In a World of Finger-Pointing and Self-Victimization, How Can Crystals Help?

Sep 30, 2019

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” —Rumi


Come on, share it with me! Be honest with yourself. Let’s face it! How many times have you pointed fingers at others? Self-victimized and blamed others for your problems? How often do you blame your partner; your mother or father, stepmother or stepfather, or whoever raised you; your mother-in-law or father-in-law; a political party, the government, or a nation; an ethnic group, a gender group, or religion? You name it!


I think none of us escape this. And how could we? We live in a world that has adopted as a default program seeing or treating those who don’t match our beliefs with contempt. This programming is difficult to avoid when we have grown up within or are descendants of a mind culture that promotes others’ information—most of it biased—rather than our own.


The information we have taken in from our environment becomes our default programs—programs we’ve learned to identify with and acted on for generations. We’ve learned to separate ourselves by families, culture, religion, socioeconomic levels, ethnicities, gender, state or country, profession, skin color, political party, and so many others qualifying adjectives. And the separation persists within those groups! Within each group, we continue to subdivide.


The main problem here is that all of those pockets of information we have integrated within our mind’s energy field resonate and attract what we know as separation.


From our mental resonance or affinity, we get together, surround ourselves, and socialize with. And from our mental disharmony and differences, we reject and begin to point fingers at.


From this perspective, our reality can be translated as the dynamic between what we resonate or attract and where we experience dissonance or rejection. This is how energy operates in the immaterial world and how our material world is created. And it’s the basis of what we know as happiness and sadness.


In the energy world, resonating with more ideas means less dissonance, and in the material—being inclusive. Conversely, dissonance with more ideas means—being exclusive.


In the energetic world, everything we reject, by resonance, is attracted back to us and becomes what we know as suffering. What we accept, by resonance, is also attracted but, in turn, becomes our dream life.


If you pay attention, you’ll see that what makes us suffer most is precisely what we don’t resonate with. And what we don’t resonate with is also what we judge the most or what we point fingers at.


It is no coincidence that some ancestral philosophies preached that what we reject is also what we have to work on within ourselves.


They knew what they were saying!


Working on ourselves, in this case, means opening ourselves consciously to resonate with more ideas and being more inclusive—in other words, increasing our resonance circle and increasing the potential field in order to create many more possibilities. The higher the resonance, the lower the chance of suffering!


However, we keep pointing fingers, self-victimizing, and rejecting people and ideas. And, how can we not? After all, by following the leads of others, we have integrated this information.


The truth is that inner content taken in from others cannot be defined as our true and authentic reality. So how can we define our true reality?


If, for example, we had the possibility of seeing through others’ mental contents, we would realize that our authentic and transparent truth keeps pulsating inside each and every one of us. Our transparent energy vibration and resonance is what holds together the universe. Regardless of our beliefs, our transparent energy is what we have in common with each human being, all earth’s living beings, planet Earth, and the rest of the universe.


Interestingly, in our modern technology, quartz crystals are well known not only for their ability to resonate with energy, but also for their properties to transform, balance, and amplify vibrations. Ancient civilizations were aware of these properties. Quartz was among their sacred structures’ main materials to reconnect visitors with their unlimited potential. Today, thanks to science, we know that they also resonate with crystalline structures within our body, heart, and mind. In the same way crystals were used in ancient sites and are used today in our modern technology, we can use them to boost our resonance.


If reality is really created from energy resonance, pointing fingers at others and self-victimizing will not lead you anywhere in the world of energy vibrations. What comes around goes around! Repeating the same old troublesome patterns will take you to an endless cycle of suffering. Our default program is to blame others. But you can choose better! How about choosing to transparentize this program right now? How about assuming our responsibility and changing our resonance—our world resonance—through crystal energy vibrations?





IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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