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Learn how to use the extraordinary power of quartz crystal resonance through this phenomenal pre-recorded LIVE Soulapalooza Presentation and Guided Meditation with Beatriz Singer.


Beatriz Singer’s 2019 Soulapalooza Presentation and Guided Meditation is centered on CRYSTAL RESONANCE™ - her unique, powerfully cutting edge approach to crystal healing - and will give you mind-blowing information and insights about how quartz crystals can bring overall well-being and help you create your dream life.

What Should I Expect in This Presentation and Guided Meditation?


In Quartz CRYSTAL RESONANCE™: Resetting Your Mind to Your Best Version of Reality, I will share with you how, from never owning a single crystal, having zero interest, and knowing nothing about them, I became a crystal healer after a trip to India, and how this changed my entire life. 

I will share what I learned through my 20+ years of crystal healing with thousands of one-on-one clients and groups. And how my clients and I overcame adversity to become the best versions of ourselves and live our dream life using crystals as tools.

In this presentation, you will receive “never heard before” information I learned by studying and engaging in countless courses in crystals, other holistic modalities, and many spiritual disciplines. And why this six-faceted, natural, transparent stone that comes in many shapes and colors has been used since ancient times for healing, why it’s the main driver of our modern technology today, and why quartz crystals are so powerful. 

As a journalist, I will help you to connect all the dots and deliver to you the most cutting-edge and mind-blowing information about crystals that you have probably never heard before. You will learn how resonance is related to your mind programs and why it’s important to reset them to access your most authentic self. Quartz crystals' transparency and unique properties can be harnessed to change your personal resonance, attract new possibilities, and improve your life!


Join me on a crystalline journey to uncover your highest potential and best version of reality through the power of crystal energy vibration.

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Can I Benefit From This Presentation and Crystal Healing Meditation Remotely?


Absolutely! It is possible to experience crystal energy healing remotely! The information shared in this presentation is valuable for every person that wants to learn how to improve their life and overall well-being.

When I gave this live presentation at the 2019 Soulapalooza conference, I included a 12-minute crystal meditation without crystals—yes, without crystals! To the surprise of many, most of the participants experienced altered states of consciousness and even healing in just 12 minutes. Many approached me, filled with amazement and wanting to share their unique crystal experiences during this meditation.

One woman shared that, having tried everything from therapy to medication to cure the back pain she’d had for months—all to no avail—after the meditation, the pain was suddenly gone. Overcome with emotion, she cried as she expressed her gratitude.

Another person who shared with me had been struggling with money; her crystal experience was filled with symbols about grounding and material wealth. I could tell from the symbols she described that she had begun her healing journey to regain abundance in her life. 

Yet another participant felt as if he was shedding his inner garbage. After the meditation, he felt much lighter and at peace.

One person felt during the meditation that all the energy had accumulated in her head, and she felt an unpleasant feeling and even a dizzy sensation. She shared this with me and asked for me to explain why. I told her that I was not surprised to hear this. The mind enjoys being in control of our lives. Transparentizing or deleting its information can represent a real threat for the mind—but not for you! Starting to transparentize the information within your mind can be the very first step to experiencing true healing and well-being and the life we always wanted to live, with its infinite possibilities.

How is it possible that 200 people in the same room all lived their own unique experiences of crystal healing? Yes! You read that right. We’re talking about 200 different crystal healing experiences for 200 people in one place in 12 minutes! Each experience was unique and special for each and every one who had the opportunity to participate in this crystal meditation!

What if you could have your own unique healing experience from this presentation and meditation? How could this change your life and impact your journey?

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