Transcending Our Blind Spots through Crystal Energy Vibration

Sep 23, 2019

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.” — Unknown


From our last blogs, we can infer that resonance, originated inside our energy fields, creates our reality. Thoughts in the electromagnetic field of our minds, learned from others, along with learned emotions in the electromagnetic field of the heart can foster positive or negative patterns that ripple through the interconnected energy fields, shaping and giving life to every situation we experience.


But how specifically does resonance with our internal contents influence our reality? The answer, unfortunately, will take more than a single blog. But we can start with the basics—our blind spots.


What is a blind spot?


Definitions range from the part of our eye that is not sensitive to light[1] to an area that you are not able to see of the road, especially when you are driving[2] to where a person’s view is obstructed.[3]


Other definitions include “an area where a person lacks understanding or impartiality”[4] or “a tendency to ignore something especially because it is difficult or unpleasant.”[5]


How about a little bit of reverse engineering here? From these definitions, we can extract that a blind spot is something we’re not able to see, lack understanding or impartiality about, or ignore because it’s difficult or unpleasant.


Through the observer effect, a quantum property that transforms energy into matter, information absorbed from your environment and stored inside your electromagnetic fields has become the master program that builds what you do and do not resonate with.


A blind spot is lack of specific information in your energy field—you simply aren’t resonating with it because you don’t have that piece of information recorded in your inner program. That is why for you, it isn’t easy to see, or it feels unpleasant.


But why are you lacking that specific information?


“Our nervous system processes 28 to 29 billion bits of information per second. Our conscious mind processes 5 to 9 bits of information per second.”[6] There is a big difference between the information we process and the information we actually absorb. The answer lies in the unconscious thoughts and emotions we’ve absorbed from others.


Aware or not, we all run on autopilot due to our unconscious—that part of the mind inaccessible to the conscious mind, which automatically and without interruption records the information it’s fed twenty-four hours a day, whether we’re asleep, awake, or not conscious.


As I mentioned in The Crystal Blueprint, “By incorporating other people’s ways, we set a repeating response pattern that, with time, becomes a rigid habit that does not support different answers or points of views. These patterns regulate our choices and make up the information that is constantly creating our reality, attracting that with which we resonate and rejecting the rest.”[7]


Back to our reverse engineer process: Our blind spot is that information that our energy field lacks because the environment where we grew up or were subjected to for a long time lacked this information. In other words, a blind spot is a pattern found in people who are run by an unconscious learned program. It is common to find blind spots in family lines, communities, political parties, genders, nationalities, religions, ethnicities, professions, and so on. In other words, we all, in one way or another, have a blind spot. The important thing is to realize it and transcend it in order to integrate new information and expand our reality and resonance.


Everything has a beginning; many of our blinds spots originated in the first stage of our lives while we were growing up. We, as daughters and sons of our mothers and fathers, repeat their patterns or those of the people around us while we were growing up.


A typical pattern of people with blind spots is to have a tendency to blame others (and fall into victim mindset). Recently, I had the opportunity to witness a difficult situation between a father and daughter, which originated in both of them, in each of their blind spots.


The daughter had spent most of the summer at her father’s house, rarely seeing him because she overslept and worked late every day. In her free time, she went to her mother’s house. She also spent twenty days in Europe with her mother, as well as a weekend visiting her sister.


As she was heading back to college, her upset father asked, “When are you going to spend some time with me?”


One would expect a compassionate response from the daughter—something like, “You’re right! Let’s plan to see each other soon.” But instead there was an aggressive and unexpected response from her: “Didn’t you see all the time I spent with you?” She made quite a scene defending her argument, jumping from blaming him for not being with her to playing the victim.


You’ll surely be inclined to blame the daughter. But the real origins of this situation lie with neither the daughter nor the father. The problem originated in the unconscious information contained in the energy fields they were each resonating with. The father’s energy field resonated with an absent mother or “woman” (in this case, his daughter) and a father who didn’t care much about his children due to the patriarchal society where he lived. In the father’s field, his father did not exist. By resonance, he was absented from his daughter, due to his work (the unconscious doesn’t differentiate between absence for patriarchy or for work; it only reads “absence of father or men”).


The daughter also had her story. She had been raised by a mother who had been raised without a father—her mother had had a strong presence in her life, and so did she in her daughter’s life. The daughter had the information of her mother but lacked that from her father (the father didn’t have the information from either his father or his mother).


As a result of their resonance, the daughter rejected her father, and the father rejected his daughter.


This is a classic example of how the fields resonate to create our reality and the situations that hurt us most. And they will remain like this and repeat again and again until we engage in conscious personal work and change our inner resonance.


Why continue living in the rubble of the lives of others, when we can live our best version of reality for ourselves?


However, as hard as it may be, the only thing your blind-spot scenarios have in common is you, your story, and something you don’t see from your story. This is why we need to confront our blind spots and ask ourselves: What is the part of my story I have unconsciously learned from others and am now recreating? What part am I not seeing? And why?


Quartz crystals are excellent tools to uncover your blind spots and the missing parts of your story so you can integrate them, change your resonance, and consciously replace the situations or relationship models you integrated from others with a new one—one you’ve always dreamed of.


Through quantum properties of entanglement and crystal energy, we can heal in the present our past.


Once we’ve become aware and are in the process of transforming our reality, we must act according to the reality we want to create. Remember that it still isn’t natural for us, as it’s not yet in our hard drive. Otherwise, we will continue repeating the same old pattern.


Transcending your blind spots will help you change your behavior, align with who you really are, and realize that the stories you have been telling yourself are simply not yours. You start to realize that you are not the victim but the creator and take responsibility for what you let into your life and for generating the best resonance, instead of blaming others.


This is an invitation to heal all those situations that keep repeating. Deprogram your mind now and live the life you choose to live through the power of crystal energy vibration. To learn more about how to work on your blind spots, read The Crystal Blueprint and subscribe to our blogs.




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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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