Remote Crystal Energy Healing (without Physical Crystals): Yes! It’s Possible!

Nov 18, 2019

At a recent live conference, I led a 12-minute crystal meditation without crystals—yes, without crystals! To the surprise of many, most of the participants experienced altered states of consciousness and even healing in just 12 minutes. Many approached me, filled with amazement and wanting to share their unique crystal experiences during this meditation.


One woman shared that, having tried everything from therapy to medication to cure the back pain she’d had for months—all to no avail—after the meditation, the pain was suddenly gone. Overcome with emotion, she cried as she expressed her gratitude.


Another person who shared with me had been struggling with money; her crystal experience was filled with symbols about grounding and material wealth. I could tell from the symbols she described that she had begun her healing journey to regain abundance in her life. Yet another participant felt as if he was shedding his inner garbage. And after the meditation, he felt much lighter and at peace.


One person felt during the meditation that all the energy had accumulated in her head, and she felt an unpleasant feeling and even a dizzy sensation. She shared this with me and asked for me to explain why. I told her that I was not surprised to hear this. The mind enjoys being in control of our lives. Transparentizing or deleting its information can represent a real threat for the mind—but not for you! Starting to transparentize the information within your mind can be the very first step to experiencing true healing and well-being and the life we always wanted to live, with its infinite possibilities.


But how is it possible that 200 people in the same room all lived their own unique experiences of crystal healing? Yes! You read that right. We’re talking about 200 different crystal healing experiences for 200 people in one place in 12 minutes! And each experience was unique and special for each and every one who had the opportunity to participate in this crystal meditation!


In today’s blog, I will help you decipher what really happened to the 200 people in that room and why this was possible through a 12-minute crystal meditation without crystals.


Coincidentally the same principle that made the meditation work enables my remote crystal healing sessions, where I coach and heal people who live in different parts of the world through a computer screen using digital crystal images. This is what I call remote crystal healing!


Just like other energy healing methods such as reiki, crystal healing can be done remotely. Distance crystal energy healing is another valid way to work with crystals.

Yes! Healing or sending crystal energy healing to anyone, anywhere in the world is possible! Energy is not bound by the laws of space-time and does not need to travel through space or time. And there’s a logical explanation for this. Otherwise, people would not experience healing as they did in that room or through a computer screen with digital crystal images without physical crystals. It is possible to experience crystal energy healing remotely!


British scientist Ernest Rutherford, who received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 for his contributions to our understanding of atomic structure, discovered that the atom, the basic unit of matter, is mostly empty space filled with energy. Furthermore, 99.9999999 percent of what we perceive as matter is energy. The solid world of matter that we perceive is actually an illusion created by the brain. At a subatomic level, what we perceive as the solid and tangible realm of matter is really the transparent realm of energy.


In this energetic world, each of us is an energetic field of information defined by all the conscious and unconscious information that we have absorbed from our immediate surroundings from the moment we were in our mothers’ wombs to the present. Therefore, although your base energy is transparent, you are different from others due to your inner information.


The world of energy doesn’t work in the same way as our physical world does. It behaves differently. In the world of energy, each one of us is a pattern of vibrating energy with a certain vibration or frequency. But although each of us vibrates in a different way, we are boundary-less and interconnected—including our body and our mind. And this is true for crystals too.


This is what explains why, in that room, 200 people had 200 different energy experiences. The energy of the crystals was reading and resonating with the specific information of the energy field of each of the 200 people in that room, allowing everyone to have his or her unique personal experience.


Quantum mechanics, the science that describes the behavior of the particles that make up our universe through nonlocality, may explain why crystal healing is possible without a physical tangible crystal.


Nonlocality explains how all separate parts of the universe—or within the whole—are actually potentially connected in an intimate and immediate way, even if they appear to be separate. This can also be understood through quantum entanglement, a physical phenomenon that explains how particles that interact with each other become permanently connected or dependent on each others’ states and properties, even when separated by great distances.


If you’ve worked with crystals before or been in their presence in the past, the connection is still alive inside of you. But if that hasn’t been the case, don’t worry. Although you may not be aware, our bodies contain many crystalline structures—and thus, intrinsically resonate with crystals. Our connection with crystals is already inside of us. What the crystal meditation or working with digital images of crystals on a computer screen is really doing is activating this connection inside your mind. Being in the presence of a physical crystal is not important, as long as you have that inner connection inside of you. Quantum entanglement retains the connection between you and the crystal in your energy field of information. In this way, the crystal and you are already connected in the energy world.


Besides, our brains aren’t able to differentiate between reality and imagination. Sally Gunnell, who won the 1992 Olympic Gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles, shares that winning gold was 70 percent mental. She started practicing visualization—imagining every day, sprinting, hurdling, and even winning the competition. Through visualizing this, her brain underwent changes that improved her muscles, giving her body the capacity to win the competition.


In the same way, through imagination during the meditation, crystal energy really was working with the people in that room. They were experiencing the same effects that they would with a physical crystal in the crystal’s absence.


Additionally, I was initiated in crystal energy healing by Hindu masters in India. Through my individual and group sessions I am able to channel transparent crystal energy!


That’s why so many people experienced healing in that room and approached me to ask, “How come I experienced crystal healing if there were no crystals in the room?”


Now you know the answer—and you also know why you can experience remote crystal healing through a digital image of a crystal on a computer screen during my crystal energy healing sessions. The same thing can happen to you at one of my live events or online crystal sessions.


Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences with crystals with me. I have been listening carefully to all your personal crystal needs and requests, and new possibilities are opening up. Stay tuned! Soon you will learn about new ways you can engage with my unique and cutting-edge approach to crystal healing.


Crystal JOURNEY!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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