Finding Harmony Amid Chaos: How Crystals Can Help

Apr 20, 2020

“The great thing about showing up for other people is that it doesn’t have to cost a whole lot or anything at all, and it ends up being beneficial to the giver.”

 —Adam Grant, psychologist

A feeling of disconnection has permeated our societies for a long time. When we resonate with disconnection, we lose our sense of interconnectivity and wholeness. Surprisingly, despite how tragically the Coronavirus is affecting the world, collective pain has brought forth a long-dormant feeling among humanity—unconditionality, a state of mind in which you are willing to allow well-being into your experience, as well as into the experiences of others, in spite of your habits and conditioning.

All my life, I have been dedicated to encouraging the potential that every person carries within him or herself. That is why I encourage people to live in “transparency”—free of inner boundaries and conditioning. All too often, our inner conditioning causes us to resonate with anxiety, rather than with well-being. And how could it not given what the world is facing today? The problem is that, when we respond blindly to our inner triggers, this can prevent us from giving the best of us at any given moment.

Now, however, I’m witnessing the opposite around the world. Although the smallest gestures, like offering a hug or watching someone’s child, now carry health risks as communities struggle to contain the spread of the coronavirus, people are finding the way. Unconditionality is popping out more and more in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Acts of kindness can be seen all around as people go out of their way to help and bring unconditional support to others in need in every way they can.

An army across the country has banded together to make desperately needed masks for hospital workers. Restaurant owners and chefs are transforming their empty restaurants and creating food for those who might be hungry in their neighborhoods. Bus drivers are delivering lunches to children in need. Landlords are reducing rent. Students are providing sanitation kits to homeless shelters and fetching groceries for older neighbors. Famous people are giving their time to entertain people while they are staying indoors. Communal applause breaks out in neighborhoods around the world to praise the workers who put themselves at risk during this crisis.

The more these random acts of kindness are repeated, the more it feels as if these were for the rest of us, too. Though we are certainly living in overwhelming and uncertain times, there are sparkles of hope and goodness everywhere.

Did you know that, through random acts of kindness, you are not only helping others but also boosting up yourself, and you’re helping to change the resonance of the world? When you choose to go out of your way repeatedly, you are helping yourself to switch your mindset from fear to love and from separation to connection. Our kindness is a light. The more we extend it, the brighter it becomes, and the more darkness we illuminate. We can give without any expectations until goodness flows from our depths, presents new possibilities, and expands our collective sense of purpose.

The experience of well-being is always available to you. It all depends on how open you are to giving, according to the conditioning you have received. Giving unconditionally is something learned. But pain opens the path to the heart. We can transcend our conditioning by learning to respond differently to situations that trigger fear and anxiety. We can resonate instead with unconditionality and collective well-being.

Ancient traditions refer to the heart as the seat of the infinite soul. Today, we know, thanks to the HeartMath Institute, that the heart is the organ within our body with the largest energy field, which stores both positive and negative emotions, such as compassion and fear.

A simple smile, an encouraging word, a “window visit” to an elder care home, or a letter to someone in prison can send loving vibes to the person you are helping but also to you through our interconnected energy fields and ripple effects to the world as a whole. Through our interconnected fields, your words and your actions are constantly influencing the perceptions and worldviews of society at large. Kindness literally opens spaces within us to connect with the whole.

Now this is what happens when you wear quartz crystals as a pendant over your heart while you engage in these random acts of kindness. Quartz crystals’ science-based properties allow these crystals to send and receive, transform, balance, and amplify energy. So when you wear quartz crystals over your heart, the quartz is resonating with the crystalline structures within your heart and also sending energy in the shape of vibrations through the interconnected heart energy fields of all human beings (including your own)—transforming, balancing, and amplifying the vibration of kindness and transforming collectively our resonance.

So we can either choose to hide in our fears or look for the opportunity to care, each in our own way. Massive acts of kindness can literally help to change the resonance of the world from fear to love, from separation to interconnection.

Through what we are living, we are witnessing how the illusion of separation can transform into a collective strength that is more encompassing than divisions of race, economic status, gender preference, or political party.

Our generosity can literally create a positive energy that permeates the very air we all breathe and a powerful new vision of who we are and what we can accomplish together. As we extend ourselves into the well-being of each other, we return to wholeness as the family of humankind.

This is our time to shine. We can choose to surrender to fear. Or we can show the world what it means to be thoughtful, to be generous, and to be proactive in helping friends and strangers alike. Perhaps this is an initiation of sorts, in which we are being invited to step into who we really are—interconnected energy beings.

We are part of an epic time in history—a time when unconditional caring and support for each other can win over fear. Check in with your neighbors to make sure they have what they need and to let them know they have people who care. Find a way to say thank you to health professionals and grocery workers and food producers and delivery drivers and others doing the essential work to care for and feed us all. Don’t take more than you need when it comes to groceries and supplies. Or if you do buy extra, drop the extras off at police stations, fire stations, and emergency rooms. Just do your best to help other people. Remember to always take all the precautions that are recommended, and at the same time, remain open. Be bold in your love and constant in your positivity even in the worst times. And never stop envisioning a better world.

I invite you to create a new virus of caring for each other—to help spread loving, interconnected humanity, where solidarity and cooperation prevail and become even more contagious through crystal energy vibrations. This is the time for humanity to shine. What are you waiting for to begin working with crystals? If you want to learn more ways of bringing healing to the world, I highly recommend reading The Crystal Blueprint.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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