Becoming the Superheroes of Our Own Story: Developing Our Crystal Superpower in 2020

Dec 30, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been attracted to stories about superheroes who save the world. In these tales, a random being, who sometimes isn’t even human, forgets his or her own inner story to help others and ensure their well-being. I wanted so badly to be a superhero. I wanted to save lives, defeat evil, and attract good! I wanted to develop superpowers to make this world a better one!


Today, I know that evil is the repetitive unwanted information that resonates within us, good comes from resonating with the transparent side of us, and our superpower comes from being able to resonate with our crystalline being.


I am here to tell you that you and I and we all are the superheroes of our own stories. We may not be able to fly, grow claws, or regenerate limbs. But by choosing to become crystalline, you can make the difference in your own life. And through your resonance, you can make the difference in the lives of many—a difference that can resonate throughout the whole world and bring real change!


The hero’s journey is really your own journey!


You came into the world empty of information, or transparent. And along your passage through life, you were tainted by the stories of others, with which you began to resonate. Their stories became yours. Not resonating with your true story brought imbalance into your life in the shape of illness; trouble in your relationships; segregation from others who didn’t share your story; poverty; war; and the loss of your happiness, of your peace, and of your transparency. And no matter what you did, the unwanted stories kept repeating over and over again.


But I have good news for you! In spite of all of this, underneath all of your unwanted stories keeps pulsating your vibrating transparent energy. Moreover, underneath all our stories keeps pulsating our original emptiness—our original story. And that is energy!


Beyond all our unwanted stories, we are all energy. When we choose to resonate with energy, all the unwanted stories become transparent—yes, just like superheroes do! Both our base energy and the crystals inside our body are our superpower.


Our body has tons of crystalline structures! Crystals inside our body are closely involved with energy in our body. Our cells have crystalline structures inside them. If we have 37.2 trillion cells in our body, that’s a lot of crystals and a lot of the very energy that produces our body.


We are crystalline energy beings, and because of that, quartz crystals can resonate with our body, emotions, and mind. Quartz crystals are known in our modern technology for sending and receiving energy but also for transforming and balancing it. In the same way they work in our modern electronic devices, they can help us transform the unwanted information within us to resonate with energy.


We are a large community of boundless energetic beings that are all connected. When we are unaware of the invisible, it is natural for us to think that we live in a disconnected world where everything is separate; and separation is what we resonate with and attract—not only individually but collectively. Our lack of transparency creates a world without true and authentic values; instead, we are ruled and limited by the sum of beliefs of the majority and are subsequently subjected to their chaos. Wars, conflicts, and separation are examples of this. Just like personal crises, global crises are a call to all of us to heal our unconscious on a collective level. Often, when people are drawn to destructive behaviors, they are acting from their inner wounds or the separation belief rooted inside of them through their personal stories. The problem here is that we are constantly re-creating them because they keep resonating through the inner information of the individual and collective unconscious—creating an endless cycle of conflict.


So, how can we end this cycle and bring lasting peace and well-being to humanity? By becoming the superheroes of our own stories! By becoming transparent!


Crystals remind us that, although we can be different on the outside and come in different forms and shapes, our transparent essence remains untouchable. Working with crystals, we can overcome our illusion of separation, begin to resonate with transparency, and transcend the beliefs and borders of our minds to reconnect with the crystalline within us and gain a more integrated vision of the world.


Just as sound waves from the strings of an acoustic guitar set surrounding energy into vibrational motion and create sound waves in other guitars, by working with crystals every day, we can expand and share our balanced vibrations and bring transformation to our individual and collective surroundings.


Crystals work deep within us and reveal other alternatives for solving conflicts, as well as any other hostility that originates in the unwanted information inside our mind.


It may be hard to face, but we are each responsible for every war and conflict in our world until we commit to becoming crystalline.


Crystals used as tools can help us transform and to remember that we are energy and resonate with energy. In order for our mind to become crystalline, we must first realize that we have been conditioned and second commit to and take conscious action toward continuous work.


I decided to create a twenty-day crystal challenge to begin 2020 and jump-start your crystalline journey to become aware of your crystalline side and transparency. You’ll begin to develop it! You’ll begin to experience the world from a different perspective from the one you already learned—as if you were given a second chance to be reborn but this time with complete awareness and the power to choose your own reality and what you want to resonate with and attract as your life, free of biased information and transparent! You’ll begin to experience life without ever taking sides, never opposing or agreeing, never judging. Rather, you will see the world and all that’s in it as whole, instead of seeing the limited divisions of your mind.


When we are complete within, this is reflected without. The mind that has emptied itself of unwanted information is like a crystal that can shine with its own light.


Real peace comes from our interconnected energy fields. Crystals are here to remind us who we really are and reconnect us with our transparent side, with our wholeness, to become the superheroes of our own story and our world’s story.


Evolution doesn’t stop with our genetic codes; we can upgrade ourselves through a new transparent perception. Today is the last day to enter the 2020 Crystal Giveaway and Challenge to receive tools to help you awaken and begin to resonate with your crystal superpower and for a chance to win a one-on-one healing session with me and begin to resonate with your transparency.


Working with crystals continuously, we can create a new lifestyle that can support our own transparency and the transparency of our world. I like to see the world as a clear quartz cluster, in which we are all transparent and shine and share our light with one another. There is a pathway inside each of us that will lead us back to our original transparency. If you choose to work with crystals and become crystalline in 2020, you can begin a new cycle of well-being in your life—one that includes being of service to the world as a real superhero.


May 2020 be the decade you connect with your new crystalline superpower, become the superhero of your own transparent story, and begin to live your dream life. And may your and our collective awakening resonate throughout the world and create real change for the world!

Happy Crystalline New Decade!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please respect our intellectual property. If you are using copyrighted resources, please reference the source: Beatriz Singer, Journalist and Crystal Healer. Positive resonance begins with us. ;)

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