Staying Healthy Using Crystals as Tools

Mar 31, 2020

Did you know that each of you is a walking iCloud that originated with 700 trillion volts of electricity to the 50 trillion cells that comprise your body and brain? And did you know that what you have learned to perceive as your reality and is recorded in your iCloud controls your cells? Your perception is the information you are resonating with and attracting to you, not only as the life you lead but also as your health. Your mind is the primary cause of imbalance or disease in your body. So, if you change your mind, you can also change your biology and resonate with health.

The information you lack and, therefore, don’t resonate with is automatically discarded. The issue here is that your health might be among the information you dispose of.

When we resonate individually with unhealthy information inside our iCloud, we attract unhealthy situations such as illness. And when the collective iCloud resonates with illness, we attract a pandemic. 

From this perspective, unhealthiness might be more related to what you are resonating with internally than you imagine. Although illness seems to come from the outside, it really comes from the inside. But why are we resonating with and attracting illness individually and collectively?

Everything in the universe works according to the principle of balance. This includes our body. If this balance is broken—by excessive medication, by an aggressive way of life, by the stress of insomnia, by anxiety, because we don’t have time to rest, because we have an unhealthy diet, because we don’t breathe or take in sunlight, because we don’t have contact with nature—imbalance gradually emerges. Then the body becomes intoxicated, fills up with waste, and gets sick. All this creates the perfect circumstances for illness to happen. Illness is the result of imbalance, and imbalance is the result of our perceptions.

We have integrated the health habits and behaviors of those who raised us and whom we grew up with, as well as those we surround ourselves with and whose patterns and information we absorb in our daily lives. And when these unconsciously adopted patterns and habits resonate with imbalance, we can’t help but attract imbalance and illness—within ourselves and within our families and communities.

Knowing this, in our quest for health, our best step is to identify the information that we’ve been repeatedly exposed to that it is not supporting our health. The scientifically backed properties of crystals can help you with the process of identifying repeated patterns of imbalance. Working with crystals, you can transcend the unhealthy patterns you have absorbed from your surroundings and bring balance into your life.

Over my more than twenty years of experience, I’ve witnessed that many of my clients are drawn to green quartz when they want to connect with health. The color really represents a frequency of visible light. The frequency of green light is 500 to 570 nanometers, and this frequency is right at the center of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Green has a lower energy and frequency than white, purple, and blue but a higher energy and frequency than yellow, orange, and red.

By testing the response of the human body to vibrations, many researchers have found that the human body and all its parts resonate with frequencies. For example, did you know that the real color of our blood is green (not red)? We usually don’t notice the green color of blood because there is typically so much more red light being reflected by the blood. But if you shine a light on the blood that contains green light but no red light, the green color of blood becomes obvious.[1] Interestingly, blood not only transports oxygen and other essential substances throughout the body, it also helps to support the homeostasis or balance in our body and aids in protecting it from infection and foreign bodies.

Green quartz crystals can be found as prasiolite, aventurine, prase, green jasper, and fuchsite quartz. The green color may come from iron (also present in our blood), chromium (important for brain function), and other inclusions such as chlorite used in disinfectants.[2] In these uncertain times, green quartz could be a great option to resonate with balance and connect with our well-being. But as always, I encourage you to choose the quartz crystal you most resonate with—as this is the crystal that will empower you to become aware of and transcend your learned perceptions.

For example, if someone is continually telling you that you are going to have a disease and you believe that, then you’ll resonate with and attract disease. Remember that your perceptions are the information you have integrated from others, and what you believe resonates and creates your reality. But also know that your perceptions—not outer circumstances as you have learned to believe—are responsible for how your health unfolds.

Being healthy means integrating new information to resonate with new options that support your health and well-being. This includes having a healthy diet; seeking contact with nature; leading a more balanced, more harmonious life; remaining transparent or clear from imbalanced patterns; and reflecting this in what you think, what you feel, and what you do.

When you work with crystals consciously and clean up unhealthy information inside your iCloud, what you are attracted to is going to change, and a new approach to decision making is going to take form. You will be changing, rewriting, and turning on your definitions of health. The unhealthiness in your life will lose its habitual pull, and you will be able to reconstruct your opinions of what is “healthy” and what is not. You will resonate with health, and health will come naturally to you. 

You will no longer seek unhealthy stuff—gossip, unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, and engaging in meaningless activities that don’t support your wellness. Instead, you will yearn for nature, fresh air, leafy greens, and deep conversations. Instead of being trapped in limiting stories and emotions, you will flow with the healthy resonance you are consciously creating inside yourself.

Pandemia offer us a moment to reflect on the choices we have made individually and collectively and how our choices are no longer sustainable—a virus appearing out of nowhere is a big sign that we have collectively been resonating with an imbalance and that it is time for transformation, Maybe this is our wake-up call to take responsibility and bring balance to our life. Pandemia is a call to action to do conscious individual and collective work to change our resonance and the resonance of the world. 

Remember that you are responsible for your health and how your life unfolds. When you are consciously aware, you can rewrite the way you perceive the world and how you experience life from now on. You may or may not have direct control of a situation, but you can work consciously on your inner resonance to bring individual and collective balance to yourself and to the world. Join me in the quest to stay healthy and bring wellness to the world through crystal energy vibration.


[1] Christopher S. Baird, “Is Human Blood Every Any Color Other than Red?” Science Questions with Surprising Answers, July 16, 2015,

[2] World Health Organization, Chlorite and Chlorate in Drinking-water: Background Document for Development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality, 2005,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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