Crystals in the Energy World

Aug 31, 2019

In previous blogs, we talked about how crystals work in our body and mind and in ancient sites. But what makes these earthly transparent objects such essential pieces in our living and evolving mechanisms and in healing?


Having had the direct experience of working for more than twenty years with crystals, personally and in my one-on-one practice—having experienced and witnessed the aftereffects they’ve had on me and on my clients—I can tell you that crystals are powerful tools that can help catalyze processes of healing and transformation.


But most people do not know this due to our learned beliefs: Crystals are inanimate objects; how they can possibly heal you? In addition, confusing information that is out there around this subject, primarily originating from crystal providers and existing self-help crystal literature, muddles the issue.


I was there too, reading many crystal books, each one with a different crystal meaning. But through my crystal practice and my inquiring journalist skills, I’ve found in modern science mind-blowing explanations that have led me from crystal prescription to resonance.


Through quantum physics explanations and crystals’ use in our modern technology, science has been able to reveal the secrets behind the sacred art of crystal healing that were previously only known to the ancients. Today, through science, we know that energy shapes and surrounds us and is an essential part of our being. As we mentioned in our last two blogs, energy drives our biology and the functioning of our mind.  Energy is what structures our life and surrounding reality—and crystals play a great role in this.


The same properties of crystals used in our electronic devices to send and receive, amplify, transform, and balance signals can be consciously harnessed in service of our own healing and well-being.


Although crystals look solid, at a subparticle level, they have an atomic layout and are 99.9999999 percent energy. The electrostatic forces between cations (positive charges) and ions (negative charges) are what keep the crystal lattice solid and balanced. This, together with crystals’ inner tetrahedral geometry is what we experience as balance when we are in contact with them or in their presence.


True healing occurs in the invisible and transparent world of energy vibrations, and what crystals do best is resonate with invisible energy vibrations.


In the energy world, there is no such thing as prescriptions—energy just resonates. It resonates with your energy or with information that vibrates or moves at a certain frequency. Our body, mind, and crystals are different fields of information.


As each of us was raised differently, with different parents, cultures, genders, nationalities, religions, ethnicity, and so on, each of us has different information inside of us. But we also have a ground state or vibration that many of you know as zero-point energy.


We can access zero-point energy fields when we resonate with a transparent field of information.


Mystics of all eras refer to the stillness of the mind as the place underneath all our mental noise. As I note in The Crystal Blueprint: “Nassim Haramein, Swiss physicist and director of research of the Resonance Science Foundation associates the 64-tetrahedron structure with the geometry of stillness, or zero-point energy field. This represents the ultimate and perfect condition wherein the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium and, therefore, absolute stillness and nothingness.”


As we’ve already mentioned, the inner structure of quartz is a tetrahedron grid. Quartz crystal through resonance can connect us with the zero-point of energy. Crystal resonance allows us to reconnect with our original transparency—that previous state that existed prior to unconsciously incorporating information from our environment.


True healing comes from resonance with your original energy field. When you choose a crystal, the energy field of your mind and body are connecting with the energy field of the crystal and vice versa. During crystal resonance, our body-mind and crystal energy fields are linked. This is similar to how cloud storage in our electronic devices works.  The information flows from the mind-body information field to the crystal information field and vice versa. Your body and mind energy information field carries all the beliefs and experiences that have shaped your actual reality, while the crystal’s energy information field is imbued with all these special properties that transform, balance, and amplify your energy.


The information inside your energy field resonates with a finite reality and is what keeps you stuck and reliving the same situations over and over again.


Crystal resonance helps you clear out your energy field from acquired information and reconnect with your original transparency and unlimited potential.


In the world of our five senses, transparency in our energy field may be experienced as peace, well-being, and healing.


To live in well-being and develop my optimal potential I chose to work consistently on myself to transparentize my internal contents, using crystals as tools. What do you choose? If you want to learn more about how to transparentize your reality, I invite you to subscribe below to my crystal community to receive the latest updates on live and online courses and read The Crystal Blueprint.







Weekly Crystal Practice: Resonating with Our Transparent Side


I love crystal resonance. Don’t you?


I love it because we become aware of what’s inside of us and what we’re resonating with.


I love it because it focuses directly on our energy—and not the energy of others.


I love it because it goes to the root of the problem and catalyzes processes that would otherwise be very long and difficult to access.


I love it because it resonates with our body but also with our mind. The pyramidal structure of the tetrahedron occurs in the pyramidal neurons of the human brain and crystalline structures within our cells.


I love it because crystals can induce balance through their energetic properties and resonance to our original transparency.


Crystals resonate with the healthy frequencies of the universe and give us the option to resonate with a better reality!


Let’s put crystal resonance into practice now.


Let’s tune into the interconnected energy field of our body and mind. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what this means, where they are located or if it’s hard to visualize. Focus only on this intention and take three nasal inhalations and three nasal exhalations.


“Without mind,” choose from the crystal screen the crystal that you feel most and visualize it in the part of your body with which you resonate in the present.


For better results, you can repeat this exercise for 21 days using the same crystal in the same part of the body.


Being transparent is a life-changing experience! I invite you to share it with all of us!




Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us;)


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