Quartz crystals are NOT a placebo. There is real scientifically-based research about the healing properties of quartz crystals.  With over 20 years experience working 1:1 with clients in my crystal healing practice and workshops, as well as healing my own life with quartz crystals, I am a testament to their power to change lives.  In this eBook, I will share with you 12 mind-blowing facts about crystals you have probably never heard before. Come on this fascinating journey with me as I turn any skepticism you have into absolute belief.

Beatriz Singer is a trained journalist, holistic therapist and workshop leader with an expertise in crystal healing since 2001. Beatriz was initiated into the art of crystal healing by Hindu masters in India and studied with South American shamans, Tibetan Buddhist monks and many other ancient traditions. Her approach is very unique because she connects science and ancient wisdom with crystal healing, and is practical, based in the real world and the real-life experiences we live in our daily lives. 

Beatriz is a living example of what crystals can do when you work with them as a potent tool for healing. Not only has she healed herself and her relationships and manifested her dream life, she also won first prize in the prestigious Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest in 2017 with her book, The Crystal Blueprint. Beatriz leads in-person and online crystal workshops and online crystal healing sessions in which she offers powerful processes for guided self-healing. To learn more about Beatriz, visit www.beatrizsinger.com


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