Crystalline Attraction!

Oct 07, 2019

We’ve all felt, at some time in our life, strongly attracted or drawn to someone. We’ve felt that irresistible magnetism or invisible pull beyond our ability to think and the overwhelming temptation to be with her or him without any logical explanation.


Some think that attraction originates in our pheromones or what we call chemistry. But just because others may think of attraction between two people in a certain way doesn’t necessarily make it so. And neither is attraction necessarily what we learned or believe it to be. 


In a world where we’ve learned to identify with the information collected by the five senses, it’s normal to associate attraction with our physical body. But you would be amazed what really happens in the invisible world of energy.


At first, this may sound strange to you, but you really aren’t feeling attracted to the material part of the person. Rather, it’s his or her immaterial part you’re attracted to. This attraction, in quantum physics, is known as energy resonance. 


This is something many of us aren’t aware of. Did you know that, in the invisible world of energy, each of us is a vibrating energy field of information made of all we have picked up unconsciously from our surroundings since we were in our mother’s womb? This includes beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors from our family or whoever we grew up with; from our culture, society, religion, and country; and from other information we’re consciously and unconsciously exposed to. 


How many times have we heard ourselves or others saying things like, “I have so much chemistry with him!” or, “I feel so attracted to her, but I don’t know why?" Or conversely, we or others say things like, “He keeps calling me. And I know he comes from a good family. But I don’t feel attracted to him!” or, “I don’t feel physical attraction when they’re too skinny.” 


Our brain decodes the different vibrations we receive through our five senses into familiar ideas based on the information stored inside the mind.


From an energy perspective, what really makes us resonate with or attracted to other is what we both have in common. These are all the stories that each of us has experienced or learned from our surroundings. It’s not really chemistry or physical attraction you’re feeling drawn to; it’s the energy patterns created by the information she or he is resonating with inside of you. Maybe your mother is blond and curvy, and you as a man are only attracted to curvy, blond women. Maybe your mother and father were in constant conflict, and unconsciously you are drawn to suffering and conflictive relationships. Maybe your father was a womanizer, and you attract men who cheat on you. Maybe your mother is a control freak, and you only attract women who like to control you. 


As you can see, “in common” includes not only what you like unconsciously but also what you don’t like—those stories you lived during your childhood that you hope you’ll never repeat or live again.


The problem is that every unconscious bit of repeating information you are exposed to becomes the template through which you resonate with and attract your reality. This includes all your relationships.


What makes us resonate with other energy fields is what we have in common. That means that what you are experiencing as attraction to is not exactly your physical desire but, rather, attraction to unconscious attitudes, experiences, and beliefs learned from third parties


The problem here is that what we’re feeling attracted to and resonating with (and, thus, the relationships we enter into) isn’t authentic for us; it’s a default program acquired unconsciously from others. This has made me wonder (and you’re likely wondering the same), have the relationships I’ve lived been authentic to me? Or have they been a byproduct of the unconscious contents I’ve learned from others? And what would it be like to live in an authentic relationship?


I don’t know about you, but I want to experience in this lifetime crystalline, authentic relationships. I have good news for you! There is a way! Besides our unconscious information, what we also have in common is our transparent energy!


Quartz crystals’ transparency resonates with our transparent energy—that which is free from unconscious learned programs. And crystals can help us balance our own and our partners’ minds, creating balance and dissolving unwanted patterns picked up from others, in order to transform our relationships into authentic relationships. 


The attraction we value so much in our society when it comes to initiating lifelong relationships can mean facing our most feared fears and reliving wounds.


The problem here is that we have learned to avoid our problems instead of facing them. And when our internal resonance begins to operate, we prefer to leave and try other relationship, instead of working on ourselves. But the resonance cannot be covered with a thumb. It lives within us, perpetuating what we have lived in other relationships until we consciously choose to transparentize everything we are resonating with.


