The Journey to Become Crystalline

Dec 09, 2019

The quest for personal well-being has been a constant since I was 25 years old. Today’s blog will share how you, too, can begin a journey toward living your best version of life—toward becoming crystalline.


After I experienced my first divorce and was diagnosed with cancer, my world was turned upside down. I had so many questions. Why me? Why at 25? I just wanted to know what I needed to do so that I would not experience this kind of situation ever again in my life.


I decided to go on a spiritual journey! It took me to study around the world with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Hindu gurus, and well-known crystal healing teachers at that time. In India, after spending almost three weeks in a room filled with quartz crystals, I experienced crystal healing for the first time. And this one experience changed my whole life. I wanted to devote my life to helping people connect with their transparent story. So in 2000, I engaged in crystal healing studies and became a well-known crystal healer and crystal teacher in Colombia.


Since then, I have seen thousands of clients in my one-on-one practice and workshops. My clients and I have not only overcome adversity, we are also living the lives we love. And the same can happen for you if you work with crystals to become crystalline!


You heard right! You can actually become crystalline when you work on a daily basis using quartz crystals as tools.


You may be wondering what it means to be crystalline. For me, being crystalline is what we all are when we choose to resonate or sync with our own transparent energy. Energy is our real essence! Science has proved that, at a subatomic level, each and every one of us is 99.9999999% energy and 0.0000001% matter. We really are energy!


You think you’re solid matter because that’s what you’re able to see when you look in the mirror. You also think that you are what you believe because you’ve learned to identify with the ideas and beliefs of your family; the people you grew up with; the society, religion, culture, gender, nationality, and ethnicity you belong to; and so on and so on. But beyond all these beliefs, you are vibrating energy. Energy shapes you and surrounds you and is an important part of you and the reality you live in.


Let’s face it. Maybe you don’t share in common with others the unconscious information you identify with. But what you do have in common with all people on planet Earth is your transparent energy! Whether a living being or a thing, we are all energy at a subatomic level! Energy is what we all—from our tiny cells to the entire universe—share. It’s what fills us with life and keeps us interconnected.


Here are 11 reasons why you should become crystalline!


To remain physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy and maintain well-being

Set response systems in which energy or your beliefs are simply circling around don’t allow space for you to expand in any way—the energy is stagnated! Lack of expansion is related to many physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. In order to remain healthy, it’s important to keep the energy in your energy field transparent.

To become authentic

All the repetitive information you have been receiving from the moment of your conception and continue to receive every day becomes the information you identify with. This is not who you really are! You are much more than the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes you’re resonating with. Each of us has a unique path and potential and a true purpose that we will not be able to open up or live if we continue to follow on autopilot other voices. You deserve to experience your own self and your own authentic life. When you resonate with your transparent energy, you bypass others’ voices and are able to experience who you really are.

To live your best relationships ever

Your world reflects all that’s hidden inside you, and that includes your personal stories and the stories of those close to you. Your mind acts like a recording machine, recording all the information around you 24/7 whether you are asleep, awake, or not conscious. Since you’ve been continuously exposed to all kinds of information from the moment you were in your mother’s womb, every conscious and unconscious perception and experience you ever lived becomes the information within your energy field with which you resonate and attract your reality. For example, if you were an unwanted child or your parents had a difficult relationship, that is recorded in your energy field; you are resonating with this and attracting it as your reality—as trouble in your relationships or the feeling of not being good enough. Our transparent energy disables any program that doesn’t resonate with transparency.

To connect with your heart

Did you know that, by the time you reach adulthood, 95 percent of your life is ruled by subconscious behaviors, habits, and beliefs? Although you’re not aware, you experience your life from the perceptions and past experiences stored in your mind. The Lotus Sutra of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition teaches of the “hidden treasure of the heart” and says the heart is “as vast as the universe itself, which dispels any feelings of powerlessness.”[1] Many ancient cultures have related our heart to wisdom, compassion, self-healing abilities, and much more. When we choose to resonate with energy, we can silence the 95 percent of our inner voices preventing us from listening to and living our lives from our heart.

To experience self-care 

Transparent energy equals self-care! When your energy field’s vibration is resonant and in phase with another energy field, it’s as if you were nurturing your own energy field. Your energy vibrates faster, and it raises your frequency. This can also catalyze processes, and sometimes you can tap into your true potential.

To experience inner peace

The average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute (according to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California). That adds up to a total of 70,000 thoughts per day. No wonder we are not at peace! When we resonate with our transparent energy (instead of our thoughts), we are able to experience peace.

To experience true intuition

True intuition is the authentic information that lies beneath all the layers of information we have integrated from others. False intuition is the sum of all your beliefs when you are not engaged in transparentizing or transcending your thoughts. When you resonate with energy, you can bypass your mind and connect with your real intuition.

To live a spiritual experience

Many ancient spiritual practices equated having a spiritual experience with emptying the mind of thoughts. For me, a spiritual experience is another way to refer to experiencing energy. Energy is intangible and borderless, and its different frequencies may be perceived as colors, sounds, and even shapes. When we choose to resonate with transparent energy, we are able to transcend our thoughts and open ourselves to resonate with energy.

To resonate with the universe

Our universe is constantly flowing and expanding. When we resonate with information inside our mind, our responses come from default programs, rather than new information and expansion. This lack of expansion was associated in ancient times with many of the imbalances that afflict people. Many ancient philosophies directly relate our well-being to “flow” or “being in resonance with the universe.” Maybe our ancestors were trying to tell us that, in order for us to remain in balance, we all have to resonate with our transparent energy.

To perceive wholeness in all

Our unconscious is driven by limiting beliefs of separation that prevent us from seeing the different parts of our interconnected whole. Regardless of our beliefs, our transparent interconnected energy keeps pulsating through each and every one of us, invisibly supporting this interconnection and our resonance to the whole.

To open up to infinite possibilities

When you begin to resonate with the repeating information you’ve consciously and unconsciously absorbed from your surroundings, you are resonating with the limiting beliefs of others. These beliefs mold who you think you are, your relationships, your abundance, your well-being, and how you experience life. They inhibit your thinking and actions and constrain you in some way or another just by way of your belief in them. Resonating with your base energy can transparentize or deactivate all the inner boundaries that are preventing you from resonating with infinite possibilities and your best life.


Being crystalline—or resonating with transparent energy—is possible thanks to quartz crystals! Quartz crystals are symbols not only of transparency but also of transformation. Thanks to their properties known to science, they can transform and balance frequencies. The remarkable thing about quartz crystals’ energy is that it has the power to transform any unbalanced frequency when you resonate with them.


This is what happened to me in that room filled with crystals in India. I was able to clear out all the information inside and reset my energy field to its new transparent resonance. This is what has allowed me and my clients to become crystalline and live our best lives!


Just as I did with my life and as thousands of my clients have done, you can experience healing, maintain continuous well-being, and live the life you love by becoming crystalline. Crystals are the best tools that I know of to support you on your process of becoming crystalline. Stay tuned! Over the next days, you will find out how to become crystalline beginning in 2020! Plus, enter the upcoming 2020 Crystal Healing Giveaway and Challenge—with something for all who join—and gain new tools for building up and beginning to live your crystalline life from your transparent energy in the new decade (and a chance to win a one-on-one healing package with me!).


Join me on this crystalline journey to become your most crystalline you and experience the best that life has to offer you through the power of crystal energy vibration.


Crystalline YOU!



[1] Daisaku Ikeda, “The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra,” Soka Gakki International,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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