Opting in a New Reality through Symbols and Crystals

Jul 14, 2019

Jung believed a person’s individual unconscious acts as a bridge between the collective unconscious and the conscious.


What if the psychologist’s collective unconscious was modern quantum physic theory’s quantum field?


From this point of view, the so-called unconscious mind could be explained as a connection between the physical brain and the quantum field. Thus, by “transparentizing” this connection from our learned unconscious information or mind programs, we would be able to restore our original resonance to the universe—our “oneness” or “wholeness,” as some ancient philosophies say.


We each have this invisible connection pulsating inside us; but having been exposed to so much information, we’ve forgotten it’s there. What most people don’t know is that this connection is directly related to our well-being and our gateway to connecting with our true and highest potential.


Interestingly, we don’t hear much about this from our parents, schools, or leaders. Instead, our environments stuff us with inauthentic information. No one teaches us the importance of cultivating a transparent mind because, for generations, we’ve been exposed to the prevailing limited paradigms of other people and institutions and their biases. Think about it! Who could be interested in connecting us with our true source of power? Sadly, very few; too many self-interests and personal agendas drive our world and drive us away from who we really are. We all have a transparent connection before coming into this world. But as we pass from the immaterial to the material and our first cells materializes within our mothers’ wombs, our transparent connection blurs, and we become other than who we really are.


Additionally, in today’s left-brain-oriented world, the holistic meaning of symbols has been lost. We read them intellectually rather than symbolically and, in the process, miss their real and profound meaning.


The ancients knew thousands of years ago that humanity’s power was in danger of being forgotten and lost. Symbols and resonance were their solution for their personal power to be remembered. Evidence of this include the infinite symbols we see within the walls of many ancient sites, ancient scriptures, jewelry, and art around the world—stones were part of this symbolic language.


But why symbols?


The ancients had a vast understanding of the universe that included deep knowledge of energy in the quantum world and how this interacted with us.


They knew of the resonance created from learned contents and its inability to perceive the whole and resonate with a better reality. They also knew that delivering the message and reconnecting people with their unconscious power required bypassing the mind—and that symbols were the key. Symbols are the language through which we can access the quantum world of energy and its unique properties.


In the quantum world, every part contains the whole and vice versa. Thus, a symbol has the capacity to hold the whole message. Nonlocality explains how all parts within the whole are interconnected even though we see them as disconnected and how they can transcend space-time and communicate between themselves at different points in time. That’s how a symbol is able to communicate the message left by our ancestors in the present and experience energy.


Resonance is key when you work with symbols, as you’re bypassing your learned beliefs, which normally prevents you from plugging into the transparent quantum field. Quartz crystals are symbols of transparency. Their colors, shapes, and sizes are gateways to the quantum world and to your infinite potential. They are frequencies that intermingle with your energy field and can lift you from the mind fog you live in to awareness of who you really are and ability to work toward your real potential.


For example, take the hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt, where symbols and resonance were methods of communication. The use of quartz—“menu hedj”—wasn’t a coincidence. In Amulets of Ancient Egypt, Carol Andrews notes that hundreds of thousands of scarabs were made (many of chalcedony, a waxy-looking quartz) over two thousand years. Clearly, scarabs were a very important symbol. But why? For ancient Egyptians, the scarab (“kheper”) wasn’t just an insect; it meant transformation from one state to another. By reading my other blogs, you already know that transformation of reality can only be experienced when we transform the contents of our unconscious into transparent ones and choose consciously what we let in. Maybe a quartz crystal scarab used as a tool may help catalyze this process.


Symbols help us move from left-brain perception into right-brain perception, bring the invisible to the visible, and “materialize” or bring energy into matter and vice versa. For the ancients, the invisible and visible were normal parts of their world. They used symbols to shift perception and move through different realities.

If symbols connect the unconscious with the quantum world, the material and immaterial, we now can understand why some ancient traditions and cultures around the world worship symbols in the shape of gods and deities and use specific ones in rituals. For example, Tibetan Buddhists use quartz crystal “dorjes” in their ceremonies. “The word Dorje means Lord of Stones in Tibetan. It symbolizes the capacity to transform all experiences into an experience of enlightened perspective … the skillful means of transforming our ordinary experience to one that will propel us on our spiritual path.”[1]

Having studied and practiced several ancient traditions, I’ve learned to understand that what they refer to as the “the spiritual path” is achieving wholeness. In order to experience wholeness, the transparent connection between matter and the quantum world—our original unconscious—must be reestablished.

Quartz crystals can be great tools to reestablish this connection thanks to their scientifically verified properties. Their transparency is a symbol that can reconnect us with the transparency of our mind and a new resonance to access our highest potential and option of reality. It’s time to grab a quartz symbol and begin resonating with your new life! If you want to learn more about how quartz crystals were used as symbols in ancient times, I strongly recommend reading Part III of The Crystal Blueprint.



Crystal POWER!


[1] https://www.tibetanbuddhistaltar.org/bell-and-dorje/

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