Our Collective Transparency: A New Way to Bring Healing to Our Crystalline Planet

Nov 25, 2019

“What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.”

—Jiddu Krishnamurti


We know the damage we have already done to the Earth in the name of progress—how we have polluted its atmosphere, destroyed its forests, poisoned its rivers, and caused the extinction of species we didn’t even know existed. Politics has become disturbingly purposeless due to its economic biases. We keep looking for solutions outside us to save our world. But perhaps the solution we so long for is not outside but, rather, inside all of us—and is transparent!


Science has shown that energy shapes us and surrounds us; that the world we perceive with our five senses is an illusion created by our brains; and that, from our immense universe to our tiny cells, our energy fields are interconnected. In the energy world, human beings, animals, oceans, mountains, and crystals are interconnected energy fields of information. In this transparent world, we are continuously resonating with each other. The world around is affecting us, and we are affecting it—without us even being aware of this interactive relationship. But why, if we are interconnected in the world of energy, is this connection not reflected in the world of matter, where separation and lack of consciousness seem to prevail? The answer has to do with the information inside our mind.


What prevents us from experiencing our connection to the world around us is the information inside of us that we are resonating with and have unconsciously learned from the people around us and from our surroundings.


We have learned from our surroundings to identify with the world of matter—an illusion created by our brains. That’s why we believe and act as if everything is separated. Additionally, our unconscious mind reinforces this. The information we have integrated unconsciously from our families, society, culture, philosophy or religion, gender, nationality, and so on lead us to see the world not as a whole but as different compartments. That’s why our mind tends to automatically define, classify, divide, and separate according to our unconscious learned beliefs. From this perspective, I am a human being, that is a dog, that is a tree, that is the ocean, that is a crystal, and so on. The problem is, when we set our inner dial to separation, through resonance, separation is what we attract—not only individually but also collectively.


So, if there are currently 7.7 billion humans in the world (as of November 2019, according to the most recent United Nations estimates), what information are we internally resonating with that is destroying our planet?


The answer is separation.


Human beings have learned to take from nature without giving back. We behave as if we’re the owners of our planet due to many of our unconscious beliefs. One of those beliefs is that we are the most intelligent and advanced earthlings and that animals, trees, oceans, mountains, crystals, and so on are not sentient and either have a lower consciousness than we do or lack consciousness entirely. But this cannot be further from the truth, as each of us is a different energy field of information. Additionally, studies have revealed different neural signals that correlate with consciousness in animals. And trees have been scientifically proven to be way more intelligent than we ever imagined! German researcher Peter Wohlleben even points out that trees have feelings and that one looks after the other.


From the sense of entitlement and belief that we are the most advanced species on the planet, we treat animals without compassion. We kill them and eat them. We poison the waters of our rivers and seas, as well as the air we breathe. We destroy forests and entire ecosystems without experiencing any pity or compassion for all the beings living there.


Another belief that affects our planet is that money is the most important thing in life. The problem is that this isn’t just the belief of a few—it is a many-generations-old belief embraced by far too many of us. Those who live by this tenet haven’t yet realized that life without money is possible, but life without our planet is not.


From our leaders to each one of us, our planet is driven by the unconscious information we have learned from our predecessors. We keep accepting, imitating, and repeating the old. This programming is difficult to avoid when we have grown up within an environment that promotes biased over conscious information. The problem here is that the information we have taken in from our environment can become default programming that can destroy our planet.


Nevertheless, regardless of our beliefs, our transparent interconnected energy keeps pulsating inside each and every one of us. Our transparent energy vibration is what holds together our planet and all those who live on it.


If our transparent energy is our ground base, and not the thoughts inside our mind we have learned to identify with, transparentizing our inner information within us could help us to experience, in the world of matter, the connection between the energy fields of information of our planet. This includes the animal, plant, water, fire, air, and rock worlds.


Our choices must come from our wholeness and transparency—from our interconnected energy—not our learned beliefs.


Interestingly, we live on a crystalline planet! Just as our bodies have an energy field, so does planet Earth. And just as our bodies’ energy fields originate in the crystal vibration inside crystalline structures within our body, Earth’s energy field originates in the vibration of quartz crystals at Earth’s core. Crystals resonate with the planet and, so, with our bodies.


In our modern technology, quartz crystals are well known not only for their ability to resonate with energy, but also for their properties to transform and balance vibrations. Quartz crystals properties can help us transform our inner information and resonate with our transparent nature in order to connect physically with the transparency of our boundless, invisible, energetic world. Working with crystals can awake us from the separation mind-set, numbness, and the oblivious state in which our unconscious mind information has kept us. They can usher us into the recognition of our greater reality, where we are all interconnected and make conscious and responsible choices in the best interest of the whole.


Destruction in our world is a call to heal our unconscious at a collective level. Working on ourselves, in this case, means not only transparentizing and filtering out exclusive unconscious beliefs but also consciously opening up to more inclusive ones—to beliefs that interconnect instead of separating or destroying.


By becoming aware of the true origins of our actions and working consciously, we can create new responses and, along with them, a new resonance and reality. We cannot convince others to do their inner work, but we can start doing our own work toward transparentizing our inner contents. As we are all part of the interconnected energy field, when we assume responsibility for our internal work, with discipline and perseverance, we can transform not only ourselves but also our planet.


Real change comes from the inside out, not outside in. Imagine if we all could transparentize the information within our minds that is blocking us from perceiving our inherent transparent interconnection. We would surely live in a better world. How about assuming our responsibility and changing our resonance—our world resonance— through crystal energy vibration?


Crystals remind us that, although we can be different on the outside and come in different forms and shapes, our energy essence is the same. Working consciously with crystals can help us transcend the beliefs and borders of our minds to reconnect with the crystalline within us and gain a more integrated vision of the world.


By choosing to transparentize your inner information you can gain a wider perspective and be of service to the world. Fortunately, we have not yet become a totally purposeless, self-serving society. We can still devote our lives to others, giving freely of our time and love to serving our planet and all the living beings without seeing or creating differences.


We cannot awake human kindness without discovering and learning to live by a new sense of purpose. Hopefully, using crystals as healing tools, our transparent side will reconnect us with that purpose—to meet the needs of all beings, to heal our environment, and to protect the future of planet Earth. What are you waiting for? Let’s bring our transparent vibes to resonate and heal our world through crystal energy vibration!


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