My approach to crystals

Besides intuition and ancient wisdom is based on research, scientific facts and my own life experience

Beatriz Singer


Beatriz Singer is a university-trained journalist and crystal healer who brings to the table not just the sensitivity, awareness, and intuition of a healer—but also the research skills and meticulous approach of a scholar. She has the nose of an investigative journalist and the spirit of a truth-seeker.

In the last 25 years, Beatriz’s training as a journalist has allowed her to investigate connections between science, metaphysics, culture, and history that have largely been ignored by both the science and healing communities.

Her commitment to researching the groundbreaking properties of quartz crystals offers her work practical, real-world perspective that’s all about expanding people’s awareness and ability to break through suffering.

Beatriz is originally from South America, home to one of the world’s most important quartz crystal mines. She was first recognized as a crystal healer in her native Colombia, where she was a pioneer of crystal healing and became the founder and director of one of the first interfaith, alternative-therapy centers, The Centro de Integración Shambalah (Shambalah Integration Center).

Beatriz was initiated into the art of crystal healing by Hindu masters in India. She is also a disciple of world-renowned crystal masters JaneAnn Dow and Katrina Raphaell. As a trained healer, she has used crystals to heal and reconnect with her own authentic self. She has studied directly with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks, Indian gurus, and other luminaries, and has drawn great knowledge from these ancient cultures and traditions.

As a result of her work with crystals in 2016, Beatriz competed in the prestigious Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest and won first prize and publishing contract. Her first book, The Crystal Blueprint was published on February 2019.

Beatriz intimately knows the power of crystals to alleviate real-world suffering. Twenty-five years ago, she embarked on a quest to heal herself. Today, she helps her clients interrupt harmful patterns like addiction, fear, and cycles of abuse. She has 20 years of professional one-on-one crystal-healing experience with clients, and has seen firsthand the transcendent power of quartz crystal healing to transform lives and bring balance and wellness to all.

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