In a Copycat World, How to Reconnect with Our Creativity through Crystal Energy Vibration

Oct 21, 2019

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create the world.”



I don’t know if you’re aware, but in this precise moment, you might be copying or imitating “other.”


We are constantly copying or imitating other models and repeating these learned patterns on autopilot. We copy the ways of our parents or those who replaced them. We copy our teachers or the models we learn from. We copy our societal, religious, and cultural models; take on the traits of others within our profession or occupation; eat what others eat and wear what others wear. We mimic the way others talk and express themselves and what they write or sell or buy. We adopt others’ ideas and beliefs and political inclinations and on and on. It seems as if copycats are the norm now.


Today’s world has made us believe that the only way to be happy, successful, and feel we belong is to pursue the truth and dreams of others. It’s true for all of us that the way we learn while growing up is by copying or imitating others. But surprisingly it doesn’t stop there! As adults, we continue copying others.


There is this weird belief that, by copying or imitating others, you will fit in or be accepted in the groups you want to belong to or are a part of. And how can we not believe this is true? After all, hasn’t deviating from preexisting models always been met with resistance and judgment by the vast majority? Our unconscious minds, individually and collectively, tend to reject any data that differs from our unconscious learned information. Thus, being creative or different in a world that expects you to fit the norm can be a source of criticism or discord.


We have learned to copy preexisting models and to self-sabotage our truth. Take a moment to remember whether, at times, you’ve been made to believe your dreams are completely unrealistic, belonging to the realm of the impossible (even in your own thoughts because that belief is so ingrained in you!)? And thus, you were discouraged and disconnected from the creative process. How can we be creative within a culture or society that devalues thinking differently or out of the box?


Creativity is a difficult trait to cultivate in a world where copying other is “better than” being authentically ourselves.


Additionally, there is the preexisting belief that only special, talented people are creative and that, if you weren’t born with that talent, you are not creative. This belief may have led many to dismiss their own creativity.


But the reality is very different from what we have been led to believe. More than a talent, being creative has to do with resonating with your own transparency, rather than with the ideas of others. Lack of creativity is closely related to information that is not your own that you are copying or imitating and repeating unconsciously.


Unconsciously set responses make us resonate with pre-established models. The problem is, when we resonate with these models, there is no space for creativity or new ideas to be born, as we accept what we resonate with internally and reject everything else.


For me, creativity is not a talent that few people possess. Rather, it is an innate quality that we all have when we resonate with our transparency.


Real creativity means bringing new ideas to life. In order for us to resonate with our creativity, transcending preexisting models is a must.


Copying others has made us lose one of the most important ingredients to being creative—curiosity! Curiosity about life is the secret of great creative people. Curiosity is what drives you to self-discovery and to giving birth to new dimensions inside and outside yourself.


“Preschool kids ask their parents an average of 100 questions a day. By middle school, they’ve basically stopped asking questions.”[1]


Why is this?


We stop asking questions because, as we age, our pre-established models grow inside of us. Preschoolers are more transparent.


Many of us are creative but don’t express it due to the fear of being rejected.


When I decided to work as a crystal healer, the decision was not at first well accepted by my family. However, I decided to follow my transparent dream and resonance. And thanks to this, I have had the opportunity to help many people and will have the possibility of helping many more.

It’s important to become aware of when and how our creativity has been conditioned by others. For example, we might have been influenced when we contradicted the models we grew up with, our maternal or paternal guidance, or the beliefs of our culture or society.

Creativity is original, not predictable. It’s about transcending traditional ways of thinking—this means not copying or imitating others.


In the energy world, creativity is our ability to tap into our transparent energy field of information in the shape of knowledge, insight, and inspiration.


Our world needs more creativity! Creativity is closely related to reinventing ourselves—with evolution! Developing our own creativity can help us see the world with authentic eyes and make new choices.


With all the information we receive every day from our environment, remaining transparent is fundamental in order to tap into our crystalline creativity. I invite you to ask yourself if you are a copycat. Are you unconsciously or consciously copying others? If you are, are you aware of what exactly you’re copying from others? And what would it mean for you to be living a life without copying others? Crystal resonance can help you tap into your own transparency and discover the original you—the creative being you are and always have been. Choose to work with crystals today and begin to experience your crystalline creativity from now on!






Weekly Crystal Practice: Unlocking Your Crystalline Creativity through
Crystal Energy Vibration


Creativity lives within all of us—even in those who live in the left brain!


A number of strategies may help you break your repeating learned patterns to reconnect with your crystalline creativity. These include associating and connecting the dots, challenging common wisdom, observing in order to identify new ways of doing things, coming together with people who add new ideas and perspectives to your world, and provoking unorthodox responses to challenge your preexisting ones.


But for all of this to happen, first, you have to identify what preexisting models you are copying. Only then can you transparentize them and begin resonating with your authentic ideas.


Let’s begin today’s practice.


You are going to ask yourself: What pre-established model am I copying that is preventing me from connecting with my creativity?


Focusing on this question, you will take three nasal inhalations and exhalations, and “without mind,” choose the crystal you feel the most from the crystal screen.


Whether over your body or around it, with your imagination, place the chosen crystal where you feel it most.


Continue breathing. When you feel the answer to your question, prolong the exhalation over the inhalation and visualize how the scene that came to your mind becomes transparent.


I recommend that you do this exercise for at least 21 days.


Remember, to support your connection with your inner creative transparent cloud you need to:

  • Always question—is what you are creating creative for you or is it based on a pre-existing model?
  • Let the desire to create come from your transparent part
  • Continue expanding your creativity by experimenting, exploring, and exposing yourself continually to new ideas
  • Give yourself the time and space to be in your creativity zone every day


Creativity requires practice to develop the right muscles and a supportive environment in which to flourish.


Please don’t forget to share your comments with us, from your transparent creativity. ;)



[1] Warren Berger, The Book of Beautiful Questions (New York:  Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)


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