What would it mean for you to be fully authentic…


to be transparent…to finally shine as the person you truly are?

 How would this change your life? And how would it change the world?

 Discover these answers in my new book, The Crystal Blueprint.


Quartz crystal is so much more than a placebo. In fact, it can change your life and heal our world…

Did you know that quartz crystals have been used for different purposes since ancient times by different cultures around the world? And that there are more than 200 references to stones and crystals in the Bible?

Did you know that far beyond just being pretty New Age tools, crystals have made our current technological era possible? And that they power most of our electronic and digital devices, such as smartphones, credit cards, computers, watches, digital cameras, medical devices, and navigation systems? In fact, it’s estimated that ten billion quartz crystals are used every year in our technology.

These same crystals that make our modern daily lives possible have been used over the course of many centuries and by many different cultures around the world for healing.

As my new book, The Crystal Blueprint, reveals: The very same qualities that make crystals so desirable in modern technology have drawn healers for millennia—and are what allow us to use crystals to reconnect with the authentic self.

The Crystal Blueprint takes you on a transcendental, cultural, and scientific journey into the world of quartz crystals. It’s also an actionable self-guide for transformation, in which you’ll be walked step by step through the process of crystal healing. You’ll learn how to use quartz on your body, how to choose specific quartz crystals to heal certain wounds and release patterns, how to explain the “placebo effect,” and much more.

This book offers a revolutionary approach that will change the way you look at yourself, and at the world.

Although we have been unconsciously programmed by all the beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and information we have received from others since the moment of our conception—we can regain our transparency and our authentic story.

We can be crystalline.

We can reconnect with our own crystal blueprint.


Here’s what people are saying about my book:


  • “There are dozens of books about the use of crystals for healing and personal exploration. Beatriz Singer's The Crystal Blueprint is unique because it dives deep into the history, folklore, science, and speculation about why crystals have fascinated us for millennia. For a broad-ranging survey about one particular type of crystal (quartz), and what it might do for you, this is the book to get.”

     —Dean Radin, PhD. Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic
    Sciences, and author, Real Magic and other books.


  • The Crystal Blueprint is required reading for any lover of crystals—and anyone who believes in transformation from the inside out.”


     —Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, founders and creators of Energy Muse and authors of Crystal Muse


  • “Beatriz Singer has presented an excellent addition to the field of crystallography; the study and knowledge of crystals. As an investigative journalist, Singer utilizes superb research abilities to fully describe what crystals are, their uses in modern technological and healing modalities and a profound description of the knowledge and use of crystals by ancient priesthoods and shamans.  Incorporating her own personal journey with crystal healing and those of her clients, Singer provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Having researched crystals in general—and crystal skulls in particular—myself for over 40 years, I highly recommend this book as a valuable addition to the library of a true seeker.”

    —Stephen S. Mehler, MA, Archaeologist and Egyptologist, Co-author of The Crystal Skulls: Amazing Portals to Man’s Past

  • “The Crystal Blueprint refocuses and broadens our investigation of the wondrously interconnected relationship between the human and mineral kingdoms.”

    —Lawrence Stoller

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First-place winner in the prestigious 2017

Hay House’s Writers Competition

The Crystal Blueprint

The Crystal Blueprint

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