Crystalline Abundance: How Crystals Can Help You Amplify Your Riches

Oct 14, 2019

“Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

—Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, 1918


In our society, most of us have, in one way or another, learned to overvalue money and associate it with our greater well-being. As a result, we overly tie our perceptions of our financial wealth to our inner peace or emotional well-being and the ability to achieve our dreams.


However, the material abundance we all yearn for and strive to achieve through our daily work and multiple efforts goes far beyond what we physically do to achieve it. It goes beyond our titles, our years of work experience, or how innovative we are. The riches we all yearn for are more related to what each of us is resonating with inside. Our inner resonance is what attracts our reality—this includes our abundance.


In our invisible world made out of energy, vibratory waves, synchronized or not with information within your mind, can either attract or repel the abundance you so dream of. Our abundance and scarcity mindsets are not created entirely from the outside but, rather, from all the thoughts, experiences, and beliefs inside us that we once received from our surroundings—especially those of the people close to us as we grew up. This mindset contains the beliefs of our parents or those who replaced them, of the culture we belong to, and of the experiences we lived while growing up.


Like all mind programs, our abundance or scarcity programs began in our mothers’ wombs. All those experiences that our mother or father or those who raised us experienced around money are imprinted on us unconsciously and keep pulsating inside each of us, affecting our resonance and connection with the material world for life.


Having been exposed to unconscious information, you are probably also under the spell of a scarcity program. We all are in one way or another—until we consciously choose to transparentize these imprints inside of us.  My economic well-being was influenced for many years by the patriarchal ideology of the Latin American society in which I was born and raised—where men were the only ones who could work and earn money and where women had to be at their mercy. I had grown up with the belief that only men could earn money and that I, as a woman, was only able to run my house and care for my kids. And of course, these beliefs were reinforced by all my female relatives and acquaintances—who were stay-at-home moms and didn’t work.


How many of us have heard that to earn money, you have to work hard and that only through effort is abundance achieved? I remember my grandparents, as World War II survivors, repeating constantly, “There is no money,” although they did have sufficient material resources to live comfortably. This belief came from fear—of what it would take to live through another war and of the scarcity they had once lived with. However, after many generations, descendants of those with such fears who have not lived through these adversities continue to repeat the same phrase—not because of personal experience but because of the mindset they have unconsciously learned from others.


Some thoughts and beliefs related to lack of abundance that I remember having heard at some time in my life include: “Money runs out.” “It’s difficult to earn money.” “Money is our guarantee of security.” “Without money, I am nobody.” “Earning money is not spiritual.”


Additionally, some religious beliefs support this mentality: “By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made.” (Genesis 3:19) This belief creates the habit of fighting and sacrificing a lot to earn money and living with the anguish of not having enough.


Our scarcity mentality is learned from others. People with a scarcity mindset resonate with limits. They prefer to believe there are limited opportunities, resources, and wealth. They consistently say, “I cannot afford that.” A person with a scarcity mindset selects negative thoughts and adopts a victim mentality. He or she is competitive and resent others’ successes. People trapped in this scarcity “program” will spend time constantly complaining about money but will not make any change to counteract the situations they find themselves in. They are afraid of giving and spending. They suffer paying bills. Some feel guilty for having money with so much poverty in the world, and they pretend they are poor. They believe they know everything about money, thereby severely limiting their learning and growth.


What we tell ourselves ultimately becomes an extension of us, if left unchecked. It’s important to understand that others’ information cannot affect us if we realize it for what it is—unconscious learned responses. But when we start believing those negative thoughts or words, they can become an extension of ourselves.


It is not money that makes a person abundant; it is your abundance consciousness!


There is so much unconscious information that we have been and are still being exposed to, building up our scarcity mindset. Fortunately for all of us, a scarcity mindset is exactly that—a mindset. The path you have traveled is not set in stone. Consciously deciding to open yourself and change your mindset is the first step.


Believing that life’s situations are fixed is perhaps the biggest pitfall of the scarcity mindset. We think, That’s just the way it is—instead of changing our frame of mind. Crystal energy vibration can help you transform your scarcity mindset into one of abundance—first, by enabling you to recognize the real origin of your scarcity mindset (and what’s keeping you from your abundance) and, second, by transforming and filtering out those scarcity thoughts and beliefs within you, to let in only those related to abundance.


We all are really surrounded by abundance. Scarcity and abundance are just learned mind-sets. Using crystals as tools, you can consciously choose which option you want to live today. Choose a crystal and begin your journey toward your crystalline abundance now!



IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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