Growing Out of Our World Crisis Using Quartz Crystals as Tools

Apr 06, 2020

“It is essential to release humanity from the false fixations of yesterday, which seem now to bind it to a rationale of action leading only to extinction.”

—Buckminster Fuller,
Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking?


Archaic rites of initiation were known to be part of ancient cultures. Rebirthing rituals still exist among indigenous peoples around the world. Through these rituals, participants die to childhood or learned old ways and are reborn into adulthood or into a renovated version of themselves. Along with death and rebirth, initiation includes a radical altering of a person’s “mode of being.”


Initiation can have many faces. What we are all living today might be one of them. In only a matter of days, we have been forced to change our habitual lives. Every day, thousands of people are losing their lives around the world. Some have lost their loved ones, and others, their work. From living outside, we’ve transitioned to living inside. Through current circumstances, all of us, in one way or another, have been affected and forced to live beyond our old ways or inner resonance and open ourselves up for the new.


Sadness is the preparation of the mind to release the old and accept the new. The sudden change we have been experiencing and the grief of the world is announcing our transition and that it’s time to grow away from where we are and bring in a new resonance to the world.


But what do we need to grow away from the old and to change our inner resonance? Our collective worldviews? How each of us perceives the world affects our collective resonance. Let’s start by summarizing the origin of the current perception of and resonance in the world: Our worldview, our resonance is the sum of information we’ve received from our parents or the models with whom we grew up in the form of beliefs and experiences. Through these models, we’ve unconsciously accepted and integrated information inside of us, which is what creates our perception and inner resonance. The information received from teachers and close friends, from the religion or philosophy we’ve learned to follow, and also from science are part of it too.


If you received love while growing up, good. But if you didn’t feel safe enough—for example, because your parents got divorced or because you were raised without a father or because your mother was depressed, angry, or never by your side when you needed her most—this is going to affect how you see and experience the world. You are going to experience the world as a challenging place to be.


Your worldview is also shaped by the religion or philosophy you grew up with. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu traditions, or those of any other belief system offer different worldviews. Although at its core, religion is based on ancient wisdom, religions basically tell you what you can and cannot believe and establish inside of you a separation mindset. Just review the world’s history and how many lives have been lost in the name of religion.


Science brought rational thinking and fact-based beliefs to the previous equation. This has been very helpful. From health to technology, scientific advancements have brought about many developments for the good. Science was born amid the darkest ages of religion and the beginning of industrialization. It replaced the dogma of god with the dogma of the human mind in terms of ability to control life. The emerging scientists and their thinking were influenced by the beliefs of those times. For them, the universe was not as whole as God, but rather a machine with different parts. And so too were we and every single being. This model of thinking mixed with the previous ones, plus the Darwinian theory of competition, embedded inside each of us the glitch of separation—activating the resonance the world is actually resonating with!


Today, thanks to unified physics theory, science has proven that, at a subatomic level, we are mostly energy fields of information and that, thanks to our borderless energy fields, we are interconnected. Matter emerges from energy, not the opposite. Our beliefs are energy; they create our reality.


The problem here is that we believe blindly in our beliefs and never question whether or not they are true for us. We are only open to accept or let in what we resonate with, and we reject ideas that contradict our inner information. This can be very detrimental for us individually and collectively. If we resonate with separation, we attract separation. Discrimination, pollution, environmental destruction, wars, poverty, and pandemics are proof of this.


Crystal healing was used in ancient times for healing. But in more modern times, it’s continually rejected and discarded as a way of bringing healing by the disconnected minds of all whose inner information is threatened by the notion. Interestingly, quartz crystals are able to connect ancient wisdom and science, as today our modern technology operates thanks to crystals.


With commitment and continued inner work, we can use crystals as tools to free our mind from our worldviews. Eckhart Tolle refers to what we are living today as the dark night of the soul or collapse of a perceived meaning.[1] Darkness precedes the new. Trees are born out of seeds in absolute darkness, and so are we born into the light after nine months in our mother’s womb.


As painful as loss of identity can be, it’s essential that we participate in rites of passage so that we can grow and evolve as human beings. Our society teaches us to avoid suffering at all costs, but the transition provided by suffering might be serving another purpose—co-creating a new reality. Quartz crystals may ease and catalyze that transition process, releasing blocks in our minds so that we can reconnect with who we really are —interconnected beings—and resonate with new, healthier experiences.


I share with you all this because, not once but several times, I have been in what I refer to as a life crisis or dark night of the soul. There were many attempts to continue the regular course of my life without success. Today, I can recognize that something was gestating inside of me. Each of these crises was certainly a moment of transition between what was and what would be my life from that moment forward. Quartz crystals helped me during these times, making my transition easier.


For centuries and ever since we came into this world, our sense of separation has been growing—taking us away from wholeness. Crises change our worldviews and our behaviors. The world is in crisis now, and we know that there will be many challenges. Let’s use this time to reevaluate our beliefs, hopefully sooner rather than later. Perhaps in the near future, concepts such as separation will sound similar to the concept that the earth is flat.


My work is all about helping you to “become transparent” or free of obsolete conditioning that doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s about helping us to shift our mindset from competition to cooperation and solidarity, from separation to connection, and to live in wholeness. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow, self-actualize, and create a new resonance for you and for the world through quartz crystal energy vibration.


[1] Eckhart Tolle, “Eckhart on the Dark Night of the Soul,” October 2011 newsletter, Eckhart Teachings,

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