Longtime set response systems that we have integrated as a result of unconsciously copying others—in which energy is simply circling around—don’t allow space for expansion. The energy is stagnated! Most of our relationship problems are related to this but also to our failure to realize it and take conscious actions toward expanding our consciousness.


Having gone through many troubled relationships in my life, I realize that the secret to having a lasting relationship is to work every day to transparentize our learned beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors—to expand both minds and resonate with our dream relationship.


Our relationships are a continuous work in progress that never ends. Both members must be committed to and engaged individually and in partnership in continuous personal work.


In the world of energy, everything is interconnected. Separation isn’t real. It’s a pattern picked up from your environment. If you work with crystals, you will restore your transparency and resonate again with your original and mutual transparent connection—which includes possibilities like unconditional love, gratitude, deep connection, and conscientiousness.


Crystals helped me heal my relationships, and they can do the same for you! The time has come to bring transparency back to your life and relationships. I invite you and your partner to work on today’s weekly crystal practice. And if you are single but wish to be in partnership, I invite you to resonate with the most crystalline version of partnership as you do the practice. Whether you are single or in partnership, you will be able to pick a crystal and begin to work individually and in partnership on your relationship now!





Weekly Crystal Practice: Crystalizing Authentic Relationships


Aware or not, all of us who are in a relationship (or not) are in it (or not) for reasons that are unconscious or invisible to us.


These invisible reasons are made up of energy waves or patterns, closely related to the behaviors, experiences, and beliefs of our parents or those with whom we grew up. Whether this be past relationships or a present one, what you like or dislike about your relationship is probably something you are, or are not, resonating with inside of you. Relationships come to an end when the initial resonance that had united them changes. This happens in relationships where one member remains more open than another. This is obvious, as one of them keeps expanding, while the other remains stuck.


From their physical features to their attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs to their tastes and preferences, for better or worse, everything we’re attracted to in our partner is chosen unconsciously from resonance with our invisible unconscious learned programs. 


In today’s practice, we’ll recognize what unconscious model we’re resonating within our relationships to begin working on this and to be able to resonate with our authentic relationship. 


The first part of the exercise is for you to do individually—for both those who are single and wish to be in partnership and those who are in partnership. This will allow you to build up transparent resonance to attract transparent relationships or transparent attributes in your existing partner. And the second can be done with your partner or individually, if you are single. 


Let’s begin! 


Each of you is going to ask yourself: What is the aspect or pattern that bothers me most about my partner? (For those who are single, you can ask yourself, what is the aspect or pattern that bothers me most from my previous or potential partners?) Is this pattern similar to that of my maternal learned model (if the partner is a woman) or my paternal learned model (if the partner is a man)?


Focusing on that question, let’s inhale and exhale nasally three times, and “without thinking,” choose a crystal from the crystal screen. Imagine the crystal you chose where you feel it most—on or around your body.


It’s important to continue breathing nasally and be very aware of everything you’re feeling or experiencing, especially memories. If any appear, prolong the exhalation over the inhalation and visualize how it fades.


I recommend doing this exercise for 21 days and journaling your experiences and aha moments individually. 


Do the second part of the exercise with your partner. For those who are single, you can hold the intention of attracting a crystalline authentic relationship.


If you are in a relationship, each of you is going to ask: What does it mean for each of us to be an authentic couple? And what do we have to work on individually and as a couple to get there? If you are single, you can ask yourself: What does it mean for me to live in an authentic relationship? And what do I have to work on individually to get there?


From that intention, inhale and exhale nasally three times, and “without mind” and as a couple (or individually), choose the crystal that most resonates with both of you. If you feel two different crystals, you can work with two crystals instead of one 


You can visualize the crystal or crystals chosen on or around you as a couple where you feel it most.


I recommend also doing this exercise for 21 days and journaling your experiences and aha moments with your partner or individually.


It feels good to resonate with our transparency and authentic partner, right?


I invite you to share your authentic experiences as a crystalline couple;)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)



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