Crystalline Awakening Now!

Jan 07, 2020

In today’s world, most people live life in an unconscious mode, as if they were numb. There is a tendency to live for the future or the past, rather than being connected to ourselves and living in the present. Social media, vanity, gossip, shopping, making money, and other pursuits in the outer world seem to keep many of us on autopilot and disassociated from our sense of self and the true meaning of life.

We’ve learned to clutter our existence with external things and experiences that lack importance and cloud our minds until we no longer understand what we’re thinking, what we’re doing with our lives, and what our true purpose is. In this unconscious state, life is all about getting by—doing things we hate or that don’t suit our unique talents, staying in relationships we’ve grown out of, and focusing on a to-do list of things to get done. In this unconscious lifestyle that many have adopted as default, the new normal seems to be a lack of passion and imagination for doing things and for living our lives. We sleepwalk through life, struggling to get by and feeling deeply unhappy with our lives.

But what would happen if we were able to wake up from our collective slumber? What if we were able to understand the patterns that drive our reality and make us behave the way we behave? What would happen if we could change all these patterns and begin living our own authentic lives?

Remembering and becoming who we truly are is life changing. Breaking free from the unconscious personal, family, and collective patterns of society we’ve learned to identify with is revolutionary! It can be compared to a spiritual experience. This is what some in the spiritual world know as spiritual awakening!

But what does spiritual awakening really mean?

Genuine spiritual awakening has been the pinnacle of human aspiration since ancient times. Jesus, Buddha, and many other world spiritual teachers were awakened beings. Among ancient traditions, the Hindu tradition has developed one of the deepest understandings of the state of wakefulness. According to ancient Hindu texts, to be awakened is to see the world as the manifestation of spirit (or energy), where we are one with all. Buddhist Mahayana tradition refers to awakening as a process of uncovering our true nature.

A definition of spiritual awakening is hard to pin down because it’s unique for everyone. But we can point out some of the things different people’s awakenings have in common. From this place, awakening may be defined as a sudden expansion or shift in consciousness. If, in theory, every apparent individual consciousness is infinite in its potential, then each one can also be potentially infinite. Everyone truly is a Buddha, a Jesus, or an enlightened being—at least in potential. When you awaken, you can access this potential. Not all awakenings are the same. Some are deeper than others. Whatever the causes, during the most profound spiritual awakenings, consciousness, or our awareness of our internal and external existence, completely resonates with transparency (instead of our learned unconscious information)!

Awakening is a profound mystery. No one knows exactly what factors cause a person to experience spiritual awakening. Some say it comes as a result of experiencing dramatic physical, psychological, and/or spiritual changes within a short period of time. Others believe it can be obtained after undergoing many years of strict disciplines and spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and so on. What the practice really does is purify (or transparentize) deluded thoughts and traces of our mind’s habits or tendencies. Engaging your mind in a daily effort will increase the possibility that you will develop a transparent mind. The essence of your borderless mind becomes a mirror of your reality.

As a consequence, you may experience dissolution of your identity and all its limiting stories. You may experience dissolution of the separate self, identify more as an integrated part of the whole, and access your unlimited potential.

So, if awakening is closely related to having a transparent mind, could quartz crystals’ transparency, used as a tool in our daily life, help us experience spiritual awakening?

As we know from archaeological evidence, quartz crystals were among the preferred materials chosen by the ancients to build ancient sites since the earliest eras of known human history. For the ancients, megaliths (such as stone circles, temples, and pyramids) were not common places but, rather, sites where invisible technologies were working to reconnect us to our original or awakened state—and their technologies included lots of crystals.

We also know that some traditions involved meditating inside a cave. The tales of saints, sages, and yogis meditating inside caves in the Himalayas under extreme conditions are well known in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Himalayas are among the places on earth were one of the clearest and most transparent types of quartz can be found.

Today modern science has uncovered the mystery behind quartz crystals and why they were used in ancient sacred sites.

It’s not a coincidence that quartz crystals are essential parts of our modern technology. Quartz crystals’ proven scientific properties are what allow our electronic devices to resonate with energy and to send and receive and transform and balance energy. In the same way they’re used in our modern technology, they’ve been used over the course of many centuries in sacred sites to restore human beings to their original transparency.

Science has discovered that all of this is possible thanks to quartz crystals’ resonance with the crystalline structures in our body.

In 2000, I was blessed to experience my spiritual awakening in India in a tiny room covered from side to side and top to bottom with transparent quartz crystals. The interesting thing was that I didn’t have to do any specific spiritual practice; I just needed to be in silence and exposed to their transparent energy for a prolonged period of time.

In fact, I spent almost three weeks in that tiny room filled with crystals. And that single experience transformed my entire life forever!

One week ago, a recent college graduate in the Philippines contacted me on Instagram to share with me how he had experienced a spiritual awakening with crystals. He is one of many who’ve experienced spiritual awakenings facilitated by crystals.

Awakening is a real possibility for each of us when we work with crystals!

For me, awakening is an evolutionary growth that begins when you begin to resonate with your transparent energy, instead of resonating with the limiting stories and information you’ve picked up from your surroundings. My awakening with crystals in India taught me that I am and have always been a transparent being and that, by resonating with my transparency (rather than with my learned unconscious information), I was not only resonating with energy but also uncovering my true nature—the most crystalline part of my inner and outer world, where we are connected and are one with all! This opened multiple possibilities and the way for me to experience the best version of myself and my life I’ve ever lived.

And now you can experience the same if you work with crystals!

Awakening doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out process. What if, instead of spending the next decade trying different practices, you could engage in a daily practice that gave you direct access to awakened consciousness right now? What if you could practice aligning with the limitless energy every single day?

After teaching crystal healing for more than 20 years to thousands of people and witnessing how their lives transformed, I can say that anyone with a sincere aspiration and commitment can awaken to experience his or her best life. During all these years of working with crystals, I discovered that it’s possible to practice in such a way that enables us to tap directly into our infinite energy. All that’s required to immediately access your crystalline beingness is to engage in crystal daily practices that enable you to step directly into your crystalline self.

Awakening or becoming crystalline is intimately related to resonating with our original transparency, or that which preexisted before we began to identify with our learned stories. Now you also have this possibility if you choose to awaken with crystals. I invite you to give it a try and experience the best possible you!



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