Crystals: Rational or Irrational?

Jun 30, 2019

Have you noticed the strong push in today’s world to be rational? What if what most of us know as logic is not what it seems?


According to Friedrich Nietzsche, a famous nineteenth-century German philosopher, “The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.” We generally consider things to be “true” because they are rational. But rationality is not necessarily a criterion for existence. The lack of a rational explanation about something in today’s world does not necessarily provide an argument for its nonexistence.


Having worked for 20 years in the holistic world, I have been a witness to and also a victim of the judgment and ridicule of nonbelievers. They, like many of us, have learned from others that the world of the tangible is the only reality. It belongs to the realm of the rational, while the intangible belongs to the world of the irrational and the “non-truth”—and, therefore, should be neglected.


In today’s world, science and rational minds have the last word in order for something to receive the status of truth or not. But maybe what is logic for us today wasn’t for our ancestors; and maybe this isn’t the only path to arrive at the truth.


What some call “irrationality” today was part of the “logic” of ancient times. Intuition—the art of receiving information from our transparent selves—was key. Back then, intuition was so venerated that it was one of the attributes necessary to join the entourage of pharaohs, kings, and emperors. Intuition is something we all still have access to today, thus the importance of cultivating it.


With this in mind, note that sacred sites were built all over the world as special devices to reconnect us with our transparency. And of course, crystals were part of this ancient technology—not a placebo effect, as many rational thinkers believe today. Crystals have left an indelible mark on the past through many cultures and civilizations. The evidence is all around us in plain view—in pyramids, temples, stone circles, menhirs, dolmens, sanctuaries, and more. Crystal properties, together with geometry and astronomy, transformed these sites into places of power and sacred environments to reconnect us with who we really are.


The invisible properties of crystals—known as refraction and piezoelectricity—and their capacity to amplify and transform electromagnetic energy were the go-to places during those times to transform and heal and to amplify human potential.


At the subatomic level, we are all energy. That includes the crystals and us. Today, we know that we resonate with and communicate through electromagnetic waves that are imperceptible to the human eye—specifically, the infrared frequency, which although we are not able to see, we can feel. This is the sensation of temperature change or tingling that some of us experience when we are in touch with crystals.


As explained in this excerpt from The Crystal Blueprint, “Because of this similarity between the human body and quartz crystal, the body gains the capacity to easily assimilate the crystal’s infrared energy during a healing. The kinship between quartz and our bodies is what allows energy exchange and healing to occur.”


It’s interesting that we don’t believe in the power of crystals and their use in healing, given that the very invisible principle under which these ancient sites operated is the same principle under which the electronic devices that move our technological world today operate. Piezoelectricity and refraction are properties that operate in the invisible world of energy. Although they are not tangible, they are accepted by mainstream in our technology and considered rational.


Additionally, science has limitations. Experiments, a common way for us to access data, are not totally objective, as they pass through the perception or bias of the experimenter.


Despite the plethora of historic and scientific evidence on the healing powers of quartz crystals, the debate over whether crystals actually have any real healing power continues.


How is this possible? If crystals are considered part of the metaphysical “nonsense” and belong to what some refer to as “irrational people,” how can you explain that they have been with us since ancient times and are an irreplaceable part of modern technology?


For me, it has nothing to do with rationality and irrationality but with beliefs we have learned from others. If educational institutions, societies, and the media (and, therefore, our parents) have consistently given us the idea that anything that can’t be demonstrated or is irrational can’t be real, this information lives within us. We will resonate with it and reject, judge, and mock everything that doesn’t match the information within.


It’s difficult to convince others to believe in the energy of crystals if the concept of rationality is rooted in their minds as a belief. But today, thanks to quantum physics, neuroscience, and crystallography, we have the support of science to help integrate new information into the minds of nonbelievers. Thus, eventually, they may open to resonating with this new information.


In my crystal work, I integrate ancient wisdom and crystal science from different schools of thought to demystify a subject that has often been kept on the margins due to its “irrationality.” I connect science with crystal healing and draw on my knowledge as a journalist, sufferer, healer, scholar, and practitioner of several South American and world ancestral traditions.


I want you to understand the physical and electrical properties of crystals and how they work, not only in ancient sites and in smartphones, but also in your mind and heart to reconnect you to the authentic self, so you can begin to resonate with the life of your dreams.


But are crystals irrational? Are they merely a placebo? Or do they have the capacity to effect real transformation and improve our lives? Only you, through your crystal work, can answer this question. I invite you to challenge your assumptions and beliefs and explore the many benefits of crystal energy vibration today. And if you want to learn more about their ancient wisdom and science, read The Crystal Blueprint today ;)


Crystal MIND! 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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