Map Your Dream Life: Redesigning Your Path with Crystal Resonance

Dec 23, 2019

When we come into the world, we don’t have many options from which to choose our reality. Our consciousness simply lands within our mother’s womb, and we’re immediately bombarded by the different emotions our mother experiences, by all the sounds we perceive through the placenta water that can feel welcoming or unwelcoming, and by who knows what else makes up the mix of what we experience from our perception as newly arrived human beings into this world. Then suddenly we’re expelled from the cozy place where we’ve been to an unknown place. And we’re greeted by voices we’ve never heard before. They take us away from Mum, and we experience fear. From there, we’re taught to eat in a certain way and behave in another way. In this way, we learn to pray according to our parents’ beliefs or not to pray at all. We learn to avoid certain people and to welcome others. Then we experienced this mix of emotions, among them anger, fear, and sadness. And we begin to experience what I refer to as our limiting personal stories.


This is one of these stories.


Anna’s parents were continuously fighting, and when she was four years old, Anna’s father left and never came back. Her mother cried for days, for months, for years. Then suddenly, a man came into her life and then another and another and another. They mistreated Anna’s mother. Now Anna is a grown woman. Like her mother, she is also Jewish.  She’s also divorced from her husband. And she also has a daughter. And likewise, the men in her life mistreat her, just like Anna’s father mistreated her mother and Anna’s grandfather mistreated her grandmother.


I’m sad to say it, but the story you just heard is the story of all of us when we resonate with the stories of others. And if Anna doesn’t consciously choose to change her story, her descendants will experience a similar story. We repeat on autopilot whatever the particular repeating pattern passed down to us over generations, wondering why we can’t experience something better.


Sadly, we didn’t have the option to choose or design our story when we came into the world because we were not fully aware—like we are now. Nor were we given the option to choose better possibilities. But it’s not too late. We are still on time. Crystal resonance gives us that option! We have the option of transparentizing or transforming the unwanted information inside of us acquired from others without our full consent to change the way we resonate and what we attract into our life. You now are given the option to redesign your life and to live your best options through crystal energy vibration.


First, we have to do some research work, using the crystals and their resonance like bloodhounds to track your unconscious and transform every part of it that is resonating with and creating the reality you no longer want to live. Many times, the crystal work takes longer than we originally expected it would because the unconscious information comes from generations back.


To create infinite possibilities, it’s important to first neutralize any information within your energy field of information. Any limiting information can become a barrier to creating the reality we want when it comes to resonance.


The first part of the healing is to make transparent the information we have in our energy field. The second part is living a crystalline life to support this process. By living a crystalline life, I mean:

  • Meditating every day with crystals to become aware of any limiting thoughts and be able to transparentize the unwanted information. In this way, we can support our transparent mind and inner peace.
  • Keeping a vegan keto diet and drinking crystal water to support the transparent energy of our body.
  • Experiencing wholeness in all through acts of kindness, compassion, caring for others, and being inclusive and avoiding bad wording, judging, lying, negative thinking, and so on.
  • Imagining that we are already living the life we would love to live. This means treating the people we love as we would like those we have relationships with to treat us, being abundant and loving, enjoying every moment of our life, living from our heart, and being authentic.
  • And finally, being completely aware and questioning and filtering all the information we are exposed to.


That final step—complete awareness—is important. Every repeating bit of information has the ability to mold or program your mind. Our complete awareness is key to becoming and remaining crystalline. I know that to be in complete awareness feels like a difficult task, but ancient philosophies gave us a tip. We can continuously focus our awareness on the present moment. This is similar to a mindfulness practice, where you acknowledge each of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations but also the information you are receiving from your environment. To be aware of the information you receive from your environment is very important in order for you to not experience the same thing as the girl in my story did.


Now you have the experience, the awareness, and the possibility to choose which information you want to resonate with and which information you don’t want to resonate with. And based on this, you can choose which is the best information you will allow into your mind and which you’ll filter out. This is the way to consciously design your life. You choose only that information you want to resonate with and create your reality and filter out the rest.


From this place, I avoid listening to music or movies that are meaningless or whose stories don’t resonate with the story I want to create in my life. I avoid discussion where judgments are made or where there is clearly a bias or where other points are excluded.


Wearing a quartz crystal over your body can also help you discern which information you’re resonating with and which information you’re not resonating with. The information you are not resonating with is the information you are excluding. Be mindful of why you are excluding that specific information. Is it a limiting belief you are resonating with? And from there, you can choose consciously if you still want to exclude it or, rather, prefer to include it.


Having the awareness and the ability to redesign our life through resonance is a real blessing, and crystals have this power.


No wonder ancient civilizations used them in their sacred places and modern technology uses crystals to create resonance and communication between electronic devices.


The true gift of crystals is their power to resonate with, transform, and balance energy. This is an ancient and modern technology that can help you redesign your life to resonate with your best possibilities. And now you have the option to work with crystals to resonate with your best options in life beginning in 2020! Stay tuned. I am seeing on the horizon new possibilities for you to work with crystals and create your dream resonance! Plus, don’t forget to enter the 2020 Crystal Giveaway and Challenge for a chance to win a one-on-one healing session with me, along with other tools for transparentizing and living your best options in the coming decade.






IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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