The Art of Living Continuously in Crystalline Well-Being

Oct 28, 2019

I don’t know about you, but every time I open my social media, I find another trend pinpointing how to achieve our greatest well-being. And of course, you’ll notice, all of them are primarily based on personal points of view shaped by the life experiences, values, ways of thinking, and assumptions of those promoting them, not to mention all the outside input shaping those perspectives.


Ranging from novel diets to sophisticated exercises and practices to life beliefs, philosophies, and specific activities, these trends can influence every aspect of our lives. Without questioning, we incorporate into our own paradigms and continue repeating others’ information. But can it be possible that what others experience as well-being is really well-being for us?


For many, well-being is associated with a meaningful, positive outcome as a result of perceiving that our lives are going well. The general agreement is that, at a minimum, well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods such as contentment and happiness, the absence of negative emotions such as depression and anxiety, satisfaction with life, fulfillment, and optimal functioning.


But we also hear of well-being on a larger scale. For example, we are told that countries differ in their levels of well-being. Societies with higher well-being are those that are more economically developed and have effective governments. And cultural factors may play an important role in this due to the unconscious learned ideology and beliefs that each one may involve.


The best way to identify a learned pattern is when you ask the same question of different people who don’t relate with or know each other and receive the same answer.


So, if I asked you in this moment, “What does well-being mean to you?” I would probably receive these answers—“feeling happy, healthy, and socially connected,” “having healthy and meaningful relationships,” “and having my basic needs met.” Some will add to this “living a purposeful and fulfilled life.” And today, surprisingly, for many, well-being also includes “having a good government.”


Nevertheless, researchers have also found that the absence of distress doesn’t necessarily indicate a person has high psychological well-being.


Do you get it?


What you consider your well-being doesn’t necessarily belong to you. Well-being for you has to do with what you’ve learned well-being represents for others, rather than what it actually is for you. You are unconsciously resonating with this information or with what well-being meant for people you were influenced by or with the prevailing ideas you were exposed to while growing up. That’s why you resonate or feel attracted to certain things and exclude others. That’s why you also have the tendency to relate well-being to everything your parents or people close to you associated well-being with and to trends among your acquaintances, community, social media contacts, and so on.


Well-being has become another belief in our long list of unconscious learned information. But beyond everything we’ve learned from our surroundings, well-being is really our original state—when we consciously choose to resonate with our transparency.


In the invisible world of energy, each of us is a pattern of vibrating energy or frequency. What may work for others may not necessarily work for your transparent self!


Learned information or set responses in which energy is simply circling around don’t allow space for expansion. The energy is stagnated! This is related to many of our emotional and physical imbalances. In the world of waves and frequencies, learned well-being can contradict what well-being really means. In the transparent world of energy, energy is continuously flowing and in continuous expansion. In order for us to remain in well-being, it’s important to keep the energy flowing and expanding.


Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn that many ancient philosophies directly relate our well-being to flow or being in resonance with the universe. Maybe our ancestors were trying to tell us that, in order for us to remain continuously in well-being, we all have to resonate with our own transparency.


Well-being is not about stuffing your energy field with others’ information. It’s about being transparent or free from the information of others. Experiencing this, by itself, brings balance to our body and mind and naturally connects us to purpose, to all people, to our surroundings, and to our world—because we are empty of learned biases.


By working with crystals, I was able to clear out all the learned information inside of me and reset my energy field. I was able to build up my crystalline transparent resonance. This brought flow inside my energy field and, with it, many benefits, among them physical and emotional balance, real connection, feeling energized, contentment, lasting peace—and well-being.


Crystalline well-being comes from within, not from outside. It all begins with shifting our perspective from the outside to the inside and from learned information to transparency. This shifts our whole perspective. We are no longer looking for new trends to tell us what to eat and what not to eat or turning to government or social media to tell us what we need to do. We are empowering ourselves to explore what we really need and to evaluate for ourselves what makes sense and what defines well-being for each of us.


Because I consciously chose to work on myself with crystals and switched my inner resonance from learned information to authentic information, I now am able to continuously live in well-being, and the same can happen for you. Well-being is our natural inclination when we live from a transparent awareness. What are you waiting for to become transparent? I invite you to take charge of your well-being by engaging in crystal practice from today on and to let yourself resonate with your crystalline well-being for good.


Crystal Well-Being!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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