain peace. Allowing your attention to rest in silence lets you see your habitual thoughts. And as you practice, the spaces between your thoughts will grow, and you will begin to become aware and experience your transparent part. As you advance in your meditation practice using crystals as tools, it will become easier and easier to choose transparency and to let this process of thinking fall away and let in all the amazingness of being transparently you!


Additionally, according to Harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar, the effect of regular meditation can reshape the brain, reducing the size of the amygdala—the aggressive part of the brain that reacts to stress—and enlarging the temporoparietal junctions (TPJs), a part of the brain associated with empathy and compassion.[1]


Relaxing into your own transparency creates the space for deep listening. It invites you to hear the unique truth that is spoken to you—the voice of insight and clarity that is normally muffled by the inner noise created by your repetitive thinking and external busyness. Confusion diminishes, and your path is laid clear in plain sight.


The secret power of the practice of meditation is that it begins to seep into your daily existence. It helps you to see the world from a transparent perspective, returning to peace again and again.


Allowing your attention to rest in transparency allows you to resonate with transparency. Whatever you resist is transformed through quartz crystals’ properties and unique resonance to transparency. It becomes easier and easier to choose what is transparent and authentic and filter and avoid whatever is not transparent in your life.


Now that you know that quartz crystals can help you tap into your inner peace, open yourself and allow their energy and transparency within you. And through resonance, unlock our much-longed-for peace in the world.


Crystal Peace!



[1] Sara Lazar, “How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Sara Lazar at TedxCambridge 2011.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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